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I Know Places

Song - I Know Places by Lykke Li

The sun is setting over the water but we hardly notice. I feel like I can’t take a full breath.

His eyes are glowing and his fangs are out, I can see them through his parted lips as he breathes heavily.

“I want you to,” my voice is so small I’m not sure he’ll hear it.

The look in his eyes lets me know, he definitely did.

“Are you sure? It’s not the same as a mark...”

“I’m sure.”

He steps forward and grips my arms, bringing his lips to mine. For how wound up he is, I’m surprised by the softness of his lips. He moves against me slowly, I feel his desire like a slow simmer, just below the surface of his skin.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” I look up into his eyes and smile nervously.

He kisses me again, so intensely that I rock on my feet. He steadys me against his chest, holding me up. He moves his lips down, over my jaw, kissing me down my neck. He’s on the opposite side from where my mark should be and his lips are higher up. He gently licks and sucks on my skin.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes,” the anticipation makes goosebumps roll across my skin. I’m not even afraid of the pain, I just want to feel it.

After one final kiss, his fangs push into my neck. I moan loudly into the growing darkness. There is no pain, only a searing hot pleasure that shoots from the bite through my entire body like a jolt of electricity.

I shake in his arms, my body overwhelmed by the feeling. He drags me, walking backwards to lean against a tree. He presses his full weight against my body and I realize he’s having trouble staying upright.

I moan and a strange sensation takes over in my core. My lower abdomen tightens and clenches, then, when I’m not sure I can handle any more, a burst of pleasure. I grip his shoulders and moan his name into the trees. He rocks his body against mine and pulls his fangs out. His muscles clench and he shivers, leaning against me. He pushes his hips against mine then freezes, groaning loudly against my neck.

“What the fuck was that,” his voice is hoarse and completely bewildered.

I feel like I can’t keep my eyes open. My whole body feels loose and relaxed, better than any massage.

“What was what?” Did he not like that?

“Bea, we don’t normally cum in our pants while we’re eating,” he chuckles.

My eyes go wide and shoot up to make contact with him, “is that what that was?!”

His jaw tightens, “was that... you’ve never... Jesus Christ..”

My cheeks burn and I look down at the ground, focusing all of my attention on a tiny cluster of mushrooms growing on the base of this tree.

“Bea,” he touches my cheek softly, “please look at me.”

I couldn’t possibly, these mushrooms are far too interesting.

“Bea,” he hooks his finger under my chin and forces my face up, “you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. I just wasn’t expecting... you’re so gorgeous I just assumed a lot of guys tried... vampire girls never wait... I...” He fumbles around with his words, not really making me feel better.

I knew he didn’t wait for me, I was slapped in the face with it the night we met but I feel so embarrassed. I didn’t even realize when it was happening that...fuck. I wish I could burrow into the ground.

“Please don’t be embarrassed,” he tries again, “you have no idea what it does to me to think of giving you your firsts in everything.”

“Not everything,” I push off the tree and walk past him.

“What?” His voice sounds possessive and angry, “what have you done?”

I snort, “you’re not really jealous are you? I mean... seriously, Leo?”

“Yeah, I’m fucking jealous. The thought of someone else with their hands on you, making you make those sounds,” he angrily runs his hand over his face, “fuck.”

“I’ve been kissed, that’s all.”

He lets out a relieved sigh then pouts slightly.

“I still don’t like that. Your perfect mouth on someone else’s,” he runs his thumb over my bottom lip.

I roll my eyes, “you must be forgetting the night we met.”

“I know I didn’t wait for that but... you’re actually the first girl I’ve ever kissed,” his voice is quiet.


“There are a few things I never did. Kissing is one of them. I just... I never wanted to... the other girls they... I just didn’t kiss them.”

I instinctively bring my fingers to my lips.

“You might not believe it but nothing I’ve ever done with anyone else even compares to kissing you. I swear it almost feels like my heart starts beating,” he chuckles lightly.

“Why did...that...happen when you drank from me?”

“I have no idea. It’s never happened before.”

He shifts uncomfortably, moving his legs.

“Do you want to go back?”

“I really want to change my pants,” he groans.

As we walk back he seems lost in thought. I reach over and catch his pinky in mine and he chuckles.

“Are we going to be alright, Leo?”

“We’ll figure everything out, we have to,” he says softly but there is something unsure in his tone that nags at me.

We walk in silence with our pinkies linked together. I can’t help but worry that he will never be fully accepting of me. Wolves and Vampires have been allies to enemies and everything in between. We’ve attacked them and they’ve attacked us. It’s part of our history.

I hope we can find middle ground, that he can find a way to see me as more than the evil, vile things he thinks of my kind.

When we get back to the house, it’s empty, they’re all at the packhouse.

“Come, you can shower in my room, if you want,” I give him a nervous smile.

He nods and follows me, it helps that he looks nervous too.

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