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Beautiful Boy - Epilogue

Song - Beautiful Boy by John Lennon

“Leo,” I whimper, “it hurts.”

His face is twisted in pain and tears well up in his eyes. He leans down, holding my hand tightly, “you’re doing so good, baby. Almost done.”

He’s been dreading this for months. Seeing me in pain and not being able to do anything about it is torture for him.

“Ok, Bea, one more. Focus and bare down,” the doctor tells me.

I grit my teeth and squeeze his hand, giving the last bit of my strength.

I gasp as a tiny, sharp cry fills the room. The doctor reaches up and places our baby on my chest.

I’m flooded with relief, through the bond I can feel Leo relax as well. It’s done, I did it.

“It’s a boy,” Leo whispers, his voice hoarse and shaky.

When I look up at him tears are rolling freely down his cheeks. He pushes his face against mine and presses a kiss to my cheek.

“Magnus Elijah Alistair,” I beam down at him.

“My dad would have been honored,” he whispers.

The doctor brings our tiny son, all wrapped up tight, and places him in Leo’s waiting arms.

He looks shaky and nervous as he sits in the chair next to my bed. I can see the emotions overflowing from him. He’s looking at our son in utter disbelief.

“Bea,” his voice is so quiet even I can hardly hear it, “look what we made. He’s the most perfect baby.”

Leo rubs his finger over his little hand, when he holds it tightly the look on his face tugs at my heart. I won’t tell him that is a reflex that all babies have.

I must have fallen asleep, a low humming sounds wakes me up. The room is dark except for one curtain that is pulled back letting the glow of the moon softly illuminate a small portion.

I can see Leo’s silhouette, standing, gently swaying in the dark.

"Close your eyes

Have no fear

The monster’s gone, he’s on the run

And your daddy’s here.”

My breath hitches in my throat but I try to stay quiet, I’ve never heard him sing before.

"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

Beautiful boy.”

My eyes burn. I know he was scared, he wasn’t sure if he would be a good enough dad. I actually want to laugh thinking back on those conversations. He’s going to be the best dad our son could ask for.

“Did I wake you?” He turns when he hears me sniffle.

“No, you didn’t.”

“I wanted you to get some more rest. It’s only three a.m.”

“What about you? Have you slept at all?”

“You did all the work tonight, Bea,” he chuckles, “I can miss a few hours of sleep.”

“How are you feeling?”

He laughs again, “shouldn’t I be asking you that? I feel... I don’t know how to even express it. I didn’t think I could love you more than I did... and him, it almost hurts, you know? He’s everything. I’m going to spend the rest of my life making sure you’re both happy and safe.”

“We did a good job, didn’t we? He’s pretty much the best baby.”

He laughs, “look at his hair. Have you ever felt something so soft?” He rubs his hand over Mags’ head full of dark hair.

“And look at his tiny little nose,” I gush over him as Leo sits in the bed next to me.

“His lips look like yours,” he smiles.

“His eyes look like yours, baby blues.”

He presses a kiss to my lips, “your parents will be here tomorrow.”

“Did you call your mom?” I quirk my brow at him.

They aren’t close, by any definition, but they’re working on it. He’s closer to my dad, which I know is painful for his mom.

“I did. I told her I would call her and she can see him once you’re discharged.”

“Ok,” that’s more than I was expecting.

“My mom wants to step down as soon as you’re feeling well enough to have the ceremony,” he sounds nervous.

I squeeze his hand, “I’ll be right beside you. We both will,” I smile at our sleeping baby.

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