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Chapter 30

Note: 18+

If you are sensitive to any form of violence, rape or abuse, please proceed with caution or forsake the chapter altogether.


Alec was looming above me, his blue-gray gaze fixed on me with a hardly contained excitement.

I groaned, squinting my lids against the light that assaulted my sensitive eyes. I felt groggy and mauled as if I had been hit by a train or something of a similar size and force. My tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth, my throat dry as a desert. A permeative pain was slicing my ribcage and head in steady, rhythmic pulses, irritating me and the wolf-being.

I looked around, trying to understand what was going on. I didn’t know where I was. The room seemed dilapidated and unfamiliar - its walls were gray and covered in something I was most definitely unwilling to identify. There was no furniture except for the bed I was lying on and a small, folding chair.

I wanted to sit up, but the pain intensified, making me cry out in agony. I fell back heavily on pillows. Black dots appeared in front of my eyes, and I heard Alec say:

“Careful, my love. You’ve had an accident, but you’re safe now. You’re safe.” The boy brushed the lock of hair from my suddenly sweaty forehead, his fingers rough to the touch. Then, he turned towards the doors, yelling:

“Dan! She’s awake!”

My eyes wandered again to Alec’s face, fixing on almost completely healed, jagged scar marring his left temple. The temple that Chloe had hit with a stone...

A cold shiver shook my body. Oh my God, the accident!

“Where am I? Where are the girls?” I croaked out, sitting up despite the pain - panic and adrenaline kicking in.

I wanted to get out of bed, but something stopped me, jerking my hands back and forcing me onto the mattress again. The white-hot pain consumed my wounded body. I ignored it, shifting my gaze to my wrists that were shackled and chained to the wall behind me. I felt my stomach drop. I was going to be sick.

“Why am I tied up? What is going on?” I asked, freaking out.

“Easy, Gemma. Easy, my love. It’s okay. The girls are gone. But you’re safe. You’re with me...” Alec said in a soothing voice, his expression strange, almost loving.

“What? What do you mean the girls are gone?!” I exclaimed. The all too familiar fingers of dread twisted my insides. I tried not to think about the ramifications of Alec’s words, but they got stuck in my head on repeat. Had Alec left the girls to die? Had he left little Chloe?


“Shhh, my love. Shhh. Those girls stood in our way, and no one can stand between mates... What we have is sacred. Those filthy wolves knew it, and they knew the consequences of fighting the destiny. They got what they deserved,” The boy said, skimming his fingers over the side of my face. I wrenched it away, repulsed.

I was suddenly shaking, feeling cold, so cold. I started yanking on the chains even more fervently now, desperate to get free, the metal rattling loudly in the room. I had to run away. Alec was a lunatic, and I was alone with him. How had I not noticed the signs before? I had to get away. I had to run...

The patches of fur burst on my skin, my teeth and nails elongated. I was trashing against chains now, pulling and pulling, metal moaning promisingly.

I just wanted to go home.

“Easy, my love. Gemma, please. Why are you being like this? You’ll hurt yourself!” Alec reached for me, trying to calm me down.

“Don’t touch me!” I screamed, my voice distorted and strangely animalistic.

Alec jerked back as if I had slapped him. He fisted his hands on his tights and clenched his jaw, irritation contorting his face.

“What’s wrong? Why is she acting like this?” The boy I didn’t recognise emerged from the doors, watching me with tension in his dark grey eyes.

I didn’t pay him any mind - my wolf and I focused solely on breaking free.

“I don’t know!” Alec stood up, annoyed, knocking the chair down. “What are you standing like that for? Do something!” He yelled, frustrated.

“She’s your mate!” The other boy bit back, but he approached me anyway. “Hold her head, and don’t let her bite me! I’m going to wipe her mind.”

“What? No! No! Let me go! Let me go~!”


He was lying next to me in my bed. His head propped on his hand, a small, crooked smile curving the side of his soft mouth, chocolate brown hair falling messily on his forehead... His cyan blue eyes bore straight into my soul as I watched with fascination flecks of light playing in them.

He touched my face, then gently, deliberately outlined its shape with the tips of his fingers, almost as if he was trying to learn me by heart.

“Where are you, Gemma?” He whispered with wonder in his eyes and sadness in his voice.

We were in my room. Sunlight was pouring through my window, the morning so peaceful, it seemed unreal.

“What do you mean, where?” I laughed, turning around so that I was only a breath away from him, our lips nearly touching. “I’m here. With you, Zack...”


“It’s not working!” Alec growled to no one in particular, annoyed, leaning back and finally leaving my mauled neck alone.

For now.

It was the fifth day of my imprisonment, and his another try to mark me. For whatever absurd reason, Alec was still under the impression I was his mate. Nothing deterred him. Not the fact my wolf refused to forget Zack, however much they tried to make me, or that Alec’s bite didn’t work... at all.

Maybe he didn’t know about the other thing that happened during marking - or so I hoped. My situation was dire enough without him trying to rape me as well. The full moon was approaching, which meant I could feel the wolf getting restless under my skin, her willingness to break free even more immense due to the very reason we were shackled to the wall, unable to get out of this hell, monitored even while we peed.

The funny thing was, Alec never considered my unwillingness as a sure tell-tale we were not, in fact, the lovers from the moon. Or any other lovers. He still tried to kiss me. And I resisted every single time. But lately, that agitated him more. His patience for me was waning. I could see the madness I hadn’t detected until now peeking through his eyes, his wolf’s way of saying hello.

Just like now.

“You are my mate. We will mate,” he growled, squeezing my jaw in his hand, his fingers digging into my cheeks, hurting me.

“I am not,” I growled back, defiantly.

He snarled, then forced his thin, slimy lips on mine, his tongue trying to pry open my mouth. I bit him hard, my wolf side taking pleasure in tasting the enemy’s blood on our mouth. The boy yipped, and I smiled.

“Even you can’t fight destiny, my love. I didn’t want to do it. Dan advised me against it because of your wounds, but I won’t tolerate any more of your disrespect. I’m going to mate with you, and you will enjoy it,” he stated, his mind made up.

“What? You’re nuts!” I exclaimed, panic and fury shaking my body. “I’m never going to ma...”

He kissed me again, then climbed the bed and forced himself on me, pushing my tights open with his rough hands. I screamed and kicked my legs like crazy, trying to land a blow or throw him off, to do something... Alec grunted once or twice but proceeded to tear my clothes off, regardless of my protests, lust clear on his face. He pinned my astride legs to the mattress, and cold air blew on my naked womanhood.

“No, no, please, no,” I was begging now, hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

“Mhm, my love. So beautiful, so pink... All mine,” He mumbled to himself, his gaze fixated on me in a mad fascination as the pure fear gripped my stomach. I wanted to be sick. I was in a fucking nightmare, and I couldn’t wake up. I wrestled against the chains again, begging, praying, and screaming for help that never came. Alec’s mouth landed on my womanhood, those wet, slimy lips touching me, licking me, biting and invading my insides. His tongue was lapping on my skin, the sound making me utterly sick. I still tried to wiggle free, but I was too weak, and that seemed to arouse his wolf more, so at one point I just stopped. I was sobbing as I was being broken and violated, wishing to die. My human self receded to the furthest corner of my mind, letting the wolf-being at the front and somehow, finding safety in her detachment. Alec took his pants off and continued to satisfy his vile lust - invading me, hurting me, thrusting and thrusting, gnawing my breasts and stomach while the bed rocketed in the eery silence that surrounded us...

Until, finally, he roared his release and bit my neck. As if on a cue, the wolf-being leaned forward and sank our teeth right back in his skin.

The marking was complete.

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