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Gabriel is nothing but a soldier to his father. He always had to be heartless, until he fell in love, and had then become soft. His lover, Aisling, was dealt with. All Gabriel knows is that his brother, Rune, has been accused of such a crime. Now Gabriel wants revenge, but his father has other plans... Rune is stronger than most, creating a fear within his father. This pushes their father to try everything in his control to manipulate Rune for his powers. Now Rune is out in the open, with no one to tell him what to do, he cannot go back, not now that he has had a taste for freedom. Everything is about to change...

Fantasy / Adventure
Iris Flower
Age Rating:

Please read carefully before getting to the story

Hello, I have a few things to say about this story before you start reading.

First of all, welcome to the worlds of Rune and Gabriel and their journey to discover the truth behind all their family's lies.

Second of all, I am new to writing stories and publishing them, so if you end up reading this, and get through the chapter published, please, if you can, could you leave a comment on ho you found my story? It would be greatly appreciated, and I would like to know if my story does make sense.

Third of all, in later chapters there will be a lot of blood, and some sexual violence, readers discretion is advised. But when it'll come to those chapters, I will issue a warning and say which part of the chapter has those parts.

And now, have fun reading my story, and I really hope you will like the characters, thank you!

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