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Mama, I'm Coming Home

Song - Mama I’m Coming Home By Ozzy Osbourne

The airplane starts to descend on my beautiful Montana. Knowing that my parents are there waiting for me makes me fidget in my seat. I feel like a little girl again, ready to run into my parents arms.

I can smell them when I step off the plane. My heart clenches, before meeting Leo the smell of my parents was my favorite in the world. It was home.

I physically shake my head to remove him from my thoughts.

As I step out off the jet bridge I immediately see my dad’s tall frame. He’s holding flowers, roses for my middle name after Gemma’s middle name.

I run into his arms and he swings me around like he did when I was five. Mom rolls her eyes but can’t hide the huge smile on her face.

“Alright, Elijah! Give me my girl!” She says impatiently waiting with her arms open for a hug.

We hold each other tight and the pain in my chest aches slightly less.

“We’re so happy you’re home,” she whispers before releasing me.

“Is Ash here?” I ask hopefully. He’s the brother closest in age to me. The last time I came home he wasn’t able to make it. He’s interim Alpha to a pack in Tennessee.

“He’s coming the day after tomorrow. His beta just found her mate and he’s trying to give them a few days together before he leaves,” dad explains.

“Speaking of mates,” mom says cautiously, “any updates?”

I tell them about the interaction in the parking lot and dads growls and grips the steering wheel angrily.

“And he just said it like that? Just flat out ‘I hate wolves,’ wow,” mom says quietly.

“Yeah, then I saw him last night.”

Dad growls again.

“I went to an art exhibition for extra credit and he was there for...some reason. We um...we kissed,” I blush sharing this with them, “it was... I don’t know it wasn’t what I expected. I could feel him, like, his heart. He’s so sad. He has a lot of hate and anger in him but also grief and pain.”

“Oh, Bea,” mom turns around and reaches for my hand, “I need to make a few calls but... I had a message for the council before you were born. The Goddess told me that it somehow played a role in your part of the prophecy.”

“What happened?”

“A pack was fighting the vampire royal family for land rights. The council sided with the vampires but there was a mutiny. The pack was planning to attack. They still live on the land but I don’t really know any more than that.”

I rub my hands over my face. I want to know everything about him, everything that hurts, his favorite things, his dreams.

I think of his voice and wonder what his laugh sounds like, his real, carefree, true laugh. I wonder what he looks like with a full, bright smile on his face.

I sigh and focus my attention out the window. We’re almost home. I can feel the pack as we get closer.

Several pack members have lined the street on the way to our house to wave and hold signs welcoming me home. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. I’m so happy to be here.

When we get to the house mom drags me into the kitchen immediately.

She pulls tubs of ice cream from the freezer and hands me a spoon. Dad walks in and grabs a tub.

“Elijah! Get out!” Mom scolds him.

“But... I like ice cream,” Dad pouts and I can’t help but laugh.

“This is girl time, go away!” She kisses him and pushes him toward the stairs.

When dad finally leaves we sit at the counter together. It only takes two bites before I’m blubbering and telling her every single feeling like a play by play.

She eats her ice cream and listens without saying a word.

“And his mom definitely doesn’t support us, you should have seen how relieved she was when she thought there was someone else. She started walking to her car like Willy-fucking-Wonka.”

“Willy Wonka, huh?”

“Yeah, you know, all peppy and excited.”

Mom’s resolve cracks and she snorts, and, just like that, were sitting in the kitchen laughing so hard we’re crying. Mom always fixes everything.

It felt good for her to know everything. She’s good at dissecting emotions and situations. I always feel more clear after we talk.

“He’s your mate, there must be something about him that is right for you but Bea, don’t accept treatment beneath you. Just because he’s your mate doesn’t mean he’s allowed to treat you like shit. You deserve respect, don’t accept less. I’m proud of you for walking away from that kiss. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been.”

“I want him to want me, mom, to try to fix things.”

“I know, baby. He has to be open to the changes, though. He has to let you in.”

We sit for a few minutes in silence.

“So...what does he look like?”

“Oh my God, mom... he’s so handsome!” I drop my face down against the counter as she laughs.

“Give me details, sister!”

“He’s tall, really tall and muscular but not like... juice head... just perfectly so that he’s well defined. Oh, and his eyes. They look like deep, blue water. And he’s got perfect lips, and his jaw... just... ugh and his’s deep and rich but when he’s not yelling it’s soft like... just...” I rub my hands over my face.

Mom gives me a small smile and I jump up from my chair and fling myself into her arms.

The next day we go to a spa for the deluxe packages. Facial, hair treatments, massages, manicures, pedicures, the works.

“Girly day” as mom always calls it feels like exactly what I need.

We’re watching tv with dad when the door bursts open.

“Asher!” I scream and run into his arms, “you’re early!”

He hugs mom and dad tightly, somehow still looking like a kid in dads arms. I think we all do.

He looks serious when he turns to me, “anything to share, little sis?”


“There’s a vamp at the gate claiming you’re his ‘beloved’, care to explain?”

Oh, shit...

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