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Kiss It Better

Song - Kiss It Better by Rihanna

In a flash of skin he’s on me, leaning over my body. I wrap my arms around his neck and bring his face to mine.

When our lips connect I feel his desire and it sends a flood of arousal to my core. This kiss feels like it’s healing my splintered heart.

His chest is pressed against mine as his hands roam my body. Rubbing and squeezing my exposed thighs.

“These fucking shorts,” he groans against my mouth.

He drops his hips down between my legs, pushing our centers together. The deep, satisfied hum that rumbles from his chest draws a moan from me, I want him to make that sound again and again.

“We usually mark our beloved within hours of meeting them. My blood is in a frenzy. Can you feel it?”

“Yes,” I whimper breathlessly. It’s like his blood is calling to me, begging me to sink my teeth into his neck.

He grinds his swollen length against my core and I feel desperate, needy for his body, his fangs, his hardness.

He scrapes his fangs against my neck, not hard enough to puncture the skin but hard enough to make me moan loudly.

“Please, Leo,” I beg while tears slip from my eyes, “please, don’t hate me.”

He lets out a shaky breath and brings his lips to mine again, letting me feel his emotions. He’s confused and sad. I feel him being torn in two, being pulled away from me by an allegiance to...something. Notably, I don’t feel the same hatred I felt before. I feel how hard he’s working to keep himself from me. His heart wants me, it’s his anger stopping him.

When we break apart to breathe he shudders above me.

“I can feel how badly you want me. I know your heart is pure... I just... Bea...”

He’s lost and confused.

“What’s holding you back from me?” I hold his face in my hands.

He pinches his eyes closed like he’s in pain. I pull his face to mine, reconnecting our mouths, pushing my feelings forward, making him feel me with every lap of my tongue against his own.


Even with all of our problems my wolf loves him. She yearns for him despite everything. He’s my mate, I want all of him.

My canines release and I have to turn my head away to keep from marking him. I don’t want to mark him until I know that he wants me forever.

I run my hand down his bare chest, goosebumps form on his skin. I bring my fingers to his shorts, slipping beneath the elastic band. I feel the tip of him, swollen and leaking against my fingers.

He pushes his hips forward, looking for relief against my hand. I wrap my hand around him tightly as he moves himself. I can’t help but wonder what this would feel like inside of me. His smooth, warm skin stretched over rock hard steel, my body heats at the thought.

The quiet grunts falling from his lips drive me wild.

“Bea,” he moans and my name on his lips causes a frenzy in me.

“Please, Leo,” I grip him tighter.

He pulls his hand down between us and fumbles with my shorts. I use my free hand to help rip them down my legs.

He pushes his hips forward, grinding himself against me, coating himself in my wetness.

“Bea, I want you so bad. You’re so wet for me,” he rolls himself against me again.

“I want you too.”

I cling to him, feeling his skin beneath my hands, moving over the muscles of his shoulders and back.

“Bea? Is everything ok?” Asher cuts through the mind link.

“Asher!” I says out loud as I realize that I completely forgot about him waiting.

Leo recoils, a deep, angry growl ripping from his throat.

“Asher? What the fuck!”

“No, no, no!” I jump up and grab his hand, “my brother Asher came with me to find you. He just mind linked me! I completely forgot about him.”

The tension in his shoulders relaxes and I roll my lips into my mouth, trying not to laugh.

When his lips twitch I lose it. We both laugh loudly. The sound of his laughter is better than I thought it would be. It feels like Champagne bubbles in my chest.

“I should probably go. He’s been waiting for a while. Do you... will you come with me? You can stay at my parents house.”

He looks hesitant.

“Please, Leo, it will give us a chance to get to know each other. I’m sure you won’t hate me if you get to know me,” I plead with him.

He sighs, “Bea, I don’t hate you. I wanted to, I tried to. I thought if I acted like I did it would get easier but... you’re my beloved. I can’t hate you.”

“Please, come back with me. I want to have you close. The last few weeks have been...difficult.”

Regret flashes in his eyes.

“As long as you’re sure it will be alright. I don’t want to overstep. Your dad already doesn’t like me.”

“It’s not that he doesn’t like you... I’m his only daughter and you hurt me. He’ll forgive you eventually.”

He quickly throws a few things into his small suitcase.

While we’re standing in the elevator I remember a story my mom used to tell me about when she and my dad first met. She said he used to interlock their pinkies and she always felt the small gesture meant a lot.

After hesitating for a second I reach out and lock my pinky around his. My cheeks burn and I stare at the floor until I feel him lock his too.

When I peek up at him he’s looking straight ahead but there is a small smile on his lips.

When we slide into the car I don’t miss Asher staring at my neck, checking for a mark. Nosey.

The drive back to the packlands goes differently than I expected. Apparently my brother and Leo both enjoy watching basketball. I will never understand human sports. They spend the ride talking about players and teams.

I want to be annoyed but it’s nice to see them getting along.

When Ash parks the car he grabs me before I can slide out, “he’s alright,” he nods and I smile. There is one brothers approval, three to go.

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