The Four Lands Of Arravan: Birthright

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Chapter Nineteen: Borders And Boundaries

“Stay close to me, I do not trust any of the eyes that will be on us. They may focus their distaste on you more than the rest of us” Solon informed Dalamis “That goes for all of you, stay close and do not speak unless asked to do so directly. You are here as protective detail and consultation, should it be needed, this is not a chance for you to engage in debates. Do we understand one another?”

“Of course,” Halda said loyally without batting an eyelid.

Each of the following agreed also, Dalamis being the last to do so.

He still hadn’t talked to Halda about his worries, he would have had they not been assigned the unexpected trip that had thrown a massive spanner into the works.

Mayfel wasn’t nearby for any encouragement or advice either, Dalamis was alone without a compass to guide him in a logical direction.

It wasn’t as if he could blurt it out in front of the others, or worse yet, the entire room including the New Montem government leaders.

Being escorted towards, what the people in uniform had called, an elevator which wasn’t too appealing to him, Dalamis was soon halting his steps as they neared the doors.

Only Halda seemed to notice he was realising from the group, Dalamis watched as the green-eyed man turned back to him with a look of questioning in his eyes and worry tugging the corners of his lips.

“I can’t go in there, it is too small. I do not want to feel trapped again” he said, his voice a little shaken.

“I will be right there with you, as will the others. There is no reason for you to be scared”

“No offence to you, but you weren’t trapped in a mountain for years” Dalamis snapped.

Halda was taken aback by his forcefulness and yet mustered up a nod to which signalled his reply “I will await your arrival at the top”

Without another word, Dalamis was out of the double doors leading to the flights of stairs, he was aware of the military personnel tailing him as he effortlessly and haphazardly took two steps at a time.

He didn’t want to be in the elevator and Dalamis hadn’t lied when he said that he didn’t want to feel trapped again, but it wasn’t entirely the truth either.

The other reason was that he didn’t want to be stuck next to Halda when he was nervous enough to be next to him with his worries hanging from the tip of his tongue.

Dalamis’ hands would sweat and his heart would beat faster every time he went near the man, in some cases that would be something he welcomed but not this time.

Despite the slim space, he opened his wings as much as he could and took to jumping and gliding up the rest of the stairs, soaring ahead of the guards who were left to rush after him.

It wasn’t long before he reached the top where the others were already waiting for them, Halda’s eyes eagerly focused on the stairwell as if awaiting his arrival as he promised.

Dalamis’ footsteps faltered as he noticed his partners eyes on him but they soon resumed until he had rejoined Solon just as the guards behind him reached the landing, their breathing barely changed even with their uniform and heavy weaponry in their hands.

He cast his eyes to the ground away from Halda as they followed Solon and the guards through the double doors that had been opened for them.

An oval table that filled most of the room, chairs surrounding, only half of them actually filled with people.

Men and women dressed in suits or clothes of similar sorts, hairs styled without a single strand out of place emitting their superiority further.

Dalamis, on entering, immediately drew the eyes of many, a few faces of concern, others sterner as if to cope with the surprise and anger, turned to him.

One woman in particular, stood up earning a bow of Solon’s head who showed recognition and honour towards her.

“My name is Lyra Brooks” she announced with a witch of how lip, which apparently was all she could manage for a smile.

Her eyes observed Solon’s companions, stopping on Everette “Human?” she observed, her eyes filing back to Solon.

“My party may be made up of fae on the majority, but I too have human allies. Everette Rhoslyn-Lea is one of many” he stated.

Glancing over to Everette once more she took a seat, gesturing for the others to do the same “Very well”.

Dalamis could feel eyes all over him, could it just be because they happened to be severely underdressed in comparison for such an occasion- excusing the King of course- but no, he knew the reason, it was something more noticeable.

“We know many of the accords, approved and discussed by the councils after the Trinity War have been broken. Humans crossed the borders and so did fae, both are to blame but that is not why I am here, I wish to make that clear. I do not wish to lay blame or point fingers, I simply want to rectify, and in all honesty, change the laws that are weakly in place.” Solon began the discussion.

“What do you have in mind?” Lyra continued seemingly open to hearing what he had to say, perhaps the government were in a good mood Dalamis thought.

“I know that many of my human allies wish to reunite humans and fae. Everette here is a part of a group known as the Ravens, they strive for coexistence and balance between both races and were just one group of many to show us that it is possible. They were united by Rowan Ackroyd to assist in putting a stop to Braylen Ackroyd’s motives, which were encouraged by Bregan Banshaw. Humans and Fae worked as one and put a stop to Bregan and his ideologies of a winning race”

The room fell silent, all of their faces, to Dalamis, were unreadable with no hint of emotion.

“That was quite some speech. I do, however, have a few issues I would like to bring up” Lyra finally spoke up although Dalamis had a feeling it wouldn’t be a good thing that she did.

