Return Of My Wolf

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Raven had a normal life. Mum, dad, older brother and a dog. Everything was fine until her dog disappeared and she was left heartbroken, lost without him by her side. Then, when her family died, she realised she was truly alone in the world. So, Raven did what she always did when she didn't know what to do, she ran.

Fantasy / Romance
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The pounding of my feet on the ground below, the tears streaming down my face and the wind in my hair are the only things I can hear, the only things I can feel. And to be honest, even that is too much for me.

The leaves crunch beneath my feet, the wind whistles in the trees and the birds evening chatter as I run, cause my tears to flow quicker, almost blurring my vision. My face is stinging from the tears and the scratches from branches, but still I run.

I used to love the woods, the peacefulness and beauty within always took my breath away. But now, it's a place of darkness, a place that has tainted so many good memories, a place that no longer holds the beauty it once did, that is, for me at least.

I don't know where I'm running to, but I don't want to go back. I want to get away, to leave, to end it all, to never be found.

I come to a stop as I suddenly leave the woods and enter a clearing. My heart is thumping, my breathing harsh as I struggle to get my breath back and I'm covered not only in sweat, but blood and dirt.

With black stained tears continuing to roll down my face, I take in my surroundings and realise I've never been here before. Never been this deep into the woods.

I walk towards the cliff's edge and look out at the sight before my eyes. If it was under different circumstances, I would have thought the view was breathtaking.

The moon shines brightly on the horizon, the stars twinkling in the dark blue sky, the light breeze that flows, all illuminate the gentle sway of the waves below.

I step closer to the edge, the breeze stinging my freshly cut skin. The salty smell from the sea has an almost calming affect on me.

This is it. I know why I'm here, I know what I have to do.

This is the end.

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