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Chapter 25

The kiss was all but sweet.

Possessive, frantic, angry, desperate, demanding - but not gentle. Never gentle. Zack’s tongue was ravishing my mouth, drawing the sound of my contentment again and again, which was only fueling his greed.

Growling, he pulled at my lip with so much force it was bordering on painful, pinning me to do the wall as he did so. His one hand cushioned my head to prevent me from hitting it on the hard surface, while his other one gripped my hip so firmly I knew it was going to bruise. Oddly, I didn’t mind being manhandled like that. Apparently, the wolf part of me liked it rough, and she gladly submitted, noticing Zack’s wolf’s need for dominance, the need to be in control after all that happened today. I let him guide me through this hot mess of clashing teeth, dancing tongues, and rough lips, riding the tide rather than fighting against it -

Until it just stopped.

Zack leaned his forehead against mine, panting. We were both out of breath at that point.

“Sorry about that,” he said, carefully caressing the place he bruised. “I’ve never been so out of control.”

“You are forgiven,” I teased and raised a brow at him, only just realising I was still pinned to the wall, too close to him for comfort. “Now, are you going to release me anytime soon?”

“Not a chance. I finally have you almost exactly where I want,” he grinned wickedly, making my pulse race in response.

I felt wetness pooling between my tights as a wave of electricity shook my body. Zack’s fingers started to fiddle with the waistband of my sweatpants, and his erection poked me in the navel.

I bit my lip as my body only too eagerly answered back, humming its own arousal. Shit. Clearly, with regards to Bennett, my self-control was pretty much lacking.

“Zack,” I put my hands on his chest to create a bit of space between us.


“My parents are in the house,” I tried for a reason, pushing against him harder.

“Not anywhere near here,” was his answer. “Besides, you’ve locked the doors,” he murmured, leaning in as he slowly, purposefully sniffed my neck.

Oh, fuck.

I felt my knees buckling, and I stifled a groan, closing my eyes while tilting my head to give Zack better access to my suddenly sensitive skin. He grazed it gently with his teeth.

Fireworks exploded behind my eyelids.

“So, what’s it gonna be, Gemma?” The boy purred, grabbing both my wrists in his one hand and locking them above my head. His fingers slid further under my sweatpants, playing with the hem of my underwear. I gasped, squirming in anticipation and want.

God, he was going to kill me.

I tried to remember why being intimate with Zack was such a bad idea. And then it dawned on me. I opened my eyes and met his arctic-blue gaze.

“So nothing, move. I’m not going to have a make-out session with you with my parents downstairs, and Keely somewhere there kidnapped because of me!” I whispered-yelled, trying to wiggle free.

This time, Bennett let me, sighing as he reluctantly released my wrists and slowly backed away, struggling to get himself under control.

“And I think it’s better if you shifted if you want to stay over the night,” I continued. It was better that way anyway. Safer for both of us.

Bennett’s eyes flashed.

“As you wish,” he only said before he headed towards the bathroom, shutting the doors behind him.

I exhaled loudly.

I managed to put that fire out - or so I naively thought.


Sleeping with Bennett in his wolf form should have been easy - it wasn’t.

The fur rag was simply enormous, taking most of the space in my bed. When I tried to shove him, the wolf pointedly growled his refusal and put his heavy head on my lap instead, making me that much more uncomfortable. I couldn’t even turn around without him rumbling his objection only because he thought I was going to leave somewhere. It was exhausting. At one point, I had to shout at the beast because he wouldn’t let me go to the bloody toilet. He even stood sentry behind the closed doors while I was peeing.

Embarrassing was the only word to describe the situation I found myself in at that very moment.

In the end, I didn’t sleep a wink.

In addition to dealing with a grumpy wolf in my bed, I had to battle with impossibly realistic dreams of Zack kissing me, touching me, and making me come in every possible way. Frankly, I had a feeling Bennett had a finger in this particular pie, somehow projecting and punishing me for my little stunt earlier. And it definitely worked. I was this close to begging him to shift back and finish what he started in the evening.

I didn’t. Thankfully, I managed to pass out before I broke my resolve. Nevertheless, my short blissfulness was interrupted by my phone.

I sat up as if electrocuted, frantically patting the bedside table in search of my mobile.

I couldn’t not notice that Bennett had already left. I never thought I would be lonely without him but, I obviously was, if the pang of disappointment that squeezed my heart told me anything... which only meant that sometime during the week we spent together, Bennett rooted himself in my heart, almost like a particularly obstinate weed I was unable to pull out however much I tried.

I hit the receive button, finally taking pity on the vibrating machine.


“Good morning, Gemma. This is Henry Bennett speaking. I hope I didn’t wake you up?”

I squinted at my alarm clock, wondering why the heck would the Alpha himself call me at nine in the morning.

“N-No, not at all, ” I croaked out and cleared my throat. I sounded like a frog.

“Good. I’m actually calling because I’d like you to stay at the pack house over the weekend,” Mr. Bennett murmured. Although it wasn’t an order per se, I had a feeling the Alpha left no room for argument. “I took the liberty of speaking with your parents. They think we’re taking you on a camping trip, and I would appreciate it if it stayed that way.”


“Um... yes, of course,” I answered, because, really, what was I supposed to say?

“I know it’s quite unexpected, but my son insists on staying close to you, and I need him focused and available. I hope you understand. Pack up for two nights. Emmie’s going to pick you up in half an hour.”

“I’ll be ready,” I promised, already crossing this morning off inside my head.

"Thank you," with that, he hung up.

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