The Tree at World's End

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The first thing that Lífþrasir did when they arrived beneath the One Tree was to take Osku down to drink from the well.

Osku did not speak; he just followed Lífþrasir around, gazing in wide-eyed wonder at the new shape that his reality had acquired. Even after drinking from the sacred waters, he remained in a state of silent awe.

Later, when they gathered outside, they watched as a bridge began to take substance. It connected the island of the Yggdrasil to Erever.

It shimmered with the colours of the rainbow.

They knew that their time had come.

All, humans and goats alike, drank deeply one last time from the waters of the well; then the six humans and the seventeen goats crossed the bridge into the new world.

Even as the last of them had set foot on their new home, the bridge became insubstantial once more and vanished.

The Yggdrasil was visible in the distance for seven more days before becoming hidden in a sea-born fog.

When the fog lifted the tree was gone, and was never seen again.

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