The Tree at World's End

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Thirty Five

Eventually a soft, barely audible murmur washed over the two, reaching delicately into their awareness until they had no choice but to respond to its gently persistent call.

Open your eyes…

It was a caress of sound.

Open your eyes…

They did, and saw that the world had utterly changed.

It was not easy to look at, because they could see it all in minute detail and there was so much to see and feel, so much to experience.

Colours were now heightened and enriched, the light that cascaded through the fronds above them held a transcendent quality. Even the distant sea murmured in awe. The wind rustled through the great canopy that spanned the nine worlds and whispered of the deeper stirrings at the heart of all life.

And the great Yggdrasil shed a constant flow of tiny yellow-orange leaves and flowers, a gentle rain that cascaded around them, transporting them to the length and breadth of eternity itself, and into the vastness of the great emptiness that mortals call creation.

Yggdrasil held them like it held all: without expectation, judgement or desire for anything. All who sought refuge beneath its protective canopy were blessed with the experience of total freedom.

Åsa found the essence of creative fertility, from the fecund heart of soil.

Fjiorn found gifts of natural strength, power and brave endurance.

Here the pair found the essence of their own true soul, here they drank from the one sap that nurtured a myriad inner offspring.

They soared together over the nine worlds and saw the seeds of beginnings and endings, they drank pure water from the deepest wells, were nourished by the most fulfilling sustenance, and here they became complete.

And for a time that seemed to have no beginning or end, they floated together in the flow of this truest form of being while the tree sang.

A song of Earth.

A song of Life.

A song of the passing of all things, of flowering, of withering, of flowing seasons, of the serpent that consumes itself, of the eternal passage of life into death and of death into life.

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