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Astra lived 18 years of a boring plain life, a foggy daydream, until one day she gets woken up. Reality is a lot harder than a daydream, especially when learning she is a weapon in a war between the Defenders and evil creatures of the Shadow Realm. With the weight of humanity resting on her shoulders, Astra must save herself and everyone she holds close to her heart from Parallax, the ruler of the Shadow Realm. She is the only thing standing between him taking over everything, and the world meeting its end.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Everyone talks in hushed voices, their blurry faces disappearing and reappearing in my view too quickly for me to recognize their faces. Everyone sounds concerned, and rightfully so. I’m so young, but I can understand a vast majority of what has occurred here tonight. I’ve witnessed a murder, a gruesome and traumatizing experience. I’m an orphan now, or at least I think that’s what it’s called when a child is without parents.

I’m looking up at the sky, a faceless woman holds me gently in her arms while everyone around me talks worriedly. A hood covers her face, covers all their faces. What are they hiding from?

There’s a knock on a door, and everyone stops talking. We wait in silence, I know somehow that I’m not supposed to make noise. I’m so young, but I understand enough that it’s my place now to be seen and not heard.

The door opens, and there’s an angry grumble of a voice. He’s not happy to be woken up at this time. Urgency is spoken, my eyes flutter shut. I’m very tired, it’s very late and I’ve had a long day. The man’s voice is still angry, he’s not listening to the fearful tone in the woman’s voice that holds me. They speak too fast for me to hear, or maybe I have hearing loss from all of the loud gunshots. I don’t know. Another woman speaks up, she seems soft compared to the angry man at the door. He’s not happy with what she is saying. So far it seems that not much makes this man happy.

I’m passed from one woman’s arms to another, she holds me tightly and I feel safe. I wish it was my mother’s arms, but I know I will never be held by my mother again; even though I am so young. I look away from the stars to the new woman’s face, it is shadowed in the night but I can make out cinnamon-colored hair that dangles in curls. Just like my mother’s hair. She smiles at me, but I am too sad and too tired to smile back.

A hooded face peers over me, blocking my view from the kind woman. I can see this person’s face but their presence makes my skin grow cold.

“She will not remember by morning.” He says, his voice low and silky. Then he reaches out and touches my forehead lightly, my body lights up with electricity; from my head to my toes. His face disappears and so does the presence of the other people outdoors, a fogginess fills my head and I have to wonder what that man did to me.

The kind woman walks into her house, her husband grumbling as he shuts the door behind us. My body is still tingling with the electricity as my eyes grow heavy, and sleep takes over my body.

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