Mending A Shattered Heart (Sample Only)

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As soon as the last bell in our fourth-period rings, we go to the lockers putting our books and backpacks into them for the night. We all turn to leave as we finish putting them up since our lockers are side by side. I mentally roll my eyes as the worst person in this school comes bounding up to us.

“Hey, girls,” Jasmine smiles as she bounces her body up to us, “are you going to get dresses for the winter dance on Saturday?”

Dawn shakes her head. “No, these girls are coming over for the weekend. We have plans already, so none of us can attend the dance here at school.”

Her smile drops. “Oh, I was hoping that we all could go shopping together to get dresses for this.”

Just then, Noah walks up, wrapping his arms around her waist. “What are you asking for, baby?”

I wrinkle my nose up at them while he growls lowly at me. My mind decides it can’t be around them any longer, so I start to walk away to wait for my friends to stop talking to them.

“Summer, why doesn’t Sky like me? I have not done anything to her, but she acts like I am the most horrible person.”

Her eyes glare at Noah. “Maybe you need to ask your mate here what happened; then it will explain everything why she acts as she does.”

He goes pale; then she turns around to him. “What is she talking about? Did you hurt her in some way that you have not told me about?”

“Well, uh....” he can’t even tell his mate exactly how much he crushed me.

Jasmine looks back at Summer with tears in her eyes. “What did he do?”

Summer tells her about how we dated for over two years; then, he dumped me without a second thought when she showed up. He stands there backed up with his head down, looking at the floor, grinding his toe into the black tile as she tells everything. Jasmine’s eyes go wide then she turns around on him as they walk off. They come over with smiles on their faces while I have a blank expression on my face. I can’t believe he never told her about what happened between us. Turning around to leave the school, we all walk out to Dawn’s Hummer, sitting in the parking lot. Each of us carpools with each other one week at a time, rotating, so this was her week to drive. We get in, taking off to the huge mall where everyone shops. Everything spent here goes back into the fund split between the Alpha and King to keep this valley running smoothly.

“So, what colors will you two get for this?” Dawn looks back at me and then over at Summer.

“I want a dark blue one with sequins all over the top of it if they still have the one I found a few weeks ago. It is floor-length with a split up to my knee on the right side. I fell in love with it but did not have anywhere to wear it, so I just left it hanging there on the rack.

She looks at me, but I look down at the floor, so her hand taps me on my shoulder. “I don’t care what we purchase for me. Just have to see what they have left. Hopefully, they have restocked for this dance coming up.”

“Girl, why do you think we are going now? They are getting a new shipment in today just for the dance. My friend works there, so she texted me a pic of everything that came in off the truck in the middle of the third period. See!” Dawn shows me a picture then I hand it to Summer. It shows three racks full of all kinds of dresses in every color that anyone would want.

Shortly after that, we pull up to the mall, and both of them jump out of the front. I take a deep breath before slowly sliding out because this used to be what I loved to do, but now there is no reason to come out here to buy new clothes.

Summer smacks my shoulder. “If you don’t stop slumping around like a melting snowman, we will just put you in a wheelchair to take you through this place, embarrassing the hell out of you.”

Knowing she would do that, I shake off all the sorrow trying to break out of my heart right now. I can’t let these emotions get the better of me; I try to get through this shopping trip and then that party. After that, I can go back to my old sulking self until I grow old or die as a single broken-hearted person in the community.

My hand is grabbed, then a force jerks me towards the doors by Dawn. “Don’t make me use all my strength. That was just a small portion of it.”

“I am coming; jeez, please give me a chance to get out of the car.”

“I will find out how to break you out of this damn shell you have put yourself in” Summer steps behind me. “We want our old Sky back. The one that was out the door before the car was put in park while pulling us through the aisles to find the best clothes first.”

Giving her a small smile, I shake my head. “I don’t think that girl will ever come back. She is locked up in a closet somewhere with the key being thrown away forever. You guys don’t understand how badly it hurt that day. After that, I swore to lock all of my emotions up, never to let them out again.”

“Yeah, we know, and if it were not for us, you would have jumped off that cliff that night where we followed you because both of us were so worried about what happened and what you might do,” Dawn huffs.

Summer pushes my shoulder lightly. “Thank goodness we had super speed, or we would have missed catching you as you stepped off that rock that drops down over eighty feet to that jagged rocky bottom where the water is only two feet deep.”


Standing here with my heartbroken to where I don’t even know if it is beating anymore, I look down into the darkness, hearing the waves lap over the rocks protruding out of it, reaching towards me. Tears have been shed so much that I am surprised that they are still flowing down my face right now. Looking up into the sky, I see the stars twinkling in the blackness that they are against. Taking one look around the forest to make sure I was not followed; my eyes look back down the drop. My right foot stretches out to take the step where there is nothing to catch me as my weight follows, then my fate will be met with the rocks below. As my body starts to follow the empty air so that my heart will stop for all eternity, I am hit with force so hard being jerked back away from the air that wants to claim my body to free fall all the way down.

“What the hell are you thinking, Sky?” my eyes lock with a very furious but concerned face of Dawn as my back hits the ground with a light thud. Her long black hair is pulled up into a high ponytail that shows off her pale face.

Summer comes out of the woods in her red-haired wolf form before she shifts back to her naked self. She is very fair skinned with flaming red hair coming down to her waist with ocean blue eyes to match her perfect body. “Thank god you got here first. I was trying so hard to follow you, but you are faster than I am” she is breathing heavily then looks at me with sadness on her face.

“He is not worth this, Sky. Why in the world would you want to kill yourself over him?” Dawn growls at me in a low voice.

“I can’t do this anymore. It hurts so bad guys, please leave and let me do what I need to. I don’t want to live anymore; it hurts too much to see him with her; she even wears his mark now. That was supposed to be me; my world is gone” more tears pour down my face as I roll over on the wet ground, curling up in a ball.

Dawn picks me up, taking me back to my house in her arms, running at her top speed. They both stayed with me for the next two weeks putting me on their own suicide watch.

-----End Of Flashback-----

“Look, guys, I am sorry for everything that you had to go through with me over the last year. It has just been so hard to overcome what happened to where I feel like you two have been pulled down with me as much as you have helped me,” dropping my head twiddling my thumbs around each other.

They stop walking then each of them throws their arms over one shoulder, standing on either side of me. “That is what best friends do with each other, girl,” Dawn smiles showing off one of her fangs.

“We would never leave you when you needed it the most. You are very important to us, and there is no way that we would let you do anything that either or us you would regret” Summer pulls me to her a little hugging me sideways.

We all laugh then walk into the store to get our dresses for this party.

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