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In which a king. A arrogant, possessive, werewolf king meets his mate. She wasn’t what he expected. He had lived one hundred and thirty-six years and never had he seen such beauty like hers. She was perfect... and whether she liked it or not she belonged to the king. ——— “It’s amazing, not kidding please write more” - @polysubstitutedbenze (wattpad) “I’m loving this book! Keep up the great work!” - @Tyjopop159753 (wattpad)

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter One ~ Chaos

The sounds of blood curdling screams awaken me from my deep slumber. Sitting up right in bed I look around noticing nothing out of the ordinary. I quickly get up, throwing the blankets off me and look out the window seeing flames erupt from nearby homes. My nose finally comes to its senses as the smell of burning wood causes me to cringe.

I look down at my tattered dress. I was only asleep for a little while. What is going on?

Suddenly the door busts open. I quickly scurry to the closest corner of the room, trying to make myself as little as possible. Smoke wafts into my house causing me to let out a cough.

"Tatum! It's me!" Someone says, I sigh in relief upon hearing the familiar voice.

I come out of hiding and am met with the familiar face of my best friend.

"Rose... What's going on?" I whimper and stand up, slowly walking over to her.

"They're here," she says to me, I feel a shiver run down my spine.

"What do you mean they're here?!" I ask her, trying to tune out the screaming outside.

"They're here and they are wiping us out!" She says frantically.

"We have to go. Now," she says. I nod my head viciously and grab her hand. She leads us through the massacre. I close my eyes and try to ignore the bloody sight in front of me. The people I once called my friends and family now scattered across the small field, dead.

I let out a cry as I watch the battles around us, somehow the monsters failing to realise we were close to escape. I glance over at the familiar barn and see the building ablaze, the doors wide open as animals escape, running for their lives.

Lola, where's Lola!?

"Rose!" I tell to her, trying to make myself louder than the screams and cries coming from the people of our village.

"Tatum, now is not the time!" She yells back to me, I pull my hand out of hers and stop running.

"Rose! I have to save Lola!" I tell her, tears streaming down my face.

"We can't, Tatum. It's life or death!" She says to me, desperation rolling off her fragile state in waves.

"She saved me, and now it's my turn to save her!"I yell to Rose before taking off into a sprint.

"Run Rose, we will find you!" I yell to her as I sprint to the barn. I look back and see her take off into the woods. Stay safe Rose.

I brace myself before I run into the burning building. I run straight to her stall and see her panicking. I open her stall and calm her down despite the building crumbling around us.

"It's ok, Lola," I say to her.

"It's me," I say with tears in my eyes, she finally starts to calm down knowing it me. I pat her mane before quickly saddling her up. I hop onto her and grip onto her reigns.

I make a clicking noise, not having to tell her twice she bursts through her stall door and runs out of the barn. I hold on as she runs, dodging the people fighting. I smile as we pass all the fights in one piece, we head towards the woods at full speed.

Suddenly a blur of black fur stops in front of us. My eyes widen in fear at the sight of a wolf. But it wasn't any wolf. The king. It had to be. The power radiating off him was way too intimidating for him to be any other wolf. I take a quick glance into his eyes, I seem to be in a trance as my eyes are met with a black swirling storm within his.

Lola suddenly cries out, and stands on her back two legs taking me by surprise, I let go of the reigns and fall back.

I land on my head and suddenly everything goes black.
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