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Chapter Fourteen ~ A Night To Remember


"Next time I would appreciate it if you asked me for my daughters hand in marriage," my father jokes and puts his arm around my shoulders lovingly.

"She's you daughter, Alpha Barlowe?" Odysseus asks perplexed. He wasn't expecting this and never was I. I just find it hard to believe he couldn't put two and two together, although everyone had thought I had passed away.

"Yes, in fact. Thank you for inviting me to this special day, also you can call me Vincent," my father says, acting fatherly, anyone could tell he was more than happy to take the role on.

"...So does this mean?" Odysseus asked completely flabbergasted as he looks between the two of us. What the fuck was he referring too?

"No, my daughter is not a werewolf," he says, putting my mind at ease, thank god. I didn't want to be one of those monsters.

"Are you?!" I ask quickly looking him up and down, stepping out of his embrace.

"Yes, I-I... your mother was a human, she was my mate, my Luna. You took after her genes. I guess whoever took you had another life for you in store. It's always fun playing god. Fuckers," my father growls thinking about the people that took his wife and baby away.

"They were hunters too, humans, from a filthy village. They relocated and I couldn't track their scent looked everywhere for those bastards," my father growls.

It made my mind fuzzy just thinking about it. My father is a werewolf. So that must mean I had werewolf blood running through my veins, it had too. Now... I wasn't sure what to think.

"Tatum was from a village. They were hunters. It couldn't be a coincidence. I think they took Tatum from you and killed her mother because she was torn between sides, wanting to be devoted to her mate but also wanting to keep her pup safe. But I promise you I won't ever let your daughter in harms way, I will protect her with my life," Odysseus swears kneeling before my father.

"Get up son. I believe you, thank you for looking out for her. Speaking of tell me where those bastards are located. I'll kill them all," my father growls, his eyes black. His wolf was angry and none of us could blame him, his mate was taken from him without a second thought.

"No need, Vincent." Odysseus says to my father, trying to calm down the situation.

"What on earth do you mean, no need?" My father seethes, clearly disturbed by Odysseus' words.

"They're gone, father," I butt in, eager to defuse the situation.
"They're dead," I say to put his mind at ease, he visibly relaxes at my comforting words, which turned out to be more disturbing for me.

"When Odysseus found me he was raiding my village. It's burned to the ground. He destroyed the village because they killed a royal wolf, they were probably planning all of these years to take down all of these packs." I say, and all the pieces start falling together. I don't dare to mention Rose, knowing she had more than likely escaped.

"Would you like to join us for dinner tonight? I know you said you have to be on your way but maybe you can make an exception just for tonight? And tomorrow I can show you what's left of the village. Maybe it'll give you some closure," Odysseus says to my father, wanting him to be able to spend some time with me, I smile at his gesture, even though the thought of my torched village will forever be embedded in my head I appreciated the gesture... nevertheless.

"That would be amazing, thank you," my father says. Earning a smile from me, glad he's here so I can spend more time with him and ask him questions. Though it pains me to see him leave so soon.

"Will you come and visit me?" I blurt out, embarrassed as my cheeks turn red.

"Of course I will, I just found you, I'm not going to loose you again!" He says to me with a smile, his tears long gone.

"Alright, So I've mind linked Onyx so she can help you get ready for dinner later. You two can have some girl time before hand. And please Vincent why don't we go inside so I can answer any questions you have," Odysseus says, being a gentleman.

"Certainly King Odysseus, why don't you head inside Tatum," my father says to me. I nod my head viciously before heading inside.

"Please Vincent, just call me Odysseus," I hear my mate say before their voices fade away into the distance. Perks of being a human I guess, your senses are terrible compared to everybody else's.

I finally reach my room and open it to reveal Onyx and two other girls.

"Hello?" I say stunned, what was happening?

"Oh hey!" Says Onyx as she greets me with a smile.

"These are my two besties, Jocelyn and Marie, Jocelyn and Marie this is my other best friend and your queen, Tatum!" Onyx says introducing us holding her arms out and giving me some jazz hands. I hold in a laugh at her craziness.

"Hi!" I say to them entering my room and closing the door behind me. They greet me back cheerfully as I head to the closet.

"Not to sound mean or anything, but what happened?" Onyx calls out from the other room, probably confused about my tears and ripped, dirty wedding dress.

"Oh ah, I met my father and I had a breakdown, that's actually how I met my father, he followed me into the woods and we reconnected," I say from the closet, looking for the perfect outfit for tonight.

"Did you just say you met your father?! Tatum! That's amazing!" Onyx says appearing in the door way.

"Yeah it is. You will meet him tonight, he'll be joining us for dinner." I say with a smile, happy to be blessed with my fathers presence.

