Mending A Shattered Heart (Sample Only)

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The Prince

I am in my room getting ready to make a run around the palace like I do every morning. My parents, the King and Queen, have decided to throw this massive party in a few days for my birthday in hopes that my mate will show up at it. I am at the age now where our laws require me to either find my mate or take on a chosen one that my parents have on a list of acceptable rulers that can be at my side. I don’t want to be forced into a life with someone that I will never be able to love, and if for some reason I do run across my true mate, then I can not get out of the marriage at all. Once I am married and mated to whoever will be my princess, then queen by my side, it is set in stone for all eternity for me to be with her. I may be closing in on five hundred, but only look around twenty-five in human years. Our bodies are so slow on aging that it will take me a very long time even to look old once we hit eighteen. My parents are over two thousand years old, but they look in their mid-thirties. We never die unless someone kills us with a stake through the heart or rips our heads off our bodies, but that does not happen in our kingdom. My dad works very closely with the Alpha that reigns over his pack to where this place has been in peace for over five thousand years.

Looking in the mirror to slick my shoulder-length hair back over my head, tying it in a ponytail, my black shirt is pulled over my head next, pulling it down over my black running shorts. A knock comes on my door, and I answer, “Come in.”

My door slowly opens, in walks my latest fling that has been after me for over one hundred years now. “Hello, baby!” she purrs in a sexy voice.

“Taylor, I don’t have time right now for this. I have to go on my morning run, then my parents want me in an hour for a meeting about my party,” flicking my eyes up in the mirror as I smooth out the shirt and then my hair.

“Why don’t you skip the run and burn off that energy with me instead?” Her long blonde hair flows down her back while she walks toward me.

She has the typical body of a vampire woman, all the right curves; her eyes are a green color, she is about five foot eight inches but has a temper like no one I have seen before. Once, a girl talked to me where she nearly ripped her head off; I had to stop her before she did something that would cause her death. If I find my true mate, there is no telling how she will react. I have been trying to slowly let her down before this party if she does show up.

“Taylor, I can’t. I have told you that we can't be together the way you want us to. My parents have that list that I have to choose from, and unfortunately, you are not on it,” thanks to me taking it off myself after telling my dad how possessive she was and there is no way she could be queen. She is just after the power and the title that comes with the position. This woman has been after me for a long time, trying to gain control so she can be in the spotlight. After we had our first date, I saw that I invited her to go with me to a small gathering where I was required to appear. She hung on my arm, telling everyone how she would marry me one day to where they would have to respect her bowing at her feet. I have no use for a woman after something like that; sure, she would love me, but I am not one to draw attention to myself like that, but she made sure we were in the spotlight all night. I did not like that one bit, so that is when I decided that our relationship would have to come to an end.

“You said that could be changed when you talked to the King on that matter” she crosses her arms, glaring at me with those eyes that tell me she is pissed.

“Remember, I did. He said that your family was not in the noble category required to be on that list,” knowing that my statement is not wrong.

“Let me talk to him; I think that with my father by my side, we could persuade him to add me to that list, then we could get married just like both of us wanted for all these years” she has gone back to her sexy voice again.

“Taylor, I have told you it will not do any good. His mind is made up also if for some reason my true mate shows up at this party, then there is no way we could even work that out” walking over to my leather sofa, taking a quick seat, putting my shoes on.

She huffs and then starts to leave the room. I hear her mumble, “If you did, I could easily take care of that problem.”

My head snaps up, and my throat growls in a low rumble. “You know that would be your instant death also, correct? You attack and kill someone, especially my mate; then you would never make it out of the room, let alone see the light of another day.”

She stops looking at me over her shoulder. “At least, I would die for the man I love.”

I have her pinned against the wall within a second, squeezing her neck hard. “If you ever touch whoever I decided to marry, I can promise you this” my claw is pricking her chin with my other hand enough to draw a tiny trickle of blood down it. “I will make sure that you are not the only one put to death. Your entire family will suffer from your decision!”

Her eyes widen as I make this statement “You would kill my dad, who is an advisor to the king? What about my sister and brother, who do not know my wrongdoing? They would suffer at your hand also?”

Smirking now that I think that thick head of hers may have finally wrapped around the fact that I could with a snap of my fingers, “I guess you need to make the correct decisions in the future now, don’t you? Whoever I decide to make my wife, and your future queen will have your utmost respect. Do I make myself crystal clear?” using a shallow but dangerous voice.

She drops her head when I let go of her setting her back down on the ground. “Yes, sire. I fully understand; I guess I need to let you go to have your full day that I know I am delaying you from what is needed.”

She opens the door as tears run down her face. I know she was hoping for that, but I am not a trophy to be sported around and certainly not someone another vampire can push over. I am a prince, training to become King one day so no one will walk over me. I take off for my morning run to get back for the meeting with my parents.


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