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Chapter Ten ~ Stupid Question


"Do I have to be here? I'm bored," I groan, looking at Odysseus, awaiting his answer.

"Yes, that's a stupid question," he says looking at me sternly, returning his attention back to the papers that littered his desk.

My heart sinks. How was that a stupid question?

"It's a stupid question because did you see what happened when I left you in the care of another?" He asks, I look at him in shock. How did he manage to know what I was thinking?

"I can read your thoughts, remember?"
"I can also talk to you like this," he says in head. My head starts to pound as he talks to me. The voice gets louder and louder as it echos in my brain.

"Ouch! Stop!" I yell causing the voices to fade as tears fill my eyes.

"What wrong?" He asks me, concern filling his eyes.

"It hurts," I say, holding my head, waiting for the ache to dull as I blink away my tears.

"Do you want to me to take you to the pack doctor?" He asks me, sitting on the edge of his seat as he patiently waits for my answer.

"No!" I quickly reply, I was not going back there to get more things shoved in my arm.
"I'm fine," I quickly add on, trying to vaguely justify why I don't need to go.

"Are you sure?" He asks, raising his eyebrows in concern.

"I'm fine! How long do you need to be doing this for?" I ask him, referring to the papers on his desk.

"Well I'm almost finished for the day," he says straightening the papers.

"Ok hurry up please," I beg him. His eyes flash gold for a mere second but he stays silent, not liking my un-submissive behaviour.

He didn't like me giving him directions. He liked being in charge. It was easy to see that. He was a primal beast.

"Done," he says as he tidies up all of the paperwork.

"I'm starving," I say to him, a blush rising on my face as my stomach growls, demanding to be heard.

"I know baby, it's dinner time," he says to me, a shiver makes it way down my spine at the nickname. I shouldn't be reacting like this but I couldn't help it.

"Tonight I will introduce you to the pack as my Luna and tomorrow we shall have the ceremony," he says to me causing my throat to go dry.

"Aren't you meant to fully mate after the ceremony?" I ask him with a squeaky voice, there's no way in hell I was mating this bastard. He should be grateful he got to mark me, un-consensually might I add.

"Yes my love, why is that?" He asks me as he stands up, his huge form towering over mine, causing my heart to race. He was intimidating, especially when he had a beast awaiting silently in the back of his mind, waiting to strike every time I were to step out of line.

"I don't want to mate you just yet," I say to him, butterflies erupting in my stomach. I would not and will not give myself to this beast if it's the last thing I do.

"We will discuss this matter later, Tatum," he says becoming rigid, gripping the edge of his desk to try and contain his anger.

"Ok," I say with a shaky voice. Trying to control my fear as well as my laboured breathing.

"As of right now we have dinner to get through, let me know if you get overwhelmed," he says to me holding out his hand. I hesitate causing his eyes to flicker with gold.

I quickly take his hand, not wanting to irritate him or set him off further than I already have.

He walks me up to our chambers, I keep my eyes on the ground trying to calm my pounding heart.

"I thought we were going to dinner," I say to him, confused as to why he would lie.

"We are but first we need to change into something a little more presentable," he says with a smile, oh. Right.

He holds his arm out for me, gesturing for me to go first, I walk in quickly, scared he was going to touch me. I look up and notice a beautiful emerald green dress sitting on the bed.

"Is that for me?" I ask not taking my eyes off it.

"Who else?" He jokes causing my heart to ease slightly, at least he wasn't mad.

"Thanks," I say in almost a whisper, not knowing if he could hear me or not.

I mean mates are supposed to care about each other, I'm sure he wanted me to set a good example in front of the Royal pack, after all these monsters are what I would be leading. He wants me to gain the packs respect. When in reality I didn't give two shits, it wasn't like I was going to spend the rest of my life here.

"What are you waiting for? Put it on," Odysseus says with a small smile. I take my dress and head to the bathroom. Before I know it Odysseus blocks my way, I look at him as gasp makes it's way up my throat.

"Get changed here, I'm going to see you naked one way or another," he says, his eyes glowing gold, daring me to defy him. He was trying to get me comfortable around him when in reality all it did was make me more nervous.

I shakily take a step back. I didn't want to make him mad, it seemed he was short tempered today to say the least.

"Ok," I say fearfully, trying my best to keep my voice steady. I walk over to the corner of the room and start undressing.

I take off Odysseus' clothes leaving me naked, the only thing he can see being my ass as I face the corner of the room, away from his view. I slip on the dress, too scared to ask for undergarments.

I make a move to zip the dress up but two warm hands rest on my forearms making me freeze in my place, I tense up upon feeling the sparks.

"Allow me," he says, his warm breath ticking the back of my neck. He pulls up the zipper slowly before pushing my hair to one side of my neck, putting my mark on display. He leans down and places a kiss on the tender flesh.

"You're mine," he says with a grumble.

A involuntary shiver runs down my spine at his possessive nature. It was sexy to say the least but I could never love him, accept him for who he really was... a monster.

"I have brought it upon myself to call the maids to do your hair and make up, I assure you they will be quick, if they annoy you or give you any trouble, let me know," he says before fastening his tie and walking out. A second later two maids appear, I give them a smile and thank them for coming.

After half an hour the maids announce that they have finished.

"You may open your eyes now, Luna," one of the maids say gently, trying not to startle me.

I open my eyes and immediately fall in love with the way I look. I looked spectacular. My hair was in a pony tail and pushed to the side so my mark was revealed. Already knowing Odysseus had requested my mark to be on display.

I look at my fierce make up, I loved my Smokey eye and my neutral lip. It suited me.

"Thank you so much girls," I say to them with a smile they return the smile and head out the door after gathering their things.

A moment later Onyx walks in.

"...Hey girl," she says with a smile, looking like a princess.

"Hey," I said back and turn around to face her from the mirror.

"I heard about what happened," she said to me, her eyes glancing at my nasty mark. I could see pity etched on her face.

"Don't worry about it, what's done is done," I say to her, trying to sound convincing myself.

"He can be a real meathead sometimes," she jokes taking a seat on the bed.

"That I know," I know I reply with a small smile, that was an understatement.

"I'm sorry that, that had happened Tatum, if there's anything I could have done or could do," she says before I cut her off.

"It's alright. It's fate isn't it?" I laugh turning back to the mirror, using the words Odysseus had said to me once before. I couldn't help but torment myself with his words. I guess he was right.

"I don't know why I was picked to be his mate but it was for a reason. And no matter how hard I try to get away, the closer I become. The sooner I learn there's no escape from the beast, the better," I say adjusting my hair. Silently accepting my fate.

"Tatum, if there is anything I can do to help," she says to me sadly, a frown rested on her lips.

"I'm alright Onyx. Seriously. I know if I tried to escape, even if I were do to it successfully which I wouldn't. How would I get rid of his mark? I couldn't." I say trying not to give myself any false hope.

"It's impossible," I say giving myself another once over in the mirror.
"Are you ready? Because I'm starving," I say before walking past her out the door.
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