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Chapter Twelve ~ It’s Coronation Day


I hum is distaste as I feel myself being shaken awake.

"Go away," I groan in annoyance.

"Get up! It's coronation day!" Sings a familiar voice.

"Onyx, get out," I sigh, it was too early for this.

"I can't it's in an hour! Odysseus said to be ready!" She says sounding frantic.

"WHAT?!" I practically scream. An hour?! I only have an hour?

I quickly sit up giving myself a dizzy spell. That wasn't smart.

"Yes I need to get you ready bestie!" She says in panic whilst pulling the sheets off me. She's lucky I wasn't naked.

"What time is it?" I ask flicking the blanket off my feet before standing up.

"It's eleven. It starts at twelve," she says grabbing out a long white dress.

"Woah am I getting married today?" I ask her joking as I gesture to the elegant dress.

"Yes, it's a part of it," she says in all seriousness, I wait a good minute for her laugh and tell me she's joking... but she doesn't.
"And you're lucky we're werewolves otherwise you'd be wearing shoes for this," she says while running around like a headless chook, trying to get her shit together.

"Help me!" I practically yell at her.
"What do I do first?" I ask her, panic setting in as she panics.

"Come on! We'll do your makeup first!" She says, dragging me over to the vanity.

"Where are the maids? Aren't they meant to be helping?" I ask her confused. I mean I don't expect someone to wait on me hand and foot but they did it last time, so now I'm confused.

"I told Odysseus I could handle it!" She says as I sit down at the makeup mirror. She quickly applies my makeup flawlessly within fifteen minutes. A new record I reckon.

I look at myself in the mirror as she does my hair, enhancing my natural waves. I looked stunning. Usually I would be so self-conscious but I rocked the natural look. Onyx leaves my hair down but uses two pieces to tie the front parts of my hair together at the back, leaving a few nice strands to frame my face. She pulls my hair behind my shoulders so my mark is exposed.

"Ok now the dress!" She exclaims frantically, practically pulling me out of the chair.

I slip on the beautiful long dress and admire it in the mirror from across the room. I thought that one day when I got married I would have been able to pick my own dress, but regardless I feel like this is exactly what I would have chose to begin with.

The only difference is I'm not marrying the love of my life. It must be easy for him.

Onyx puts on my earrings and diamond sash around my waist like a belt, finishing the look off with a long veil. She sits it so it's already in place so Odysseus doesn't have to move it.

I felt proud to say I thought I looked like a queen, I felt like a queen and I'm not ashamed to say that I thought I looked beautiful.

"You are a stunning bride," Onyx says causing me to smile.

"Thank you," I say to her, a blush arising on my cheeks at her compliment.

"Now let's go before I ruin my make up or Odysseus beats my arse," she jokes and gestures for me to follow her.

"Ok," I say picking up the front of my dress. We walk through the empty hallways, my thoughts were racing a million miles per hour.

Onyx opens the back door of the castle to the courtyard. The music starts to play as Onyx takes my arm and walks me down the unnecessarily long isle.

What the fuck, everything is happening so fast. Is it too late to be a runaway bride?

I hear a small growl come up from the podium.

Shit. I forgot he could hear my thoughts.

Fuck. I'm getting married. Jesus Tatum, think of what you say, your thoughts are no longer safe—

Before I know it the music stops and I'm standing across from Odysseus. He grabs my sweaty, nervous hands and gently massages them, trying to calm my nerves.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman, my name is Lucid Baker and I am here on behalf of the moon goddess to bind these two souls together as one in marriage." Lucid the wedding guy says.

My thoughts drown out as I look at Odysseus, he looked the most handsome I had ever seen him. I couldn't take my eyes off him. His hair looked so fluffy, I wonder what it would feel like if I were to touch it?

"Do you Alpha King Odysseus Carlisle Viotto, take this human, the one you love, cherish and the one who will bear your pups, to be your lawfully wedded wife and Queen?" Lucid asks Odysseus, I look into his eyes as he stares into mine.

"I do," he says without hesitation.

"And do you Tatum Anne Barlowe, take this Alpha King wolf, the one you will love, cherish and the one that you will one day bear pups for, do you accept full responsibility as a Queen and mate to take care of your pack, and accept this man to be your lawfully wedded husband and King?" Lucid asks me, turning everyone's attention onto me.

I hesitate causing Odysseus to tighten his hold on my hands, I since and cringe away from him.

"Say it. Say it now," Odysseus voice echos through my head causing me pain.

"I do," I say quickly causing Odysseus' voice to stop flooding brain. He smiles at me and stares at me with love and adoration. I cast my eyes downwards, not wanting to look at him for forcing me into this marriage and mate bond.

"Now time for the rings," Lucid says as the ring boy brings them to us.

I watch as Odysseus takes my wedding band and slips it onto my ring finger. I hesitantly grab mine and slip it onto his ring finger as well, my hands shake as I do so, I look up into his loving brown eyes.

"Ok I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride," Lucid says causing everyone to cheer and clap.

Before I realise what's happening Odysseus wastes no time and grabs my body pulling me flush against him as he captures my lips with his. I push against his chest and moan in protest as he deepens the kiss.

My first kiss and it was ruined. How could I have forgotten about the kiss?

He finally lets me go to breathe and I push against his chest, trying to give myself some space.

"Now Luna, we must crown you," Lucid says before stepping away. I blink a few times thinking over his words. What?

A young boy wearing suit comes up with a gold sword on a red velvet cushion. I guess life doesn't get fancier than this folks.

"Kneel before me, Luna Tatum," Odysseus says as the cheers die down. I kneel down on one knee before looking up at Odysseus with the sword in his hand. He places the sword on each of my shoulders and speaks to me.

"I now deem thee, Tatum Anne Barlowe, Luna Queen of Easkerton Castle, rise my queen!" Odysseus says offering me a hand. I take it and stand back up, looking out into the crowd.

I watch as Odysseus places the sword back on the pillow and grasps the crown. Onyx takes out my veil for me.

"Thank you," I whisper to her, she smiles in response, not wanting to disturb the ceremony. Odysseus brings the crown over to me and I bend down slightly. I stand back up as he places the crown on my head.

"I now present to you, YOUR QUEEN!" Odysseus voice booms. His voice causing nearby wildlife to scatter and my heart to pound.

This was my life now. I was a queen. Not just any queen, the Queen of Werewolves.
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