The Tree at World's End

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When Einar recovered sufficiently, he found himself staring into the eyes of a complete stranger. A paramedic, he realised.

He was still in the tent, but there was no sign of the other two.

“Where are they?” he asked, as he staggered to his feet.

The medic tried to push him back down but Einar brushed his hand away.

“You shouldn’t…” the paramedic started, but Einar cut him off.

“Damn it! Which way did they go?”

The medic pointed.

A moment later Einar was out the door, followed by the paramedic’s protestations.

He was still a little dizzy and the darkness of unconsciousness was still pressing in at the edges of his vision.

He spotted the strangers heading down the street, followed by an entourage of cops.

He stopped to catch his breath, remembering that he had been warned not to touch them. A warning that had made no sense at the time, but now made perfect sense.

They had attempted to keep him from discovering what he had found out anyway.

This was the most astonishing thing that had happened in his entire life. He had no idea who those people were, but he knew he wasn’t about to give up the opportunity to find out.

As soon as he felt sufficiently restored, he tore away from the paramedic’s ministrations and ran after them.

When the cops tried to stop him, he shouted at them.
“Would you like your pensions when you retire?” he demanded. “Look, it’s really simple. You can’t talk to them. You can’t touch them, so you can’t arrest them. You can’t even shoot them, for chrissakes! I’m the only one who can talk to them, and you’re going to stop me? Huh! Good luck with that…”

They let him go when he pulled away.

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