“Of course, it is why I am here” Solon agreed.

“Wasn’t it the Fae’s ideologies that began the Trinity War? Paranoia and stubbornness of the Clan represented by a man sitting beside you? And wasn’t it also the Fae’s wrongdoing and beliefs that brought along yet another battle? Which I hear cost the lives of many”

“As I said, I am not here to point fingers. I simply want to talk things through” Solon proceeded in a polite and collected manner that made Dalamis wonder if he’d actually listened to what she had said. He, for one, was, beyond aggravated and ready to let his voice be heard.

“I know what you said, but there are trends that can’t be ignored. In war, blame and reasoning can become misguided, but if we examine the evidence we have Solon, it is clear that the blame must fall to one. The reasoning is that your people keep making the same mistakes”

“My people have been forgiven and we have been granted passage in the alliance, my people and I have proved our worth” Dalamis interrupted sternly.

“Perhaps to your on kind and the King. You forget that humans have nothing to do with the likes of the Fae, the alliance means nothing to us outside of your borders. Memories of the past can’t be changed, no matter what you do. You have guts to have walked in here, but clearly, you don’t have the brains, to stand up and voice biased opinions during a serious matter is childish” she said.

Arguing back, determined to let his voice and opinions b heard Dalamis stood his ground “You are no less biased. I want the best for my people and-” he began although Solon attempted to interrupt, nevertheless he continued on ignoring the King “If it means coexisting with humans then so be it, although the more you talk the less I want anything to o with you or your people” he finished belligerently.

“Out now!” Solon roared “I made it clear to all of you before we arrived, why we were attending and you have ignored every single word. In fact all of you can wait outside!” he trailed on seemingly having lost his temper with the whole ordeal.

“My King-” Halda attempted to protest but was swiftly cut off as Solon went on.

Despite his voice lowering and his tone becoming a little less violent, Solon’s words still carried into the ears of the Captain of the guards “You too, Halda. I want no more distractions” seeing the others leave he quietly added “I would also be sure to discuss things with Dalamis before you make your final decision on leaving”

The Fae in question, shoved back his chair sending it clattering to the ground before he stormed out past the rest of them.

Halda followed the orders he was given as usual, although this time he didn’t know what emotion fit the moment best, there was no clear indication of what or how he was supposed to feel, all he could do was go with it.

One thing he did know for sure was that the King had overstepped, bringing his personal life into it was too far.

As much as he saw the King as family, there was no need for him to voice his private matters to everyone, he supposed even families didn’t see eye to eye in every aspect, but it didn’t excuse his behaviour.

With Dalamis in his sights he headed towards him, each step he took seemed to inexplicably make Dalamis do something.

One step, Dalamis sent one of the guards, posted at the door to the balcony, to the ground.

Another step, Dalamis exited through the door to which the other guard opened for him probably to avoid ending up like his colleague.

Halda picked up his pace until he was stepping out into the open and approaching Dalamis.

“What happened in there?”

“Just drop it” Dalamis muttered.

Turning Dalamis around and cornering him between himself and the railings, Halda’s impatience shined through.

“Stop lying, you have been off all day”

“Let me go,” he said flatly.

“Not until you talk”

“I am not someone you can interrogate” Dalamis stated

“I want to know what is going on”

Creating a little more space between them, allowed Dalamis to turn and face out to the human city, his arms resting on the metal railings.

Halda was copying his stance beside him and with a deep sigh, he took a hold of Dalamis’ hand, his fingers pursuing the creases along his palm.

“Are you wearing the necklace?” Halda asked almost innocently.

One-handedly, Dalamis undid the top button of his shirt, letting the pendant swing free over the drop below.

The emerald caught the sun’s blaring reflections of the silver and glass skyscrapers around them, a technological version of Evangelis with its mountain tops and hidden views.

“I would not give it to just anyone. After my mother passed, it has never been in the hands of another, until that is, I gave it to you.”

“I know,” he said.

“I do not think you do, Dalamis. I am trusting you with the most important thing I own. Why is it so hard to trust me?”

“I do trust you, it’s not trust that is the issue, it’s the fact that I’m scared.”

“What is it that you are afraid of?” he asked sincerely “If it is something I can help with, then please do tell me”

“I’m scared of this. Everything that is happening between us”

“Do you regret anything? Do you feel as though we are moving too quickly?” he said holding Dalamis’ hand tighter.

“No, I don’t regret anything” he blurted out “I just do not know how it’s supposed to work” he went hushed for a moment, the air passing between them feeling strange and compassionate “I spoke to Mayfel, for a moment everything seemed to make sense. But now that it’s come to actually talking about it, I don’t know what to say”

Linking their fingers together, Halda answered him, the silent questions and indirect cries for help, he answered them all.

“I will listen for as long as it takes to explain, we have a few hours before Solon is done with the meeting but fear not, time is not of importance. So tell me amica mea, what is on your mind?”

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