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Chapter 21

Emmie actually listened to my request and gave me space.

She only limited herself to throwing me a sad look when our gazes locked in the morning before classes, but she didn’t approach me otherwise.

I felt like a bitch.

It seemed that lately, our friendship was on a rollercoaster. And it was partially my fault. But coming to terms with turning into a creature out of movies proved to be difficult. Controlling sudden mood swings was also difficult. Finding out that I was Bennett’s mate? Even more so.

Consumed by my thoughts, I only realised I walked into somebody when a sudden pang erupted in my shoulder. My books flew up in the heap of loose sheets and fell on the school corridor’s floor with a loud thud. I staggered back and whipped around, the wolf-being on full alert, looking for the immediate threat.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you,” Keely Anderson said, her smirk belying the words that left her mouth.

Sydney Brooks smiled behind her, amusement written all over her face.

I fisted my hands and took a purposeful step forward, taking no notice of scattered papers that scrunched under my shoes. My gaze narrowed on both girls as my lips contorted into a wry smile. I took on the challenge I saw in their eyes. None of them was going to back off. Perfect. I would finally be able to get rid of the pent-up frustration and anger that had been building inside me for a couple of days now.

“I see you’re still making Keely do your bidding, Sydney,” I taunted, purposefully ignoring Anderson just to vex her more.

It worked. I saw her eyes flashing yellow, and my skin prickled in a familiar way. I clenched and unclenched my hands a couple of times.

Keely opened her mouth to throw something back at me, but Sydney put her hand up, shutting her. She took a step forward.

“And I see you’re more stupid than I thought,” she answered back. “You should have listened while I was still being nice.”

“Gee, thanks. But, you see, my wolf refuses to take orders from someone like you, Sydney,” I shrugged, lacing my voice with honey and sugar.

“Bitch,” Brooks retorted, clenching her teeth and taking another step towards me, her eyes gleaming as her wolf made herself present. Just when I thought she was going to launch at me, she stopped abruptly, smiling instead.

“I had to give you, you almost got me there, Gemma. But I’m not stupid enough to start a fight at school and put myself in the Alpha’s bad books. Don’t think this is over, though. I will catch you, and when I do, I will crush you completely in front of the entire pack,” she promised, turning around and taking off towards her next classes, Keely hot on her heels.

“Bring it on, bitch!” I called after her, my frustration skyrocketing.

She flipped me.

He watched the girls walk away, and the hot wave of rage flooded him. He clenched his teeth, struggling to control his change. How dared those punny little she-wolves hurt his destined one? How dared they challenge her, threaten her?

His wolf howled his anger, calling for blood... But he couldn’t attack them. Not yet. Not in school where all the others were present.

He needed to be smart about it, and he would be.

He would be...

Bennett was leaning against my locker - his taut arms crossed over his chest, his chiseled face devoid of any emotion. He looked handsome, deadly so, and I couldn’t help but appreciate his looks, even if I hated myself for it.

The wolf-being forced the memories of my indecent dream back in my head. I blinked furiously, trying to get rid of the vision as I pinched the bridge of my nose, focusing on breathing through my mouth and ignoring Bennett’s alluring smell.

I was unable to.

It must have been the stupid mate thing.

“Matthews,” Bennett greeted me as I approached him, his expression closed off.

“Great. Another person I was just dying to see,” I grumbled, clutching the books I was holding like a shield. “Did you get lost? Your locker is over there,” I added, when he made no comment or indication of leaving.

He gave me a half-smile that showed his dimple, melting my resolve just a tiny little bit. The wolf-being whined in my head, disagreeing with my treatment of Emmie’s cousin. I shook my head, determined to ignore the nagging that was filling my ears.

“Nice try, Matthews, but you won’t get rid of me so easily,” he said as he unglued himself from my locker and took a purposeful step towards me. His eyes flashed.

A sudden, pleasant shiver shook my body. I took a step back.

I was not going to enjoy the fact that Bennett was stalking me like prey. Nope. No. No way in hell.

Oh God, who was I even fooling?

“What do you want?” I changed tactics, dodging Emmie’s cousin, making it clear I wanted him gone as I opened my locker and gave him my back.

That was my first mistake - Bennett placed his hands on both sides of my locker, caging me in. The second mistake was turning around when he did so. I whipped on my heel, only too ready to give him a piece of my mind, but the words failed me when I saw wolf peaking through his eyes.

Our gazes collided, and I felt the instinctive need to look away, my retort long forgotten. I gulped, trying to hold Bennett’s stare, but it was too much. I gave up only after two seconds.

“Should you be anybody else, I would not have been so patient. But even my wolf has its limits. Don’t test me, Gemma,” he growled, towering over me.

I showed my neck in a gesture of submission and whined. I couldn’t help it - the wolf-being refused to agitate Bennett even further.

The boy closed his eyes, leaning over me. His nose skimmed painfully slowly over the side of my neck as he inhaled loudly, hovering a bit longer over the sensitive spot he bit me on only yesterday. A pleasant shiver ran down my spine, and I chewed at my lip, stifling a moan that was about to leave my mouth. For some odd reason, I found Bennett sniffing me extremely erotic, which was crazy.

I pinched my tight to shake myself from whatever haze I was thrown into.

I wasn’t going to let my stupid hormones control me. I wasn’t going to...

Bennett exhaled loudly and stepped back, shaking his head while trying to get himself under control. A part of me wished he didn’t.

“I came here to tell you I’ll be picking you up after school. No arguments,” Bennett stated adamantly, opening his eyes - still arctic-blue.

I gaped like a fish.

Had he just ordered me?

“The hell you will!” I protested, feeling my temper flare.

Bennett gave me a crooked smile, his expression predatory.

“Oh, I will,” he said confidently, once again leaning closer. His lips hovered just above mine, his warm, minty breath fanned my face.

Was he going to kiss me?

Butterflies erupted in my stomach while my lower abdomen squirmed. I wiggled free from under Bennett’s arms, trying to place as much distance from him as it was possible.

I didn’t think I could stand any more of the teasing without doing something stupid. Like, kiss him senseless.

The wolf part of me whined once again, prompting me to go back to the safety of Bennett’s arms. I didn’t.

“Why?” I challenged instead, trying to weasel out from under his order. Maybe if I pissed him off enough, Bennett wouldn’t be so quick to meet me after school.

“3 p.m. sharp, Matthews, by my car. Emmie may go easy on you, but I’m not letting you run wild with the full moon approaching. Don’t be late,” he said.

To say my wolf was on cloud nine was a misunderstanding.

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