Heisen's Eye

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Join Ryu on his adventure to find his place in a world full of magic, monsters, and even worse, humans. But will he ever find it, as his past seems to lurk around every corner, seemingly linked to the tragedies that unfold around him.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1

"I guess it's raining again today, huh."

A voice whispered out from beneath a small hole in a cliff. It belonged to a dark-haired boy who seemed to only be around 11 or 12 years old, yet his demeanor seemed too mature.

I can't go hunting in this rain. Seems like it'll be another day of Dragon's Breath.

His thoughts almost seemed to be drowned out from the downpour that is occurring only a couple metres away from him.

Reaching into a bag covered in cuts and dirt, the boy pulls out several plants that have mismatched patterns and colours.

"D-down the hatch they go."

With a moments hesitation, the boy tosses the plants into his mouth, before making a grim expression and holding his hand over his mouth.

This experience was nothing new to the boy who was sat grimacing under the cliff, as he had been living in these conditions for nearly 3 years.

Here's hoping for good weather tomorrow.

After eating the large variety of herbs, he claps his hands together before muttering a deep prayer.

"Right, I should make myself something to drink, watching all this rain is making me thirsty."

Standing from his previous position, the boy makes his way over to a pot, picks it up and places it just outside of the cliff hole, leaving it to gather rain water.

"Shouldn't take long with this amount of rain."

The boy was right, having only left it for a few minutes before returning it to its previous spot, filled with water.

Thrusting his hands forward, the boy enters a state of deep thought, before suddenly opening his eyes and shouting,


The logs under the pot of rain water distort slightly, before bursting into flames as if gasoline had been poured on an open fire.


Probably shouldn't have wasted most of my mana on that damn boar, burnt it to a crisp without even realising it. Hell, it wasn't even edible.

After releasing his magic, the boy falls down onto a flat blanket, before releasing a sigh of exhaustion.

Using that much magic for one animal is not the best idea but, I have just enough to finish off the wall before collapsing of {Zero}.

A few minutes pass before the boy hears the pot begin to whistle, signalling that his drink is done.

"Haa, just gotta put a drop of honey in here, and give a dash of lucaxendrite, and it is done! A shabby job of medicinal tea."

Obviously feeling his exhaustion and thirst, the boy finishes the drink in seconds before walking to the edge of the hole.

"I suppose its time for a nap. [Rise]!"

As if on cue, the floor beneath the outcropping of the cliff begins to shake, before rising to the height of the hole.

Only putting his hands down after the wall reaches its peak, the boy turns to the blanket in the middle of the space and goes to lay down on it. It only takes a few minutes for him to fall asleep, showing the obvious signs of {Zero}.


Early in the morning, grinding could be heard from the small hole in the cliff, a sign that the boy had woken up.

It seems like it stopped raining late last night, so I should probably get ready to go hunting.

Despite thinking that, the boy still absentmindedly continues to grind the lucaxendrite, slowly but surely turning it finer and finer.

Minutes go by before the boy finally starts to pack his gear, leaving the fine lucaxendrite powder in the mortar and pestle.

Sword, check. Knives, check. Bow, check. Quiver, check. Backpack, check. Healing ointment, check. And I'm ready to go.

Finishing his final checks on his equipment, the boy destroys the wall that he set up last night with the opposite magic of [Rise], [Fall], and begins his trek into the forest in front of him.

Author Notes

Thanks for reading my first ever chapter, I had a bunch of fun writing it. Don't expect regular uploads, I'm mostly using this as a way to escape into my own world, and to fulfill a desire that I've been unable to find in any fantasy books.

I used italics as a way to show the internal thoughts of character whilst in the third person view, for those confused.

I'm also trying to use [] as a way to present magic spells or skills, and {} to present status effects, for future reference.

And for those who want to know, lucaxendrite is pronounced Luka-zen-drite. Pretty obvious to me, but that's probably because I made it up.

Actual note from author other than a pre written one:
This is my own story from Wattpad. I originally wrote it on Wattpad and will continue to do so. I put it on here so that I could start spreading my work a little more so others could read it and hopefully give me some feedback on my writing. Do not expect replies to comments on here, go to Wattpad if you want that, but I will likely read the comments here.
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