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Song - Fool by Borns

I search the courtyard frantically but I don’t see him. My heart thumps against my ribcage. His smell intoxicates me in a way no champagne ever could. My head spins and my breathing is shallow.

My knees wobble as I make my way toward the entrance to the indoor exhibit. I need to find the exit. I step through the door and scan the room, I don’t see him. I feel him everywhere.

I take a step forward and feel his hand slide against my arm, gripping me surprisingly gently as he pulls me behind the thick black curtains dividing the room. My skin comes alive in his grip. It feels like warm sun beating down on me.

“Who the fuck is that guy with you?” He growls angrily.

I look at him, completely shocked. I open my mouth to tell him off but laughter bubbles in my throat. A loud, carefree, side aching laugh that shakes my chest bursts uncontrollably through me. I hold my stomach as tears roll down my cheeks. I try biting down on my lip to stop it but I snort and crack again.

He’s staring down at me with bewilderment etched on his face.

I gasp and pant as I try to catch my breath. I can’t stop.

“Why are you laughing?”

“You... you’re absurd!” I try to contain my giggles.

“Bea!” He sounds frustrated, “who is that guy? He had his hands all over you!”

I really look at him for the first time since he pulled me back here. He’s wearing a navy blue suit that makes his eyes stand out. It really isn’t fair that he’s as handsome as he is. His sharp jaw is locked angrily as he waits for an answer.

“Why are you here?”

He runs his hand through his hair, “why aren’t you answering my question? Who is that guy? A human? Really? His scent is all over you.”

“I should go, he’s probably wondering where I am.”

He grabs my arms and jerks me to face him.

His eyes are glowing red and his chest is panting shallow breaths. I can feel his eyes roam over my face taking in every small detail.

“Bea,” he whispers as his eyes land on my lips.

“Leo,” I tremble under his gaze.

I step back, needing to put some distance between us. He has other ideas. His hands grip my arms tight, his fingers biting into my skin. I open my mouth to protest when he slams his lips against mine. The kiss is painful, violent, the metallic taste of blood on my tongue. I don’t know if it’s his or mine and I don’t care. We’re a desperate clashing of lips and tongues and teeth.

I feel like I’m on fire, like I’m being ripped open and put back together. Everything is painful and pleasurable. I feel him through the kiss, his lust and confusion, his bitterness. There are emotions I wasn’t expecting that take my breath away. He’s full to the top with sadness and grief, with guilt.

He grips my waist and pulls my soft body into his hard one, we fit together perfectly.

He moans into the kiss and I whimper. The sound resonating in my core. I bring my hand to rest on his hard chest, feeling him tense and shudder beneath my touch.

I’m too hot, the air around us is sweltering, settling heavily in my lungs.

I slide my hands up, holding onto his neck, rubbing my fingers over the skin I so badly want to sink my teeth into, to mark, to claim, to own.

He rocks his hips forward and his cock rubs against my stomach.

It’s like I’m doused in cold water. What the fuck are we doing? God damn this bond!

I push back from him roughly, causing us both to stumble slightly.

“I...we can’t do this! You don’t want me, this is the bond. We can’t keep doing this. It’s not fair to me. Don’t break my heart again, it’s cruel!”

I push past him and run back into the main room, searching for Charlie.

I run my hands over my swollen lips and try to straighten my dress. I can taste him on my tongue and feel his skin against mine.

I groan and run outside, finally spotting him on a bench.


He stands when he sees me.

“Are you alright? What happened? You look flushed.”

“I’m sorry. I’m suddenly not well. I’m going to go. Thank you so much for giving me the extra ticket! I’ll see you next semester!”

“Have a good break!” He calls after me as I quickly escape, heading for the safety of my car.

How could I be so careless with myself. I’m breaking my own heart. A tear slips down my cheek as I rub the place where his hands gripped my arms. I smell like him. I can pretend all I want but I’m only lying to myself, I want him so badly it devastates my soul. He’s supposed to be mine. He was chosen for me by the Goddess herself.

Why doesn’t he want me?

My wolf whimpers as I pull my car onto the busy street. My heart skips as he steps out of the exhibit, searching the street before we make eye contact. His chest deflates as I speed past.

I don’t let myself look in the rearview mirror as I drive away. I need to get back to the packhouse, my flight is in a few hours.

Montana, here I come.

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