The Tree at World's End

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Tanngrisnir’s disappearance shook Einar to the core. In view of this day’s list of extraordinary events, he could not reconcile his reaction to this one particular phenomenon. But Fjiorn and Åsa walked on unperturbed and, after a moment, Einar followed them.

He was captivated by their effortless progress; for while he trudged through the deep snow, they did not leave so much as a trail.

Unable to do anything useful about the situation, the cops continued to follow behind, marking the strangers’ every move.

Einar had no idea what he was hoping to achieve, if anything, by following them. He felt that it was no longer even a matter of choice, but something that he simply had to continue to do until the end, whatever that turned out to be.

The moment he heard the sound of the chopper, he knew it had come for them.

Them, in this case, being the two ancestors leading the way, as well as him, Einar Halldórsson, linguist and consultant with the Department of Scandinavian Culture at Mayholme University.

He thought it fascinating that he was casting his lot with the improbable beings leading the way, rather than with those in pursuit.

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