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Slow Hands

Song - Slow Hands By Naill Horan

His mouth moves against mine so intensely that it makes my brain feel fuzzy. I can’t think about anything other than how good this feels.

He reaches between us and grabs the hem of my shirt.

“Can I take this off?”

“Yes,” my voice is small. I’ve never been naked like this with anyone. Shifting doesn’t count, we don’t look at each other. I’m afraid he won’t like me, that I won’t measure up to the other girls he’s seen.

“Please don’t be nervous. I can’t even tell you the dreams I’ve had about you, about your body. When I saw you in that dress at the gallery I had to go home and...” he groans and it makes my core clench.

After he throws the shirt to the floor he rips it over his head and reconnects our mouths. His skin against mine sends my wolf into overdrive.

I reach for his pants and he tenses and his breath hitches in his throat. He reaches down and helps me pull his pants down his legs, kicking them off with his shoes. When he springs free from the confines of the material I gasp. His length hangs between us, long and stiff.

I can’t help but to stare, I’m sure I look horrified. I’m so nervous about doing anything with him. I hope I’m able to give him pleasure, I want to be good at this.

“Don’t be nervous,” he whispers again with a small smile on his face.

I reach out but hesitate.

“You can touch me,” he pants, “fuck, please, touch me.”

I reach forward and touch him delicately, running my fingertips over his soft skin. He smells so good I have to hold my wolf back from trying to mark him.

“The skin feels so soft,” I whisper and a shiver runs over his body.

“W-Wrap your hand around it,” he pleads.

“Like this?”

"Fuck...yes, just like that,” he drops his head forward as he moves his hips, dragging his length through my closed fist.

I start to move my hand up and down and he buries his face into my neck, letting sharp, hot breaths wash over my skin.

I feel his fingers on the button to my jeans, “can I take these off?”


He pulls my pants and panties down as far as he can before bringing his hands up to my hips. He lifts his head to bring our lips together again.

He reaches between us and stops the motion of my hand before dropping down to his knees before me.

“I need to taste you, your sweet smell is killing me,” he says while his eyes search over my face. He slowly pulls my pants down to my ankles and helps me step out of them. Once I’m naked in front of him he lets his eyes break away from my face to look down over my exposed body.

My cheeks heat as his gaze lingers over my core.

The blood freezes in my veins as he leans forward, pressing his mouth against me. When his tongue laps at the aching spot between my legs my body shudders and a loud moan echoes through the tiny playhouse.

I choke on a moan as he moves his mouth expertly, paying special attention to every place that makes my body jolt. He brings his hands to my knees before lifting my legs up one at a time, pulling my thighs over his shoulders. I’m essentially seated directly on his mouth.

“Leo! What are...” my voice is replaced by a deep growl from my wolf. He moves his tongue against me, licking and massaging me until my body feels like a spring under pressure.

My core clenches and I want to beg him to stop and to never stop.

I don’t know if I can take anymore. I feel his fingers digging into my thighs roughly. My hips start to circle against his face, moving on their own, seeking out my release.

He’s not even attempting to hide how much he’s enjoying himself. He pulls back slightly to lick a long, wet strip over my entire center, his eyes never leaving mine.

“Leo,” I scream as the pulsating turns into a violent explosion of pleasure rippling through me.

He moans and laps at me until the seizing stops.

My knees wobble when he places my feet back on the floor and stands, pulling his face into my neck.

“I’ve never done that before,” he smiles against my skin, “I want to do that to you everyday.”

I slide my fingers over him and he twitches.

I push him back, guiding him to the blanket.

“Lay down,” his voice shakes.

“Are you nervous?” I hope he is because I am so nervous I’m trembling.

“Yes... I know I’m not... but...this matters, Bea. Being with you matters.”

I sit on the blanket and he joins me, pulling me toward him to kiss him. He positions himself between my legs and lays me back onto the floor.

I feel him at my entrance, rubbing against me as he kisses me like my mouth is all he needs to survive.

“Do you want to do this? We can stop. I understand if...”

