The Four Lands Of Arravan: Birthright

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Chapter Fifteen: Homesick

Flying wasn’t something Everette enjoyed as such, the motion of soaring and then falling sent her stomach on tangents and not even the gorgeous views could stop her from looking a little green.

She watched on in slight envy as Dalamis glided through the air, arms wrapped securely around Halda’s waist, a stranger's wrapped around her own.

Suppressing the yearning for it to have been Stavros, protecting her from the heights was troubling, one hand she wished badly for it to be him but on the other, she had promised herself to let him go before someone got hurt.

Stavros was an outwardly polite fae, like most, but the way in which he carried himself showed grace and care she saw not even in the High Council.

It’s true that no two are the same.

She wondered what the busy Stavros did in his spare time, mourning was what came to mind first seeing as he had to plan and arrange countless funerals and farewells after the battle, not to mention the fact he stood in as a leader of sorts in Dalamis’ absence.

It was odd to her, how easily the people of Evangelis trusted their own.

Of course, during the Trinity War those that the High Council claimed lesser than themselves fought back, but those that took refuge in the halls didn’t question Vallen’s rule, even as he descended into madness.

And then, when he was handed over willingly to the King by his own son, those living in Evangelis simply accepted Dalamis as their leader despite nothing being official.

It reminded Everette of the people in New Montem that flocked the streets on the daily, all going about their day, working for someone higher up with no questions asked.

Everyone was raised the same, being brought up to not question the people who gave them a home and to simply follow the rules and orders, to remain disciplined.

Despite hating the regime, it was something she now kept in mind rather than listening to her rogue heart.

Being a passenger in the air wasn’t her first choice, in fact, it would have been her last had Zack, Aveline and Rowan not taken the one and only van at their disposal and had Dalamis not been so persistent about flying is the quickest way, in comparison to horses or by foot.

She would be holding a grudge for sure.

But the time to manifest such a thing would have to wait, the task she and the others were currently on was one of the greatest importance.

Solon had recruited Everette as well as his closest friend and loyal bodyguard, Halda, who had brought his own company, they were all told that they were travelling to New Montem for a meeting with the human leaders.

She’d been spotted by the King in the kitchen, her eyes reddened and swollen, it wasn’t that she cared if people saw her upset, it was what they would say to her or what they would do that would ultimately sway her mood whether it be for the better or worse depended on the responses.

Dalamis, for example, showed sorrow for her and clearly pitied her state which was something she detested.

Everette could handle a great deal of things, the, if you want to talk I’m here situations, included because they could easily be ignored and avoided, but seeing people look at her as if she was fragile riled her up.

If it weren’t for her exhaustion, she would have shoved Dalamis’ words back down his throat, even if he meant well and wasn’t necessarily cruel by nature he simply didn’t know her and therefore couldn’t begin to understand.

When Everette had heard of Aveline, Zack and Rowan’s departure, beside the boiling kettle and surrounded by the scent of freshly ground coffee beans, she remembered thinking to herself that she couldn’t blame them for wanting to leave Evangelis.

It weighed heavy on her that the only hint of Helena residing in Zack had slipped from her grasp, she felt more alone than before, but perhaps the government meeting would provide enough of a distraction from the dawning emotions.

A meeting with the highest people among the humans didn’t entirely sound too riveting and if she had the choice she would have much preferred to have gone with Zack or even Monty to Salatia.

But she took what she was offered and had begun to feel a little better when the King assured her that her presence would be extremely beneficial seeing as the humans were great fans of the fae- or at least a large majority weren’t.

So having her stand beside him and vouch for their efforts could significantly push things in their favour, especially considering the human government weren’t easy to negotiate with when feeling threatened or at a disadvantage.

They were nearing the ocean that parted Nirvariten and Lirren, it wouldn’t be long before they reached the New Montem border where high ranking members of the military would meet and escort them to their leaders.

Everette, admittedly, was eager to see if she knew anyone in their escort detail, it was a slim chance but it’d make for an interesting ride nonetheless.

There were few friends from her past in the military training programme that she wouldn’t have minded catching up with, but on the same hand, there were others she would much rather avoid, one woman specifically.

All would have to wait however as time passed by in drips, boredom echoed off the expansive walls of the sky.

No matter how many times she was up in the air, in Stavros’ arms or not, it never failed to impress, she hadn’t seen the lands of Lirren or Nirvariten from above before but she could firmly say that she took it in with curious eyes for all of ten minutes.

It was astounding, to begin with but its brilliance failed to shatter the fear sitting tightly in her chest, a fear she wouldn’t have had it been Stavros holding her instead.

Even as New Montem city came into view on the horizon she felt no more relieved, for a home filled with memories tainted and besmirched wasn’t a home at all in her eyes, just a gallery of misery she didn’t want to revisit.

From up above it looked much smaller than in reality when walking its streets under the towering bodies of glass, they truly saw everything she thought as her eyes fixed on Dalamis ahead of them.

There was no line or indication where the border exactly stood and yet somehow, everyone knew where to stop as if it were ingrained in their minds, a thing that needed no thought and was simply something one felt almost like a task one’s body would do from day-to-day.

A military vehicle was waiting for them within the city limits, two men and women stood with high military-grade firearms, newly developed or at least she presumed they were seeing she didn’t remember them in the training programme, but she supposed a lot had changed since then.

All four military personnel stood with immaculate posture, the same went for their uniform that had no wrinkles or a hint of a crease in their black shirts or cargo trousers that were tucked neatly into their boots.

The triangular, embroidered rank sat over their hearts holding within it a star created from four lines that crossed one another in the centre.

Summas Everette thought to herself, the highest-ranking personnel in the military below the Electi, who worked alongside the government and all but ran the military in its entirety.

She knew the Electi well, afterall they had been some of the last faces she had seen the day she left the training programme.

Landing in fae territory, both groups remained on their sides of the invisible wall, that was until Solon stepped forward between them.

A man with shortly trimmed, bleach-white hair gelled back to his head too stepped forward, his eyes were stern and calculating, eyes Everette had grown to know as those around her progressed through the ranks.

“Who are you three?” he asked stiffly his tone rough and demanding

“This is Everette Rhoslyn-Lea, Dalamis Harkhallow and Halda Aristaeus my personal guard and trusted advisor. I suspect you already know of my name, however” Solon replied politely, nodding his head in an eased bow.

“You and your guard can come, the others stay behind”

“They are with me, they mean no harm and are simply here for my protection”

Without breaking eye contact with the King, the fair-haired man raised a hand, two fingers moving to point to them.

“You will be patted down and checked for weapons, I suggest you cooperate.”

“Of course, although I am sure none of us are carrying any sort of weapon. I was persistent in reminding them when we left” he said, his politeness unwavering even as he stepped into human territory and allowed hands to pat at his clothes, the others shortly joining him.

With nothing found and the wary-eyed group somewhat pleased with the result, they were helped into the back of the van, Everette declining the offered hand clambering in herself accompanied by the two men and women.

Another two men were in the front, one being behind the wheel and the other in the passenger seat.

It smelt just like Everette remembered, it was in no way an enticing scent but one that somewhat gave the feeling of home which it had been for a time just as the Ravens base had been and now Evangelis to a degree.

A sudden wave of unease washed over her, for the first time in all of the years away from her parents, she felt homesick.

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