Throne Of Fantasy

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Aerin, princess of the Sun Elves, was born with extraordinary powers that she couldn't explain or control. A shocking revelation caused her to enlist the help of talented Frostfire princess Asmarin and charming Moon prince Lidan as she set out on a quest to master her powers and prove herself. However, betrayal and enmity soon set in. Demons have always been tagged as evil and unpredictable creatures unworthy of living on the surface amongst other creatures of the Isles ever since a rogue demon king wrecked havoc on the world in his thirst for power. Tunrida, current demon queen, is fighting so hard to change that. However, an old enemy of the throne appears, dead set on ruining everything. Will she succeed or will Tunrida make her beg for mercy at her feet?

Fantasy / Action
Lola Alan
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Chapter One

Tunrida, the all powerful queen of the Abyssal Demons, looked around the large throne room, seething as she made her way towards the elegant steel throne situated at the far end of the room.
None of the demons present dared to raise their heads to meet her gaze for fear of having their heads smashed against the walls.
She was flanked by two of her best demons. Her bodyguard; Thamuz, who always kept his hand on the handle of his massive axe, ready to engage any possible threat to his queen. And of course, her right hand whom she trusted so much with everything, Sammael.
He was gifted with the finest double-edged sword in the entire Abyss for his act of heroism after saving Tunrida from nearly being stabbed in the heart by a traitor.
Tunrida sat expectantly on her throne while Sammael and Thamuz took their places at either sides of her, both at alert.
"You don't have to be present at this meeting if you do not wish to, My Lady." Sammael said, sensing the emotion of his queen.
"Everything is fine, Sammael." She replied.
"Would you be seething so much if everything was truly fine?" Tunrida let out a sigh of defeat.
"I believe I should know better than to lie to an Empath I helped make. Very well then, you're right as always. Astaroth betrayed me, betrayed the Abyss. I trusted her as my right hand, as my Second and she had the nerve to stab me in the back. After all I've done for her."
"I could've warned you that you were dealing with a snake, but nothing else mattered to you except your own judgement. You allowed her false loyalty blind you and you almost paid dearly for it with your life and your immortal soul."
"I know. If it hadn't been for you and...." Tunrida couldn't bring herself to finish the sentence as she didn't want to think back to what happened that faithful night.
She traced a shaky finger along a gnarly scar on her chest. Half of it was concealed by what looked more like a beautifully adorned suit of armor than a royal attire.
"Let that scar teach you that not all demons can be trusted." Thamuz added, his gaze fixed upon the double doors of the room as if something might pop out from them and attack at any moment.
"Honestly, I thought she'd learn her lesson and never show her treacherous face here ever again, but I guess I was wrong." Tunrida said, tightening her grip on the edge of the throne so hard it crumpled.
"She must've felt so confident that this is one offer you cannot refuse."
"My Lady," Sammael began "Remember who you're dealing with. You cannot afford to play into her dirty hands. She's obviously trying to use you to accomplish whatever selfish plan she's hatching. She will betray you a second time. Watch your back. Thamuz and I will be available should you need any help whatsoever."
"Don't worry. Now that I know the kind of snake I'm dealing with, I'll be extra careful. Fooling me twice is a shame on me. I'll let you both know when I need you to tag along."
Sammael and Thamuz gazed at each other intently and both men nodded in mutual understanding before returning their gaze to the crowd. Tunrida sighed wearily.
"It's so typical of my dear brother to be late to a meeting. He's never going to change."
"If I know Abaddon, he's probably off somewhere flirting with the ladies." Sammael remarked.
"You're both friends, you have more charm than he could ever gather and yet, I don't see you behaving so irresponsibly."
"He's merely living the dream of a noble," Thamuz replied "It's not everyday you see someone who's related to the queen. I, too, wish to live such life. But alas, fate had other plans for me."
"Minus the charm that you're missing, Thamuz, you're definitely not noble material." Sammael said, flashing him a mocking smile.
"Nonsense. I know better than to listen to the discouraging words of a royal pet."
"Better to be a royal pet than a royal guard dog." Sammael smirked at his brilliant comeback. Thamuz was about to throw back a reply when Tunrida chuckled. Thamuz shook his head in disbelief.
"I'm glad I was able to bring a smile on your once angry and frowny face at the expense of my precious dignity, My Lady. Alas, I am hurt that you couldn't come to the rescue of your most loyal bodyguard." Thamuz wiped away an imaginary tear.
"You should know that as a royal pet, I favor Sammael most. Not that you're not duly loved as well, but the royal pet takes the cake."
Sammael chuckled silently in mockery.
"I've been ganged up on by my friend and my queen. Oh, the betrayal I am left to suffer."
"Drama queen." Sammael remarked quietly.
"But, no matter. I know I'm noble material. I have the strength, I'm loyal, I most certainly have the charm and everything. Name it."
"You have a lot to learn, my friend. But, for now, I'll let you dream."
Tunrida laughed as Sammael and Thamuz glared thunders at each other. The double doors were thrown open and the queen's laugh turned into a hateful scowl as Astaroth strode into the room. The two men stopped bickering at each other and regained their composure. The throne room equally went dead silent.
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