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Chapter 15

The stalls were empty as I was munching on my lunch, looking at the woods on the other side of the pitch while trying to figure things out.

Every bite of my crappy BLT sandwich felt like paper in my mouth, but lately, I was constantly hungry, so filling my stomach with whatever felt like a much better idea than leaving it empty. After all, the wolf-being was more sedated when it had a full belly. And, I was only too ready to keep it that way - even if I had to eat a bearly edible sandwich.

I scrunched the paper bag and licked the remnants of the mayo from my thumb and pointing finger just as I heard light footsteps approaching. Usually, I wouldn’t be able to catch something so soft, but I had these new extraordinary hearing skills and whatnot. The wolf-being perked up at the back of my mind, and I cocked my head to the side, looking curiously at the newcomer with my finger still stuck between my lips.

Bennett stopped in his tracks, surprised.

His cyan blue eyes followed the movements of my mouth with a strange mixture of bewilderment and mesmerization. I saw him swallow - hard - and the wolf in me preened from all the attention we were getting from Emmie’s cousin. As if my lips had a will of their own, they lazily curved in the suggestive smile. I bit my nail only ever so slightly, watching with weird satisfaction/fascination as Bennett’s eyes widened and turned a tad brighter. His nostrils flared as the sudden tension started forming between us, and a wave of warmth squeezed my lower abdomen, pooling between my tights. The smell of my arousal hit my nose like a bulldozer.

I froze, the wolf-being wailing its disagreement inside my head. I ignored it, looking back critically at what had actually happened.

Was I really trying to seduce Bennett?

It dawned on me like the 4th of July, and I turned beetroot red, hurriedly wiping my fingers on my jeans as mortification shook me to the core. What the heck was wrong with me lately?

If that wasn’t absolutely embarrassing...

Bennett cleared his throat, cutting my rambling thoughts short.

“My dad wants you to come to the pack house,” He said as a way of greeting as he sat beside me, accidentally bumping his knee into my tight.

Feeling a wave of unwelcome pleasure running up my spine from the touch, I scooted over to the side. I was still a little uncomfortable with my strange act, hence, I wanted to put as much distance between me and Bennett as it was possible. The wolf-being protested with a whine. I grabbed my forehead with one hand, trying to shut that voice up. Lately, I felt as if my human side and the other side were constantly at war.

I had officially become a case of the mind bipolar.

“Why? Am I in trouble?” I asked, trying for nonchalance but failing miserably. It was no secret I had been avoiding Emmie, Bennett, or any other werewolf for quite some time now. Well, since morning actually.

“Did you do something to get yourself in trouble again, Matthews?” Bennett asked, smirking, back to his old, arrogant self.

Gone was the lust I saw earlier in his cyan blue eyes. I partially hoped that I had imagined it anyway. My wolf - not so much.

“Ha, ha, very funny...” I mumbled under my breath, sarcastically. “So why do I have to go to the pack house?”

“So the pack can meet you,” he answered in a duh voice.

I shivered. The thought of meeting the very people I was trying to avoid made me uneasy, to say the least.

“What if I don’t want to meet them?”

What if I want to be a lone wolf?

Though I didn’t say the last question out loud, I had this weird impression Bennett sensed the direction of my thoughts anyway.

He gave me a side glance and then looked ahead at the woods, leaning back on the plastic chair and stretching his legs in front of him, placing his entwined hands on his right hip.

“Then the pack won’t treat you as their own, and they will consider you an intruder. Therefore, whatever happened with Sydney this morning, will occur more often.”

I sneaked a peek at him, begrudgingly admiring how the sun flecked in his chocolate brown hair. I had this naughty urge to run my fingers through it to check if it was as soft as it looked, but I squished it with a brutal force.

“Wait. How do you know what happened with Sydney?” I asked, realising what he had just implied.

Bennett smirked in a very smug, boyish way that made my heart flutter. Again.

“You’ll soon find out there’s very little that escape my notice,” he just shrugged, and then he stood up. “I’ll pick you up at seven?” He asked... challenging me?


The nerve of him!

“Send Emmie. I’ll go with her.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I saw Bennett smile - lazily like a cat - and realised I had just walked straight into his carefully set trap.


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