The Alpha’s

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Laurel Lance Alpha of her pack. She is the only female Alpha. She is head strong, brave, and does not take crap from anyone. When she see her mate again after years of not talking what will happen? Will she take him back? Or will she resent him even more?

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Chapter 1

I sighed as I continued to read through the piles of files that is currently placed in front of me on the couch. The house was relatively silent, Jessica had a slight smile on her face as she texted her mate, who is my beta. Lilianna was making dinner, chopping noises was coming from the kitchen, and soft singing was coming from Lilianna. She is my third in command but has not found her mate yet. I took a look at my schedule for tomorrow I have a few meetings for the law firm, and one meeting with Alpha Jace. We are supposed to come up with a training program to help us build our endurance back up once the watches are activated.

Being the only female Alpha is hard especially when dealing with other packs outside of the U.S. There is about 16 packs through- out the U.S which leaves us with a good amount of land for each pack. I am one of the respected Alpha’s aside from Alpha Jace. He is the head Alpha, and I am the second. While some packs do not really get along, we do our best to keep the peace, we all do our part so we can co-exist and not go to war. Which at the moment no pack can afford!

“Are you guys going to the Activation tomorrow?” Jessica spoke suddenly breaking the silence.

“I can’t because I have files to go through and pack work to do.” I spoke.

“I can’t because I have to go over the food and make sure everything is prepared for the after-party tomorrow night.” Lilianna said. As she brought plates into the room.

“Well, I have to go because my boss wants this covered and being, I am best friends with Carson Lance’s sister he wants me to do it. You guys can take a break from cooking, and doing pack work to support Carson.” Jessica said. We both looked at her she had this nervous but also excited look on her face. Being an Alpha of one of the biggest packs is a lot of hard work, our pack lives in Seattle. To add on the pressure, I run a law firm it bring in the money for the pack though. It is also what I love to do.

“I found out who is giving the opening speech, and who is introducing your brother tomorrow.” Jess said.

“Jess just spill it out.” I said before taking a sip of my wine.

“Vincent Wilder.” She said quickly, once I heard it, I practically choked on my drink.

“What!?” I spoke.

“Yea, I’m sorry.” She spoke.

“Yea I am definitely not going especially if he is going to be there.” I added.

“Laurel you have to go. You need to be there to support your brother.” Lilianna said with a serious tone.

“No, I am not going especially if I have to see… him.” I spoke. I cannot count how many times I have turned down invitations I got from my brother when I heard Vincent was going to be there. My brother a few times lied and said he was not going to be there but when I showed up and I saw him sitting there I just left. After a while he stopped inviting me. I still see him; we have our own special sibling bond day just us. I also text and talk to him every day so I feel like it makes up for all of the times I had turned anything down.

“You know the media will be all over it right? I can see the headline now. ‘Laurel Lance unsupportive twin sister.’ Or ’Where is Laurel Lance? Did she now show because of Vincent Wilder?” Lilianna being the dramatic she is said with a laugh. I rolled my eyes getting annoyed with the conversation. I went years without having to think or even see Vincent but now he became the talk of girl’s night.

“Okay they would have not been able to make any connection that I had not showed up because of Vincent. I would be known as Laurel Lance Seattle’s best lawyer and owner of the best law firm in the state, is a bad sister for not showing up for her twin brother’s big day” I said with a laugh. My mind drifted off to Vincent, he was someone I did not speak to or think of for a long time, but I felt like it was for the better. I had a crush on him, but in turn he left me crushed…

“Gosh she is so annoying just following you and Carson like the lost pup she is.” I heard Jade.

“She is Carson’s sister, and my “girlfriend” She is a lost puppy though.” I heard Vincent say. I tell him do quotations as he said girlfriend. I felt my heart break a little. Vincent’s back was facing away the door. Before I was able to pull away my eyes connected with Jades.

“So, when are you going to break up with the lost puppy, and when are we going to leave this place so we can continue our rendezvous relationship” She said looking back at him with a small smile.

“We can go later, and tomorrow. I do not really want to ruin today we did just graduate after all” He smiled. I felt tears fall down my cheeks. I knew he felt, the way I did, I knew he felt the same pull I felt. Why is he denying it? Why does he always have to act different around me and act like a complete rude person around them? Why does he always want to fit in with them? Why the hell does he want to be friends with them and be rude to me?

“Hey Laurel-“ I heard my brothers’ eyes but instantly stopped when he say my face. My eyes widen and I knew my position was compromised. I looked at my brother, and I heard Vincent’s feet coming our way, but I dashed off. I heard yelling, him calling my name. I also heard my brother started to yell, but I ignored it as I had gotten closer to the door. Once I was outside, I ran, I ran as fast as my legs can take me. I had been trying not to shift into my wolf I had been fighting with her to keep her contained, but it was a fight I was quickly losing, and before I knew it, I was running on all fours. I had stayed like that for hours, and I let out a long painful howl.

I woke up in my bed the next day and I was not feeling well. It was odd because werewolves do not normally get sick. It was then everyone walked into my room including Vincent. I let out a growl, I felt anger rise, he had played me, and he cheated on me. Which made me angrier instead of hurting.

“Laurel can we please talk?” He softly said as he tried to come closer to me. I let out another growl, but it was cut short into a coughing fit.

“Laurel, we are having someone come and check you out, I will bring you some tea, everyone let’s leave her alone to rest.” My mom said. I wanted to roll my eyes, they came in stared at me, and the only person who spoke to me was the one person I did not want to see. Once they left, I sighed and got comfy in bed, but when I knew no one will bother me, I let the tears fall. A few people that came that night were humans. It was already risky of having people coming to our home and finding out what we were, but a virus was already going around infecting humans. At some point it started to affect the witches, werewolves and other creatures that walked the earth. Since the virus started affecting us it made us weaker, and our abilities weaker. We are not sure how, but we suspect it was a not so good witch’s doing. We are slower, not as strong, it dulled our sense. Specially to sense out mates.

A mate is basically what humans would call a girlfriend, boyfriend, or wife, and husband. . We are allowed to see people who are not our mates, before we actually meet them, once we do meet our mates, all we want is to be with them, it is a more permanent relationship. We all get one, we do not pick who it is, that is the choice of the moon goddess. The humans have their god, and the moon goddess is ours.

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