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Dark Paradise

Song - Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey

Today is the first day in a week that I’ve been able to force myself out of bed.

I told my professors that I caught a stomach bug, which isn’t completely untrue. I’m afraid that I might be dying. My whole body physically aches like I was hit by a train.

Emotionally, I can’t actually feel anything. I don’t really hurt... I don’t really...anything. I just lay in bed like a zombie. The only time I’m not numb is when I’m nauseous. I can’t keep anything down.

I sleep all day and wander around the grounds all night, letting my wolf howl angrily at the moon.

Today, though, I’m going to class. Fuck him. I have plans. I am going to get my degree and live my life. I don’t need him. I’ll be an eccentric, happy, free wolf like mom’s Aunt Gemma.

My jeans feel looser than normal as I slip them on. I need to eat something.


Classes have been hell. Everyone is giving me sad, sympathetic looks, I definitely look like shit.

When I finish my last class I walk to my car like my feet are glued to the floor. I want to go lay in my bed and waste away but my body is too weak to move with any sort of purpose.

As I walk through the parking lot I freeze when I see my car. I want to scream into the air. Why me?

Mrs. Alister is standing by my car.

For a moment I consider whether it would be better to just abandon my car and walk home.

My shoulders slump as I drag myself toward my car. Her face is pinched and upset. The closer I get, the deeper her frown gets.

“Mrs. Alister,” my voice is emotionless and cold.

“What happened when he came home? I need you to tell me everything.”

“There’s nothing to tell. He came home, he had a girl with him, he refused to sit for the portrait, I left.”

“He had a girl with him?” She perks up.


“A vampire girl?” She asks.

What the fuck?


Her shoulders sag with relief.

“Ok, I’m sorry to bother you. Did you happen to catch her name?” She asks as she starts to walk away.

“Umm... April,” her name tastes bitter in my mouth.

She stops mid stride and turns around.

“April?” Her voice is high pitched and the tension has returned to her shoulders.

She pinches the bridge of her nose and lets out a long breath.

“Bea, did anything happen between you and Leo.” Her voice is desperate, “he’s been so... it’s just that... he looks just like you.”

Like shit? Is that what she means?

Suddenly, it’s like the fog is lifted from my brain. I let out a loud, humorless laugh and step toward her angrily.

“You came here because you think your son found his... beloved...thats what you guys call it right? So, you’re trying to ask me because he won’t tell you. Did I get your hopes up when I said there was a vampire girl there?” I laugh again, a deep, sobbing cackle that rips at my raw vocal chords.

I jerk my car door open and let my body slump into the seat.

“Bea, please!” She calls through the door, pleading with me but I don’t have the strength for this right now. I start the engine and speed out of the parking lot.

The only happiness I’ve felt in days washes over me. That mother fucker is my mate and he felt it too. Then rage takes over because he knows we’re mates but he would rather crush his own soul than be with me.

When I get home I fall into my bed and pull out my phone. It’s time. I can’t run from this forever.

I facetime mom. Dad will panic too much if he sees me like this.

The ringing stops and the video starts to connect. Shit!

“Beatrice!” My dad’s frantic eyes search my face. Why is he answering mom’s phone?

“Sorsha!” He yells and I can see him running up the stairs.

Just seeing him and hearing his voice opens the floodgates and I start to sob. I can tell that he’s in their room. Mom is wrapped in a towel.

“Bea, what’s wrong?” Mom’s soothing voice calms me slightly.

“I don’t even know where to start. Everything is so messed up.”

“Start packing, Sorsha,” dad growls, “baby, we’ll be there tonight!”

“No! Dad, no. Spring break is in two weeks. I’ll come home then.”

I can see him struggling, he wants to come anyway.

“Bea, what happened.”

I cover my eyes with my hand, “I met my mate,” I choke out. It’s hard to say out loud.

“Oh, Bea,” mom whispers.

“He hates me. He looked at me like I’m trash on the side of the road.”

A deep growl rumbles from dads chest, “fucking blood sucking piece...”

“How did you know he was a vampire?”

Mom elbows him in the ribs, hard and he looks panicked.

“Shit. I guess now’s the time,” mom sounds mad.

“Umm...are you sitting down, baby?” Dad asks nervously.

“Just tell me!”

“Before you were born a sorceress told us a prophecy about our family. She told us about your brother being a white wolf and about all of the boys being Alphas. We told each of them as the prophecy came to pass. We didn’t want you to grow up under the weight of it, feeling like your futures were already decided. We didn’t want to tell you until you had already learned that fate. We knew you would be mated to the vampire prince before you were born.”

“Prince?” I choke.

“Yes,” mom looks confused.

“PRINCE?!” I yell and stand from my bed to pace around my room.

“Was it in the prophecy that he would hate me?” I ask after a moment.

“No, sweetheart, but remember how your father and I met. He was a huge asshole,” mom bites into her lip and for the first time in days a genuine smile finds my lips.

Dad groans and throws his head back.

“That was twenty six years ago!”

“Are you sure you want to wait for spring break? I can come stay with you for the rest of the semester,” mom offers.

“No thanks, mom. I’ll be home soon.”

“If you change your mind we will be there, same day. Just say the word.” Dad says seriously.

“I know, Dad. Thank you. I love you both.”

“We love you. I know how much it hurts to have a distant mate. Take care of yourself, Bea. You don’t look like you’ve slept or eaten.” Mom has her all knowing, all seeing eyes on my thinner cheeks.

“I’ll eat,” I fake a small smile.

After the call I feel strange. He’s not just a vampire...he’s the prince.

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