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Song - Undercovers by GGOOLLDD

We don’t sleep for the rest of the morning. We just lay in each other’s arms.

“I’m sorry, Bea.”

“For what?”


We don’t speak again, everything we should be saying hangs in the air. I have so many questions and I know he has the answers he just can’t...or won’t, tell me.

“Can we go for a walk?” He asks as sunlight starts to filter through the window.

“Sure,” I pull myself from my bed and start to make my way to the closet before he stops me. He grips my hips and presses his body to mine.

“I don’t understand why we were given to each other but I know I don’t deserve you. I wish I knew before... I wish I could go back. I’m trapped, Bea. I’m in the middle of such a big shit storm that I don’t know which way is up but I promise you... I will fix it.”

When he presses his lips to mine I feel a sense of relief and determination. Whatever has been plaguing him has been settled in his mind. I still feel his heart being tugged in opposite directions but it’s different now, there is a resolve there.

“I wish we weren’t in your parents house,” he groans against my ear.

“Come with me,” I pull him up from the bed.

While he changes I tiptoe to the kitchen to pack a small backpack with water and danishes. I don’t want to wake up my parents.

We walk quietly through the empty streets, crossing through the packlands to the forest on the other side. Everything is calm and beautiful around us. The sun is barely up in the sky so the hustle and bustle of the day hasn’t begun. There is still a slight chill in the air and the dew on the grass makes our shoes wet.

It’s a perfect spring morning.

As we walk toward the woods a gray wolf steps out of the treeline. She quickly shifts and pulls a plush robe from behind a rock.

“Bea!” She runs toward us, “I was wondering why you haven’t been to visit me but now I see why!” She wiggles her brows and looks at Leo.

I know I’m blushing deep red.

“Alma, this is Leo. Leo, this is Alma.”

Leo extends his hand but Alma grabs him into a tight hug.

“Anyone mated to Bea is family! Such a handsome young man, you are! Do you live in California? Do you go to school together? How did you meet?”

I can’t help but to laugh at her rapid-fire questions.

“Whoa, slow down,” I laugh, “how was your run?”

I’m hoping I can shift the conversation away from us.

“Oh! It was a beautiful sunrise! You know I haven’t missed one in forty years now, it’s the best time for a shift!”

“We’re on our way to have a breakfast picnic,” I tell her, hoping that I’m not blushing at the thought of what else I’m thinking of doing.

“Well, don’t let me keep you! Welcome to the family, Leo! Come visit me before you two leave, ” she squeezes our hands before walking away from the treeline.

“She was... nice...” he says slowly.

I recognize the look on his face. It’s the same stressed, confused expression that he had after spending time with my family.

“She hugged me,” he sounds mystified.

“This pack is my family. You’re my mate so, you’re family now.”

“All packs aren’t like this, right?”

“Not all. Some are different, more strict or formal but we’re all families, we all love and protect each other, one way or another.”

We walk quietly for several minutes, his mind thinking so loudly that I can hear it.

“Leo,” I reach for his pinky, “who told you that wolves are loveless and vile? I know what happened to your dad, I understand why you distrust us after being exposed to such horrible wolves but...Who told you we’re all like that?”

He locks his pinky around mine and hangs his head. I’m definitely not getting an answer.

After several minutes of walking the path starts to get smaller and full of brush.

“We’re almost there.”

“Almost where?”

“You’ll see.”

As we walk through the thick grass I start to feel nervous. My brothers would absolutely kill me if they knew I was bringing my mate here for...alone time.

As we step out of the thickly overgrown shrubbery, I’m hit with a deep feeling of nostalgia.

The tiny cabin comes into sight and a huge smile takes over my face.

“My dad and my two oldest brothers built this. We played here all day as kids, it was like our own little world away from everyone.”

The cabin is a perfect miniature house with a small porch and little shutters for the windows. Moss has grown over the roof and the wood looks like it could use a good cleaning but it’s still as magical as I remember.

When we step inside he has to bend slightly, it’s not quite tall enough for him to stand fully upright. The furniture and toys have long since been cleared away but I brought a blanket.

As I spread it on the floor I worry that he’ll think this is stupid, that he will want to eat breakfast, then leave.

I’m taken by surprise when he gently grabs me, walking me backwards until I’m pressed between him and the wall.

When he slams his lips to mine all my worries disappear. I can feel how badly he wants me, physically and emotionally. His rock hard body pushing against me and his desire through the bond.

“Stop me if I’m moving too fast, if I’m doing something you dont want me to,” his voice is soft but serious.

“I want you... I want to do whatever you want to do.”

A groan pushes up through his throat.

“Shit... I want everything, Bea. I want to do everything with you.”

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