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A Warrior's Redemption

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Our story begins with a boy named Roric. Raised sheltered in the countryside he is ill prepared for the event of watching his family die violently, only to then see his entire world crumble as everything he thought he knew is turned to fantasy and he is forced to find himself chained into the life of a slave. A slave struggling to survive in the gladiatorial arena where every match means death for someone, but he survived and one day he escaped. A Warrior's Redemption is the tale of one man's journey from being a slave to becoming a warrior, who changes the fate of an entire world. It is a story of intrigue, honor, passion and the hope of redemption that is available to all and not just in fantasy. In the story we follow Roric, as he becomes a man and then a leader and eventually a legend. This book is but the beginning of an epic fantasy saga that spans five books in length. The underlying message of, A Warrior's Redemption, is the story of life that many of us face, but few choose to except. A hero of the people grapples with the long held secrets of his family and unlike his father before him, decides to fight so that his people can remain free. He rises above his humble past to become a leader that inspires a nation in its fight for survival and becomes a legend beyond the realms of fantasy.

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The Prelude

A long time ago…..

The Prelude

In the distant past, there was a tribe of people on Earth called the Vallian. They were warriors, a people of the sword, and they lived by honor and the integrity of their belief in the Creator of all life.

The world was changing all around them as it drifted more and more from the old ways of the beginning of time.

Their enemies hated them for their stubborn determination not to change and go along with the wicked tide of man’s fall from grace with their Creator.

The Vallians prepared in secret to do the only thing left for them to do; leave Earth, the first world. Sensing that a judgment was coming, they prepared a way to escape the catastrophe that they felt had become inevitable, given the conditions of the fallen peoples of Earth. With their preparations complete, they left the place of their creation two hundred years before the global flood sent by the Creator. A flood that would destroy the earth save for one man’s family, who was found to yet be righteous and of pure blood lineage.

The Vallians traveled far and long through the galaxies of the Creator’s handiwork until they came to a planetary system where they decided to make a new home. However, they were not the only ones there. Other peoples from Earth, in the more distant past, had found the series of worlds in this distant galaxy first and had settled there.

The Vallians claimed their spot in this new realm of space and had peace among their generations for over three thousand years in which they grew and prospered into a powerful nation above any other.

However, they made a mistake and replicated the evils and fallen natures that they had once escaped from on Earth and an enemy, with a grudge three thousand years in the making, had no pity upon them. War broke out and millions upon millions of the Vallian kindred died. They could not win a war they had not been prepared for and so a surviving remnant of their once proud people fled the galaxy.

They knew nowhere else to go other than the galaxy where man was first created. They found the Earth, and its resurgent peoples after the great flood, a vastly different place than they had left. They had left in 2150 BC. Now they were back and the year was 1350 AD. So much had changed that they felt they could not stay, but they took the words of the Creator, which had been spoken in their absence and recorded, with them in their journey to find a new home where they could both hide from their past and forge a new future.

They found a solitary, uninhabited world not far from Earth and this is where they settled. They abandoned their technology for fear of replicating the mistakes of the past, but inevitably civil war broke out and the Vallian people fractured apart. The new world became a place of factions, warring against each other in bitter envy and hatred of belief, where once had been brotherhood and unity.

Over seven hundred years passed as life continued on, bitterly contested among the descendants of the Vallian. They, as a people, had now split apart into many and were without any clear knowledge of the grandness of their ancient past. They had no real hope for what lay ahead, their views of what life had to offer having become embittered. They only fought to survive as brother warred against brother. However, there comes a chance in every people’s existence to make a change for righteousness and to adopt the justice of the Creator’s path.

One of the factions of people broken off from the tribe of the Vallians still adhered to the ancient beliefs and fought on among their kindred to see this change accomplished. They dreamed of a day when a unified belief in the Creator of all life would be restored to their kind, but they needed a leader to help accomplish this quest. One day they found him.

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