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Forget Forgive

Song - Forgive Forget by Someone

My body feels warm everywhere. I can hear everything around me but I can’t open my eyes.

Leo is sobbing, loud wretched crying filling the silent space around us. I want to reach out for him. Why is he crying? His pain burns in my heart.

What happened? My memory is hazy.

I remember how uncomfortable everyone looked while Chase yelled at Leo. They respect him and trust him as their ruler. No one was on Chase’s side. Leo was so powerful and strong, demanding respect from everyone.

Chase is dead, Leo killed him. The whole thing happened faster than my eyes could even see. One second Leo was across the room from Chase, then he wasn’t.

As soon as Chase was down I stood from my chair and our eyes met. For the smallest fraction of a moment relief flooded through me. Then I saw Andrew. His father was here, unlocking his chains.

He lunged forward and grabbed the weapon from the floor. My voice was lost in my throat. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t. Leo didn’t see him coming.

My mate.

I pushed him and he stumbled back, not expecting my actions.

I felt the sharp pipe pierce my skin then, nothing.

I feel nothing.

Everything is dark and cold, my body feels heavy. Did I save him? Did I push him out of the way in time?

Leo’s voice is fading away. I can hear him, weeping, but it’s fading.

Suddenly, warmth, light, floating yellow tingles over my skin.

My eyes flutter open and I gasp. The warmth I feel inside is bursting from my skin. A glowing white light surrounding my body.


Pure, white fur covers me, surrounding me completely. I would recognize his wolf anywhere.

He whimpers and steps back, bowing his head.

Leo pulls me into his arms and rocks me against his chest. His body shakes and I feel warm tears dripping from his face onto mine. He’s holding me so tightly I can’t breathe.

“Why did you do that? Why would you get yourself stabbed for me? Jesus Christ, Bea, what were you thinking!”

The pain in his voice cuts through me.

“What happened? Who are you?” He turns to my oldest brother.

“That’s my brother, Jack.”

Jack’s wolf runs from the building. A moment later my human brother comes in, clothed.

“Nice to meet you,” he extends his hand to Leo who pulls him into an emotional hug.

“How did you do that?”

“I’m a white wolf. I have a few powers, one of which is healing. The injured has to be worthy of being saved though,” he smiles down at me, “and she’s the best of us.”

Leo looks overwhelmed as he holds me like he’ll never let go.

I look over the crowd and everyone looks shocked and confused. They are murmuring quietly to one another and watching the unusual scene playing out in front of them.

“You died for me. If your brother hadn’t been here...Bea...I felt your heart stop beating,”

I bring my hand to his face, trying to bring him comfort.

“I couldn’t let Andrew kill you,” I try to smile, to ease the tension but the devastation on his face is crushing.

“Why would you do that for me? After everything you heard? After everything I’ve done?”

“What have you done? You made some plans, then wanted to change them.”

“Fuck,” he chuckles as tears fall down his cheeks again, “your dad was right. You really are unbelievably forgiving.”

“Your highness?” One of the vampires from the crowd speaks.

He barely reacts, “yes?” He never takes his eyes away from mine

“Here are the keys to remove the collar.”

Leo growls and grabs them angrily before turning to me to gently remove the tight metal band from my neck.

He runs his fingers over my skin, checking for any injuries. His eyes glow, red and angry at what I’m sure, are cuts and bruises on my neck.

“Is she fully healed? Is there internal damage? Does she need to go to the hospital or...” he nervously asks Jack.

“She might be tired from the process of dying then healing but she is fully healed.”

“Dying,” he chokes under his breath before pushing his face into my neck. His body shakes, the bond between us is completely haywire. I can feel everything he feels so intensely that tears stream down my face, too.

After several minutes of trying to calm himself he pulls himself up to stand and pulls me up into his arms, carrying me.

When we turn the entire group of vampires bows their heads reverently.

“If any of you has an issue, SPEAK.NOW,” his voice rattles the windows in the room.

No one speaks or looks up from the floor.

“She is my marked beloved. I’ve accepted her and she will be by my side. I know this is new and unexpected,” his voice softens, “Chase was wrong about their kind. I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong about their kind. Not accepting her means rejecting me.”

You could hear a pin drop the room is so quiet.

“She died for you,” someone says quietly from the crowd.

I can see the same mystified expressions on their faces that Leo had when he met my pack. It stings in my heart to know they all hated us, worse that they all probably had reasons, like Leo did.

“I’m sorry for the actions of my son,” Alpha Porter addresses everyone, Leo specifically.

“I had to buy time and convince Chase that I was still on his side. Your son didn’t know I wasn’t the enemy.”

Alpha Porter nods solemnly as he returns to Andrew who has been restrained.

“As promised, with my reign, we will begin a new era but it will not be the time of suffering and war we were made to believe is necessary. With my Queen by my side our races will coexist harmoniously. Anyone who decides otherwise will face me directly.”

“Here, here!” Dad’s voice rings out and we all turn to the door as he walks in. “Looks like we missed the party.”

“Alpha,” Leo turns to him, “thank you.”

Dad nods and pats his shoulder. What did I miss?

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