The Culling

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Chapter 15

Lincoln quickly rushed into the brush with Darcy right on his tail. He knew that his sister was somewhere out there alive, and he would never give up searching for her. But he also knew the limits of what his body could do. Pushing it past that wouldn’t help them find her any sooner. When he ran pass a large willow tree, Lincoln slide to a stop.

Lying in a heap before him was his sister. Rushing to her, he knelt down and gently picked her up. “Lincoln?” Darcy called out just as he came to a stop, his eyes glued on his friend. “It’s Phoebe. We need to get her back to the castle, and fast.” Darcy didn’t need to be told a second time. Taking his mate from Lincoln’s arms, he spun around and took off running. The rest of his men were quick to follow him.

Two hours later, Darcy and Lincoln stood outside of the hospital room while the doctor examined Phoebe. They knewfromhow she looked that the news wouldn’t be good, but nothing could have prepared them for the news the doctor delivered to them. “My prince, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but she’s gone into a coma.

“Her bodyhasbe dealt more than it could handle I’m afraid. Only time will tell if she’ll awaken.” The news that the crown prince’s mate was back spread quickly, as well as the news that she was in a coma. Many of the packs members stopped by, offering theirwellwishes to their future king. Many of the guards visited on their off hours, leaving flowers and cards for Phoebe.

For two weeks, Darcy sat beside Phoebe’s hospital bed waiting for her towaken. His father would have to handle the duties for now, because the last time he had left her for a little while, he had returned to find his mate gone. He would not let it happen again. Darcy gently held Phoebe’s hand in his.

“Lincoln and I have grown closer over the past few weeks. He’s even told me a few stories about you when you were younger. And I really enjoyed getting to know something about you, love.” A sigh left his lips and he rubbed his face. “I’m proud to have a mate that is as strong and determined as you are Phoebe.

“I know how much hard work you put into becoming a guard, and how hard it was for you to give that up for me. So, I’ve asked my father to allow you to train the new guards. If they were all half as determined as you, then they would be a very hard group of wolves to beat.” He fell silent again and let his eyes comb slowly over her angelic face. Leaning forward, he placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“I accept you as my mate Phoebe Rivers. I love you.” Just as Darcy straightened up, the door to the room opened slowly and Lincoln entered his eyes hopeful. “How is she?”

“No change so far.” Lincoln sighed but the hope didn’t leave his eyes. “She’ll pull through Darcy. My sister has always been a fighter. She won’t let this defeat her.” Darcy didn’t reply as he turned his eyes back to his mate.

“You’re father sent me after you. I’m not sure what he wanted, but it sounded important. I’ll stay with my sister until you return. And yes,” Lincoln smiled, “if anything happens, I’ll contact you right away.” Darcy chuckled softly before placing one last kiss on his mate’s head and left the room. Lincoln slipped into the seat that Darcy had recently vacated.

It was dark by the time that Darcy reappeared, and his face looked worried. “My father found the coward that betrayed our pack; that let the rogues take Phoebe.”

“Who was it?”

“It was a nurse; a woman who had been with our pack for many years, but she was never a true member. My father found out that she had never undergone the joining ceremony.”

“What was her punishment?”

“She was put to death and then burned.” Silence filled the room as both men settled down, watching the woman they both deeply cared about.

Another week passed and even Lincoln was starting to lose hope that Phoebe would recover and wake up. He had seen many wolves with lesser wounds die once they entered acoma likehers. Keeping his eyes glued to her face, Lincoln slowly started to drift asleep. He had been asleep for a few hours when the full moon reached its highest peak, allowing its rays to fall into the hospital room.

The rays fell onto Phoebe’s body and for a split second, it seemed to glow. A cloud suddenly passed over the moon and her body returned to normal. Half an hour passed and everything was still the same. Phoebe’s left hand suddenly twitched and then went still. Another minute passed before her eyes slowly fluttered open. Phoebe looked around the room, frightened for a split second. But as her eyes fell upon her sleeping brother, she relaxed. She had been found and she was safe.

The sound of the door opening startled me from my sleep. Keeping my eyes closed, I took a deep breath of air trying to see who had entered my room. When Darcy’s scent hit me, I wanted to smile. “Good morning Lincoln. How is she?”

“She’s still the same. The doctor was in about an hour ago, and he said that it was up to her now.” Lincoln and Darcy fell silent and I wanted to sit up and see what they were doing. “When did she tell you?” Lincoln asked suddenly, his voice low.

“That she was my mate?”


“Right before the rogues attacked us.” A chuckle came from Darcy. “You know, I was jealousy of you before I found out who you were. The day that Phoebe savedme,when we returned and you rushed out to her, I thought that she was your mate. I had already begun falling for her, and the thought of her belonging to someone upset me greatly.” Lincoln laughed softly.

“I was wondering why you were giving me the stink eye when I stood up with her.”

“Anyway, before I had the chance to tell Phoebe that I accepted her as my mate, my father rushed in and told us that we were under attack. The next thing I know, she had my father and I locked in the secret room. When the rest of my family entered a few moments later, I told Phoebe to join us, but she didn’t. She stood outside and protected us.

“And you know the rest of the story. But just so you know Lincoln, I accept your sister as my mate with every part of my soul.” Deciding that it was time for me to “wake up”, so I let out a soft groan and slowly open my eyes. I made my eyes slowly look around the room before coming to settle on the two men before me.

“Where... Where am I?”

“You’re safe Bee. Darcy and I found you and brought you back to thepackhospital.”

“How did the rogues get me?”

“How did you know that? You were unconscious when they kidnapped you?”

“I heard them talking when they were taking me. I couldn’t more or make myself wake up, but I heard them.”

“The traitor has been dealt with according to our laws.” Darcy’s voice sounded a little harsh, but I could see the unshed tears that he was hiding in his eyes. I quickly looked at my brother who understood my unspoken request and left the two of us alone. My eyes met my mate’s and he smiled lovingly at me.

“So you accept me as your mate huh?” I teased softly, smiling back at him. Surprised settled over his face. “You heard that?”

“I did.”

“You’re my mate Phoebe, and I will always accept you,” Darcy told me softly before he kissed me. And right then, everything was perfect. I knew that this peace wouldn’t last. We would always have enemies who would try to destroy us, but we would stand together and face them when they came. And we would be stronger because we had each other to lean on.

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