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Chapter Eleven ~ Queen


"Should I be nervous?" I ask Onyx as we near the dining room doors, my heart pounding and my hands sweating.

"You definitely should not be, you have nothing to worry about," Onyx assured me as we reached the doors. The guards open them for us and I keep my head up high. I was happy to be barefoot. Who would have known what a fool I would have made of myself if I were wearing high heels.

Luckily for me Odysseus didn't leave any out for me. Odysseus stands up at the sight of me and gives me a bright smile as he greedily takes in my appearance, his eyes flicking to my neck that bares his mark.

Odysseus grabs my hand as Onyx finds her spot. He leads me up to the head of the table, the whole walk I keep my eyes on Odysseus' back, trying to keep my composure.

We reach the spot and I stand slightly behind him, Odysseus seems to favour this.

"My wolves! It has been a long time coming but I have finally found my mate!" Odysseus' voice booms through the dining hall. Claps and cheers echo off the walls as they congratulate their Alpha King. My heart thumps loudly in my chest, I was sure everyone could hear it.

"So I would like to introduce to you, Queen Tatum!" Odysseus' voice echos, his echos being swallowed by cheers, he hold my hand up in the air and steps next to me so we are seen as equals. Everybody howls causing me to jump back behind Odysseus.

He grabs me and howls, causing me to shiver in fear and shy away from him. Reminding me of the monster he was.

Once the howling stops Odysseus shows me to my chair, acting like a gentleman. He tucks me in before retiring to his seat. Everybody watches in anticipation as Odysseus piles my plate with food before doing the same to his. Odysseus stabs a piece of salmon with his fork before bringing it to my lips.

The onlookers watch wide eyed as their Alpha King takes care of his female. I take the salmon not wanting to start a scene. Everyone suddenly starts digging into the food piling it on their plates, like true animals.

I pick up my fork and stab a piece of salmon before eating it. I grab the little sauce tub and tip some onto my fish. I feel Odysseus' eyes on me and turn to face him.

I watch as he grabs the same tub and tips it onto his fish before eating it. His eyes meet mine and he smirks, I quickly shut my mouth not realising it was slightly ajar beforehand.

I look down and finish what I can on my plate, I patiently wait for Odysseus' plate to be empty. Everyone seems to finish as Odysseus takes his last bite. I guess these wolves were hungry.

Odysseus grabs his napkin and wipes the corners of his mouth before standing and coming over to get me. I take his hand before standing up.

"Alright everybody, thank you for joining us this evening. As most of you know we are holding the offical crowning ceremony tomorrow. You may indulge in conversation with your Luna Queen tomorrow evening, I bid you all a good night," Odysseus says proudly, speaking like a true King.

Goodnights chorus amongst the wolves as Odysseus pulls me to our room. I hope he isn't mad at me for something. I think I did ok tonight.

We reach our chambers and Odysseus closes the door behind us. He pulls of his tie and takes off his jacket before flopping onto the bed. I stand awkwardly in the middle of the room as I take in his weird behaviour.

"You know what?" He ask before sitting up into a sitting position, looking right at me.

"What?" I ask him nervously.

"I couldn't have asked for a better mate, I love you," he says looking me dead in the eyes. He didn't even need to say it, I could see it in his eyes. The beast was in love with me. If there was a way to get out before, there surely wasn't now.

"Uh," I say, trying to come up with something to say, my heart pounding in my chest at an abnormal rate.

"It's ok," he says before laying back down. I feel a twinge in my heart, I could feel his pain.

"I don't expect you to love me... yet," he says with a sigh, looking up into my eyes.
"Come here," he says before sitting up again and taking off his shirt. I hesitate, looking out for his next sudden move.

"I said, come here." He says, eyes turning gold. I comply and stand between his knees that are off the end of the bed.

"Turn around," he says. I comply. I feel him start to unzip my dress. I quickly run back around with a gasp, what did this bastard think he was doing?

"What are you doing?!" I frantically ask. Waiting for a reasonable explanation.

"Undressing you?" He asks as more of a question.

"Why?! You're not undressing me!" I practically yell at him.

"I'm getting you ready for bed," he says sternly.
"Now let me," he seethes. I turn around with a huff. I don't want to face the consequences so if it means getting butt naked for a minute so be it.

He unzips me and I let the dress fall to the floor I move my hair so it covers my boobs from his prying eyes. Suddenly I feel warm large hands on my arse causing me to gasp.

I turn around covering my woman hood.

"Don't touch me," I seethe at him causing him to laugh.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. You're perfect," he purrs at me, butterflies erupt in my stomach at his choice of words. He really thought so?

"Can I have some clothes?" I ask him awkwardly, shaking my thoughts from my head.

"Yes..." he says causing me to smile a tiny bit.

"But first, I want to see you naked. No hair or hands in the way." He says with a straight face, I look into his eyes, he was being dead serious.

"Or what?" I challenge, narrowing my eyes at him.

"Or you sleep naked next to me, which I wouldn't mind," he starts to say with a smirk before I cut him off.

"Fine but only for a second. There's no way I'm sleeping naked next to you," I say more to myself than him. Knowing he would force me to sleep naked. Only the "Moon Goddess" would know what intentions he has.

I push my hair away with my hands and do a full three-sixty.

"There," I say before covering myself up, feeling self conscious.

"You're so beautiful and sexy," Odysseus says causing me to blush, my heart rate accelerating at his choice of words.

"Clothes please," I say with a small smile, my cheeks burning a bright red.

Odysseus gets up with a small groan. He pouts like a little child causing me to smile and he drags his feet to the wall-in-wardrobe. He turns on the light and I see a side full of women's clothes.

"How long have these been here?" I ask, still covering my body.

"They were brought today, as well as your dress. Pyjamas are in here," he says pulling out a draw. I grab out a pair of blue and white silk pyjamas. I quickly get some undergarments.

"Move," I yell at Odysseus and run past him into the bathroom. I quickly lock it behind me and smile knowing he's not going to like that I went in here to get changed. At least I had an excuse, I was having a shower. I sit my clothes on the bench and hop in the shower.

I was off all my makeup and wash my body and hair. I come out feeling fresh, I dry myself using the towel before getting changed into my new clothes. They were my exact size, I wonder how he knew.

I smile at my reflection before noticing writing on my pyjamas, I look down and see 'Tatum' that's so sweet, they say my name. They're perfect.

I come out of the bathroom to see Odysseus sitting on the bed, looking as handsome as ever.

"Wow," he says, his eyes taking in my appearance.

I blush in response.

"Go for a shower, wolfy," I say to him cheekily, giving him a small smile. For a second I thought he was going to chew my arse but instead he just chuckles and makes his way into the bathroom.

I get all snuggly in bed before turning off my bedside table light and curling over to face the wardrobe.

I close my eyes and listen to the steady water flow coming from the bathroom. The rhythmic sound putting me to softly to sleep.
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