Beautiful Monster

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Living where monsters lurk in the unknown, the city is a safe place to live. But monster hunter Dusty Cooper has been trying to find about a girl who was cursed when her mother was pregnant with her as she was believed to be born part monster. Raven 'Star' Jenkins now a beautiful woman holds a secret only her mother knew.

Fantasy / Romance
Sarah Melville
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Chapter 1 Raven Star

Night time was Raven 'Star' Jenkins favourite time as she could be herself. Before she was even born, a curse had been placed on her mother by a witch who now no longer lives. Star had hoped the curse would have disappeared but she has no hope of being normal ever again.

Star had learnt more about her curse as she got older, she tried to control it but nothing helped. She could only see from behind the monsters' eyes when she changed, watch as it scoured the woods out the back of her home during the day.

Her mother had built a huge metal electic fence around the borders of their home to give Star some sort of freedom during the day. She used to lock her up in a room but as Star got older, so did the monster.

Marissa Jenkins had never been well since the day the curse was put on her and on her daughter. Giving birth on her own was a traumatic event for her but she didn't know what sort of child would come out. Star was born at midnight and already had a fluffy head of jet black hair growing. Marissa was relieved her daughter was born normal and she would say she was an extremely pretty baby with the bluest eyes ever seen.

At only a day old Star started to change in the daytime. At first it was small things, the shape of her nose, and the position of her eyes. At weeks old Star had changed completely into an ugly monster, her once soft baby hands and feet curled into gnarly unrecognisable features. Marissa hid her daughter away from prying eyes. As she slowly grew so did the monster. It became uncontrollable; its teeth sharp and nasty, once ripping the skin off Marissa's hand which became seriously infected.

Marissa started locking Star away during the day after converting the basement into a secure room. She taught Star everything at night, she knew her time was limited especially the older Star got. She worried for her daughter and how she was going to cope when she was gone. As Star approached her 21st birthday, Marissa had given her everything she had, hoping she would be able to survive.

The night had fallen and Star was herself, her long black hair swayed in the wind as she walked back from night school. She had been taking up classes, one reason was to pass time and two was to see if she could find something she liked. Star had thought if she could work a night time job then at least she could earn a living and be half normal. She would never be able to have a boyfriend, anything more than a fling meant they wanted to see more of her and she couldn't do that, they could never see the monster that she really was.

"Hey Star, do you want to go for a drink?" Jason was the sweetest guy at the night school, he caught up with her.

"Jason, I've got to get back, my mom hasn't been feeling very well."

"Do you want some company?"

"Thank you, but I better head, maybe another time."

"Sure, you've got my number if you change your mind?"

Jason gave her a peck on her cheek before heading off in another direction leaving Star to make her way home.

It was Star's birthday the next day and she worried for her mother. She had been telling Star for over a year now that her time was coming. Physically you wouldn't be able to tell that there was anything wrong with her, only Star could, she knew it was to do with the curse. The witch had told Marissa if her child survived, that by the time she reached the age of 21 Marissa would die.

It was closing in on midnight, 21 years ago she gave birth to a beautiful monster; she had coped with the way Star had changed along with the monster which she had become. Marissa started to struggle with her breathing; it was as if her lungs were shrinking with every breath she took. Star was in tears, she kept wishing that her mother was wrong, she wasn't going to die. There was nothing Star could do to change what happened to her mother back then or to what was happening to her right now.

At the stroke of midnight Marissa took her last able breath and said her goodbye to her daughter. Star was distraught, her mother had everything in place and all Star had to do was make the phone call. An ambulance arrived and pronounced her dead, Star couldn't risk going to the hospital as she knew she had to be locked up in the house by the time dawn hit. Star called the friend and lawyer whom Marissa trusted. She had told him Star suffered from a rare sunlight allergy where she couldn't be exposed to the sun in any way.

Making the phone call was one of the hardest things she did, he told her not to worry and he would deal with everything that Marissa had organised. The funeral was two weeks later and Star had a private one organised which took place early evening so she could be there. Saying goodbye to her mother at the age of 21 was difficult but her mom had prepared Star as much as she could.

The monster sat eagerly watching everything through Star's eyes. It had been born by the woman lying there in front of it; she had loved Star no matter what. It felt all of Star's pain and was ready to release its own anger and pain.

After the funeral Star sealed herself off inside the house, spending the next few weeks grieving. The monster let out its anger; flinging its gruesome body against the electric fence which surrounded the grounds. There was something within it as if the monster was grieving in its own way.

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