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Born From Ash (Book I of The Flame Trilogy)

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"What's your name?" He asks me, voice gentle as though I’m a fragile creature that could break from anything louder. Little does he know. "175-825-960." *** Arashi Hajime is an abomination. Taken at a young age she was experimented on, brought up to be a weapon and carry out the plan of an evil madman. That is until she finds herself on Alpha Dimitri Romanov's territory. The last thing she wants is to find a mate; there's a war coming and she might be the only one who can determine it's outcome. The fate of the Werewolf race lies in both Arashi and Dimitri's hands. With war, secrets and lies on the horizon, love is a perilous road. (A full and better description inside)

Fantasy / Romance
Bernie R. Jones
4.8 15 reviews
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“What’s your name?” He asks me, voice gentle as though I’m a fragile creature that could break from anything louder.

Little does he know.


When Arashi Hajime turned 8, she watched her pack burn to the ground, her family murdered before her eyes.

Taken, mutilated, dehumanised.

She had to fight to stay alive, survival of the fittest.

Now she’s a soldier. Now she’s an experiment.

Stumbling onto Alpha Dimitri Romonov’s territory she might just be the pack’s new saving grace. There’s a war coming, and she is the key to not only the pack’s survival, but the survival of the entire werewolf race.

To fight is to live, to bleed is to feel, to die is to fall.

Arashi is about to learn what it means to survive...

But what does it mean to live? To love?

She might just find out.

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