"Can you help me find a dress?" I quickly ask after. Jocelyn and Marie come barging in almost knocking Onyx over.

"Yes we can help you!" Marie says, Marie was gorgeous she had black hair and brown eyes and a beautiful light complexion matching mine.

"This suits you so well, you're wearing this!" Says Jocelyn. She was breathtaking, she had the darkest skin I had ever seen and an Afro that was so bouncy. She was definitely one of the Moon Goddesses favourites.

"Thanks Jocelyn!" I say taking the long sparkly purple dress from her. It had a sweet heart neckline and spaghetti straps it was breathtaking. It had a small train making it so much more beautiful.

"I think I'm in love," I joke with a laugh as I run my hands down the sparkly fabric.

"I definitely am!" Onyx says, looking at the detailing.

"Alright! Go have a shower and put it on I need to see. When you come out we will do your hair and makeup and your nails everything, you can leave your jewellery on to!" Onyx says getting overly excited.

"Alright I'll try and be quick," I say walking into the bathroom.

"Do you need help getting out of that dress?" Jocelyn asks me... I didn't think about that.

"I do actually, can someone help me?" I ask and open up the door. Jocelyn comes up and undoes it for me causing me to let out a relieved sigh.

"Thank you!" I yell as I close the door behind me. I slip out of the dress and take my crown off sitting it on the bench. I was surprised it hadn't fallen off. This crown was a trooper.

I put on a shower cap and have a shower I wash my face and end up taking five minutes.

That was easy. I take my shower cap off and luckily my hair still looked like it was in decent waves.

I get changed into the dress and gasp. It sparkled blue and pink in different lights. It was stunning. I manage to zip it up myself and I step out of the bathroom earning gasps from all of the girls.

"You." Says Onyx, looking at me with wide eyes.

"Look." Says Jocelyn with her mouth gaping open.

"Breathtaking!" Says Marie earning a squeal from all three of the girls causing me to smile. It was nice having so many people build me up. I was glad they liked me.

"Thank you." I say to all of them, they truely didn't know how much their compliments meant to me.

"Now whose ready to get their nails done?!" I yell in excitement.

All the girls scream, ready for pampering.


"Alright everything is done!" Marie says with so much enthusiasm I thought she was going to explode.

"Can I look now?" I ask, wanting to open my eyes.

"YES!" Onyx screams at me before covering her mouth.

"Sorry, so loud I know," she excuses herself, at least someone in the family could acknowledge when they were in the wrong.

I open my eyes and smile at the way I look, I rocked a Smokey eyes and an ombré look, I had purple and silver butterfly nails and my hair was in a fancy side bun. I looked like a million bucks.

"Thank you guys so much!" I say almost about to cry.

"Don't cry!" Marie scolds me. They all give me a hug.

"I wish you guys could come to dinner," I pout, wanting all of my besties to be there.

"I know, but it's only for Alpha's and their mates, and me!" Onyx says happily.

"She means it's a tight gathering, she didn't mean to sound self centred," I blurt trying not to laugh as I excuse her behaviour.

"Yeah sorry, what she said," Onyx says, placing her hair behind her ear nervously.

"Onyx if you think we are easily offended by what you say you better think again girl, we've known you our entire lives," Jocelyn says as they both laugh.

"What's the time?" I ask with a smile.

"It's eight, are you guys meant be going now now?" Marie says looking at us wide eyed.

"Girl we were meant to be there by now," Onyx tells her before looking at me with the same expression as Marie.

"What? We gotta go!" I yell, quickly getting out the chair and running to the door.

"Go! We'll pack up!" Jocelyn yells at us.

"Let's go!" Onyx yells at me. I pick up my dress and run out down the stairs. Onyx hot on my heels.

"Wait! What about the crown?" I ask her, stopping to talk.

"It's alright! I'll mind link Asher to come and collect it, we need to go!" She says grabbing my hand and running with me to the dining room.

We reach the kitchen about fifteen minutes later.

"This castle is too huge," I pant as we walk the rest of the way to the dining room.

"I know," Onyx says panting as well.

"Why are you panting? Aren't you the werewolf?" I ask, placing a hand on my heart to try and even out my breathing.

"Yeah... but I'm surely not a fit one," she laughs causing me to smile. I guess humans and werewolves were kind of the same.

"Where are we going?" I ask as we pass through the kitchen.

"To the dining room," she says looking back at me for a mere second.

"Oh, OH!" I say trying to contain my smile.
"That dining room!" I say with a condescending tone causing her to look at me like I was crazy.

"What do you mean this dining room?" Onyx asks as she opens the door for everyone to hear our conversation. I quickly shut my mouth and walk to my seat, remembering only a few days ago when I tried to escape. Now I'm married to the man. I play with the ring on my finger as I sit down, Odysseus stands up to tuck me in.

