The Tree at World's End

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Twenty Nine

Osku had lit a fire and was supping before it when a sound from the bed made him look up.

It did not come again, but he put his bowl down on the hearth and rose to his feet.

Picking up a burning brand he walked over to where Fjiorn and Åsa lay, side by side upon their bed.

He had carried Åsa home yesterday and had lain her down next to her husband.

He had fed them in turn with some broth, but they had barely swallowed the food. It would not end well if their state did not change soon.

He wet their lips often, coaxing a little water between their lips so they would not perish from thirst, but they could not continue for long with no sustenance.

He passed the brand over them and peered into their faces. He saw no change.

He was about to turn away again, when he saw that something had changed.

Åsa and Fjiorn’s hands were entwined.

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