The Culling

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Chapter 4

Darcy watched as the only female guard scanned their surroundings before opening his door. He noticed that she kept her body in front of his at all time. What got to him, though, was the pull that he felt towards her. His wolf wanted to stay close to her at all times and it puzzled him. Darcy couldn’t get a scent off of her and it puzzled him.

Most of the guards gave off just a faint hint of a scent, and it was usually just the pack scent. With her there was none to be found at all; pack or personal. Slowly, she led him to the front door and knocked twice before quickly standing to his right. Major Green was on his left and the other two directly behind him. It would take a serious attack to get him unprotected.

It didn’t take long before someone answered the door, and he found himself staring with a female that looked like she slept with every unmated male in the pack. Keeping his face neutral, he demanded to see the alpha. They were lead to the office right away, and Darcy watched as the female guard kept a good distance between him and the woman. A small smile slipped on his lips as he slipped into the office. It didn’t pass his notice that the only one that joined him was the female. He made a mental note of learning her name for future references.

I stood in the back of the office, watching out of both windows. The conversation between her prince and the alpha had been successfully blocked from hearing. Suddenly, my eyes pin-pointed a pair of bright red eyes watching from the forest. My body instantly became stiff as a board as I quickly linked with the Major.There’s a rogue in the woods directly across from the office’s north window.

On it, he replied. I kept silent as I watched Bane and Sands rush from the house, shifting into their wolves. The rogue, realizing that it had been spotted, tried to flee. But it was too late. The sound of the fight reached the office and the alpha leapt to his feet. Not removing my eyes from the glass, I spoke softly.

“Everything’s alright Alpha. You and my Prince may continue with your meeting.” I didn’t see the startled look on either of their faces, but they did as I had instructed.What did the rogue want?

He was sent to attack the prince. And if he couldn’t reach him, he was to take out as many of us as he could. Which I doubt he would have even been able to take on Sands. This rogue is highly malnourished.

Put him in a separate cell with an iv. Once he’s well enough to talk, the alpha of this territory should do the interrogation. I don’t think the prince should know about this unless it happens again.

I agree with you Rivers. Good job in spotting him. Phoebe didn’t reply. It was a part of her job to keep the prince safe. He was the future of their race, and if he were to perish, then all hope would be lost. That is until one of his older brothers or nephews took the crown. Two hours later, and the meeting came to a close.

It had been decided on that the Prince would meet all the single, unmated females of the pack tomorrow at a bonfire. When he stood up to leave, he passed by the fan and my wolf surged forward at his scent. I felt my wolf as she struggled against the walls I had up. For some reason, my wolf longed for the Prince, and that wouldn’t do.

Gritting my teeth as I followed him out of the office, I soon realized that he was planning on going for a run. It was safe to say that I wasn’t looking forward to that. Even though there were four guards, running through the forest would make it harder to keep him protected. After all, his wolf was a royal, and as a royal, when it ran in its true form, it loved to push those around it to their limits so it could prove that it was stronger, better than the others. It was also a way for the royals to show their enemies what they are capable of if they were to declare war.

Pushing my wolf as far back into my mind as I could, I shifted once we were all hidden. Stepping to the left, I quickly fell into step as the prince took off running. After a while, it plain to see that he was starting to push them; to see if they could keep up with him and his wolf. After twenty minutes, only Phoebe and Major Green were still in stride with him. Bane and Sands were about half a mile behind.

They kept running and my wolf wouldn’t, and couldn’t, let him win. My wolf, and I, was very competitive. By the time that Darcy decided to stop; only I was still with him. The Prince came to a stop at a small clear pond. Several seconds later, the other three guards came running up. I chuckled through our mind link at the frazzled looks on their faces. The three guards collapsed beside their prince while I began to scout around their rest area. It wouldn’t do well if we had overlooked a threat because we were tired.

It was almost dark by the time we reached the pack house and were lead to where we would be sleeping for the next few days. Mine and Major Green’s rooms were on the left and right of Prince Stone’s while Bane and Sand’s were directly across the hall. Once back in the pack house, Bane and Sands nodded at Major Green and hurried up to their room to refresh. Once that was done, they hurried outside and set up a two-ring perimeter around the house. Nothing would slip past them tonight.

I stayed with Prince Stone while Major Green hurried up to his room to clean up a little. Tomorrow would be a trying day for everyone, especially the four guards. The news that the Prince of werewolves was in their pack looking for his mate had spread fast. And everyone knew that all the females would be dressing to impress.

Which meant that most would be on the borderline of inappropriate; I could only hope for the sake of my prince that his mate wasn’t some vain, shallow wolf who only wanted the money and power that came with being his mate. He would need a mate that had a strong; steady head on her shoulders that could help him run the kingdom.

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