"Sorry were late," I say breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"It's alright, don't mention it," a girl from across the says. I smile at her causing her to do the same.

"Thank you," I say to her before looking at Odysseus.

"Alright guys so today we are gathered here to celebrate Tatum's and I, wedding, but we are also here to celebrate family coming together," he says causing my dad to nudge my shoulder, I smile fondly at him. It's nice to have some sort of closure and know that my father didn't just give me up. He fought for me and my mother, that wasn't something a monster would do.

I hadn't even asked my mother's name. Was kind of a daughter was I? I'd have to ask him later.

"To us," Odysseus says holding up a glass of champagne. I hold mine up in the air and my father does a double take as he looks at me.

"You can't be drinking this you silly goose, you're only eighteen," my father whispers to me leaning over causing me to smile.

"Father, I'm married now, and eighteen is the legal age for drinking, but if I'm being honest, this fancy stuff tastes like shit," I whisper causing him chuckle.

"To us!" Everybody choruses. We all clink glasses before taking a sip. Gross is all I have to say.

We all sit down in our seats before Odysseus talks again.

"So before we all eat I thought we could introduce ourselves because we didn't get to do so at the party, due to unforeseen circumstances," Odysseus says like a true gentleman, he was definitely fit to be a king, besides his possessive and dominant nature towards me.

"We'll go around the table. You know who I am. This is my beautiful wife and mate Tatum Anne Viotto," Odysseus says causing me to blush. He thinks I'm beautiful? And I didn't know I was changing my last name. He's probably said it before but I wasn't listening to him. Like a part of wolf culture or something.

"And I'm Onyx, I'm this big guys sister," Onyx says gesturing to my husband. Jeez it feels weird to say that. I don't think I'll ever get used to it. I didn't want to.

"Hi all, my name is Jack Vertez I'm alpha of Blue Horizon Pack in the Gold Coast Queensland. This is my lovely mate and wife Tia Vertez," Jack says, he was a tall dude, he had very tan skin, he was muscly but not over muscly, his wife Tia was stunning with blue eyes and brown hair with very sun kissed skin, just like her husband. They were from Queensland so it did explain it.

"Hey guys, my names Atlantis Giver and I'm Alpha of the Grey Tide Pack. My pack is located in Victoria. And I have yet to find my mate," he says with a sad smile. I give him a reassuring smile.

"Trust me Atlantis, I've been alive for one hundred and thirty-six years and I didn't think I was ever gonna find my mate," Odysseus says causing me to gasp. I didn't know he was ancient.

Odysseus' eyes quickly shoot to mine, I'm married to and old man. He's already outlived me. What happens when I die? I only live a short life!

"Thank you, Odysseus, that's encouraging words coming from you," Atlantis laughs and Odysseus growls jokingly. The whole table joins in laughing, apart from me, still baffled at his age.

I look at the door behind me that I escaped out of, maybe this time I could pull it off and escape from this old man. Odysseus catches me looking but I play it off.

"So my names Harley Dent, I'm Alpha of Star Gazer Pack located in Western Australia. This is my stunning mate Nadia," he finishes. He was a shorter Alpha. Not even short but like six foot. He's still taller than me. He had auburn hair like me and blue eyes, his mate on the other hand had dark skin, she had straightened black hair and brown eyes, she is stunning.

"Hi, names Martin Joel, I am Alpha of the Red Dust Pack. We are located in South Australia. And my mates name is Sienna, although she is absent as she is going through some stuff with her family. I would love for you guys to meet her one time," Martin says with a sad smile.

"I'd love to," I say, offering him a polite smile. He smiles back at me. Martin was a tall Alpha. He had kind brown eyes and was Korean. He was one of the tallest of the bunch. He had long shiny black hair that was plaited. He seemed to be favourite Alpha so far. You could tell he was kind based on how he talked about his mate.

"The names Christian Emerson, I'm Alpha of the Sand Wind Pack we're in the Northern Territory, and this is my mate Sasha," he says, his heavy Australian accent showing through. He had a surprisingly pale complexion just like mine. He was a massive dude. A lot of muscle. Still not as much as my mate though. After all he was the king. His mate had the same blue eyes and blonde hair as him.

"Well I guess that leaves me, my names Vincent Barlowe and I'm Alpha of the Elder Tree Pack. And this is my daughter," my father says gesturing to me.
"My mate is sadly deceased. But her name was Ava, she was the love of my life... Never let your mate out of your sight, not even for one second. Because before you know it, she's gone." My father says, sipping the rest of his champagne.

"Can I?" He asks gesturing to my champagne.

"Go ahead," I say, watching my father fall apart in front of my eyes.

"I guess it's dinner time," I say giving Odysseus a look. This was going to be a long night.
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