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Song - Catalyst by Kyla La Grange

The flight feels so long. Every minute is a strange agony. I’m getting closer to him by the second but I’m still so far away.

Asher drove me to the airport as soon as dad dismissed him. The attack, if you can even call it that, was anticlimactic to say the least. The vampires they sent couldn’t even breach the gates. They captured one and interrogated him but he won’t talk.

The whole attack felt... off.

When the plane lands I take an uber to Alpha Porters land to get my car.

I jump out of the uber and run through the gate toward the packhouse. I’m so weak that even the adrenaline of knowing I’m going to find him isn’t helping. I have to stop and walk.

“A fucking fanger, Bea. Really?” Andrew’s snarling voice calls out from behind me. When I turn around he’s stomping toward me.

I’m too weak to respond to this right now. I turn and wearily continue toward my car. I don’t like dealing with him on a good day, today is definitely not the right time.

“He showed up here looking for you. What the fuck are you thinking? Disgracing your family like that.”

I stop in my tracks and turn to him, a growl escaping my throat, “don’t ever talk about my family. You don’t know anything about them or how they feel. I didn’t choose him, the Goddess did but if I had the choice I would pick him over you any day.”

I slide into my car and speed away. His apartment is closer so I’m going there first. Every moment of the drive is agonizing. I weave through traffic trying to shave off even a second if I can.

I walk as quickly as my run down body can move to the elevator. When the door slides open Cedric looks surprised to see me.

I step in without a word and stare at him, silently daring him to say something.

He nods slowly and pushes the button.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

When we get to the penthouse I feel a sense of relief. I bang on the door and wait, I can feel him, he’s here.

When the door opens I’m greeted by a stranger. He gives me a sickening smile that makes me uneasy. My wolf is on edge right away.

“Ah, come in,” his voice is deep and gravelly. A large scar runs down his face, cutting through his left eye. His face is rough and menacing, he has deep set anger lines over his brows. I’m not sure if he’s ever smiled in his life.

Everything in me is screaming “run” but I can’t. I can feel Leo, he’s here and he’s as weak as I am.

As soon as the door clicks closed he appears at the top of the stairs.

“Bea!” His voice is frantic and full of terror. He flies down the stairs with incredible speed. I feel the tingle of his hand on my arm as my body is pushed roughly across the room. When we stop moving Leo has me tucked behind him.

“Why, Leo,” the unsettling stranger feigns offence, “why are you hiding her over there?”

“It’s time for you to leave, Chase,” Leo growls angrily.

“Leave? But your little mate just got here!”

For the first time I notice another vampire sitting in the living room. He looks uncomfortable.

“Get the fuck out!”

“Alright, alright, calm down,” antagonizing amusement in his voice. “Let’s go, Jake,” he nods to the other man.

I feel my body getting stronger just because of his hand on my arm.

“How’s your pack, little wolf? It seems they are quite lucky when it comes to being prepared for such an unforeseen event!”

I’m not sure what to say so I keep my lips pulled together tightly. Did Leo tell him or did he orchestrate the whole thing?

“Go,” Leo growls.

When the door closes he turns to me, I expect to see anger but there is none. Instead, I see unabated lust.

My mind can’t catch up before his mouth is on mine. He lifts me so that my legs are wrapped around his waist and carries me up to his room without breaking the kiss.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Bea. I wanted to keep you from him,” he groans against me.

“I had to see you. I couldn’t wait anymore, Leo, I need you.”

He yanks at my clothes, ripping and pulling until I’m naked before him. He pulls his pants down as I tear his shirt from his chest.

When we’re both naked a frenzy begins. I can’t control my hands and mouth. I’m clawing at him, scratching and gripping his arms and back tightly. My mouth attacks his, matching the fervor of his kiss.

I feel him between my legs and I can’t wait anymore.

“Leo, please,” I cry into his mouth, our teeth clashing together violently.

He throws me back onto his bed before crawling over my body.

“I’m marking you tonight,” he growls before slamming himself inside of me with one, strong thrust.

I scream and grip his shoulders with my shaking hands.

The burn of his intrusion immediately makes my eyes sting but I want him so badly I don’t care.

He thrusts into me roughly, my chest bouncing with each stroke.

“Leo,” I don’t recognize the high pitched whine that leaves my mouth.

He pushes into me, hitting so deep that I scream into the room, shredding the sheets as I claw at them.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” he repeats over and over again as my body clamps around him.

My canines release and I can’t stop my wolf.

“Leo,” I try to speak but I choke on the moans bubbling up in my throat.

“Fucking do it, mark me, I need it.”

I don’t hesitate, sinking my teeth into his neck and we both shake, cumming immediately. He tries to thrust through it but his muscles seize and he can only roll his hips against mine.

I pull my canines from his skin and throw my head back, exposing my neck to him. He lifts himself up, pulling me onto his lap while he’s buried inside me.

He thrusts upward, fucking into me roughly, his hands greedily kneading my ass.

"Jesus Christ,” he groans as he sinks his teeth into my neck. I jerk on top of him as an orgasm rips through me so intensely that I can’t even scream. My mouth hangs open but no sound comes out.

When he pulls his fangs from my neck my whole body spasms and aches.

“Holy fucking shit,” he rasps as we fall onto the mattress, shaking and sweating.

His fingers come up to the mark on my neck. I whimper at the jolts of electricity that shoot down my spin. I’m fighting against sleep but my body is exhausted. The last thing I feel is his arms wrapping around my body as I drift away.

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