I press my lips against his.

“I want this... I want you. We’ve waited so long.”

He watches me, his blue eyes hooded with lust. I can feel him searching for any hesitation on my part. When he doesn’t find any he runs his hand down my stomach until he comes to where we’re rubbing together.

I look down between and watch him move his length between my wet folds, coating himself in my arousal.

He looks into my eyes as he pushes the tip into me. I grip the blanket below me as the burning stretch grows deeper and more painful.

He sinks further into me, letting the slickness of my walls help him to slide against the tightness.

Tears slip from my eyes as he pushes past the barrier inside of me, the unpleasant ache building even further.

“Are you alright? I’m almost in,” his eyes are soft and concerned.

I open my mouth to speak but I don’t trust my voice. I nod for him to continue. He kisses the tears from my cheeks.

“You’re doing so good, baby.”

My muscles clench around him, protesting the painful expansion.

He groans loudly as I feel him push his hips against mine.

His jaw drops and and he moans a shamelessly loud, “holy fuck,” as I whimper beneath him.

“I won’t move, Bea. I’ll stay still as long as you need.” His adams apple bobs and his muscles ripple. His chest and his arms shake as he tries to keep himself still.

He drops down onto his elbow next to my head so that he can kiss my tears away again.

“You can move,” I whisper.

He pulls his hips back, pulling himself out of me. He pauses before sliding in again incredibly slowly. The ache is still present but it doesn’t hurt as bad as before.

He holds himself there, buried inside me, and he circles his hips. The stretching is so intense that I pinch my eyes shut.

“Bea,” he grits through a clenched jaw, “does it hurt too much? We can stop if you’re not ready.”

“No, I don’t want to stop it just.... hurts.”

He reaches his hand down between us and rubs circles over my clit.

“I... oh!” I press my head back into the ground at the sensation of his hand moving on me.

“Fuck, Bea. You’re so tight,” he presses his face into my neck, whining desperately.

“Move,“I whisper again.

He keeps moving his fingers, faster and faster as he slowly rocks his hips.

My stomach starts to spasm as the pulsating sensation returns.

“Yes,” he groans, “cum! I want to feel it so bad. Cum on my cock, baby.”

My legs shake as my peak reaches me again.

The pain is mostly gone now so I arch my back off the floor and spread my legs wider, feeling him so much deeper.

He can feel the difference in my bodys tension and starts to move faster.

“God!” He chokes, “you feel incredible. I’m going to cum so hard.”

I bring one of my legs up over his back and his thrust falters, a groan heaving from his slack jaw.

He continues to move until I start to feel that familiar winding, the growing tension of an orgasm building in my stomach.

He’s watching himself disappear inside of me, captivated by the sight of his cock sliding into me.

When he looks up at me again his eyes are red.

“Can I bite you?”

“Yes,” I beg as I move my hips against his.

He brings his mouth down to my neck and I whimper when I realize it’s not the side where my mark goes.

I move my head to give him better access to my skin. He plunges his fangs onto me and a scream pushes from my chest. My whole body shakes and I shatter around him, my walls constricting tight.

He doesn’t falter, his chest heaves but he keeps fucking me through wave after wave of indescribable bliss.

“Leo,” I cry over and over again as my body writhes beneath him.

He pulls his fangs out and shudders above me, goosebumps running over his skin.

“I’m...fuck....please,” he begs, completely out of his mind until his hips stop.

He calls my name into the air as he twitches inside of me over and over again. A deep, loud cry falling from his lips with each spurt. The filthy sounds he’s making zap my core directly, making me tighten around him, squeezing him through his release.

When he’s finished he pulls out of me quickly like he’s too sensitive to stay there. When he lays beside me and pulls me to him I feel a wave of exhaustion roll over me.

Our chests are pressed together as we drift into a hazy unconsciousness.

“I’m going to mark you soon, I just have to do something first, so it can be right. You deserve for it to be done after I’ve fixed everything. I will, baby, I promise. I want to make you mine so badly.”

His voice sounds far away and distant as sleep takes me.

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