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Syrene Alpenstride is lost. Trapped. Faolin Wisflave and Vendrik Evenflame are torn between an impossible choice. Azryle Wintershade has decided to damn the consequences. As Azryle is doing everything to free the woman who marred his life like scarred ink, Faolin and Vendrik are keeping the rest alive in a world that didn't seem theirs, the planet and their friends alike. Wegraz ball approaches, and the King of the World plans to set his plan in motion on the most awaited night of his life. Azryle must save Syrene before the ball, or both his world and mostly Syrene are as good as doomed to an end dreaded by any soul. Destiny still awaits, still watches. But whether it would seize what's owed is unknown. Would Syrene return in time, or was this the end?

Fantasy / Romance
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Hello. Before you proceed, I would suggest you read the first and second books before this one.

Liberator is the third book in the trilogy <3


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