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Chapter Fifteen ~ Family Is Everything


"Well that was an eventful dinner," Odysseus says as we enter our bedroom.

"Sure was," I say with a sigh, sitting on the bed.
"I'm just glad my father got to bed safely," I say to him before laying back on the bed and staring at the ceiling.

"Yeah me too, he's a good man, Tatum. I've known his for years. It was tough for the werewolf community when we heard the news about Vincent's wife, pup and his pack. Little did I know that pup was my mate. It makes me sick to think that something like that happened to you and your family. I pray to the moon goddess that it doesn't happen to ours," Odysseus says sadly causing my heart to ache. I couldn't begin to imagine how my father would have felt.

"Have you thought about what I said?" I ask him as he sits next to me. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

He grabs my hands and pulls me into a sitting position. He puts his finger under my chin to make me look at him. I look up into his gold speckled eyes.

"I have... and I'm sorry. I didn't realise how selfish I was being until you said it aloud. I didn't realise how it was affecting you or my father and now I see. Tomorrow I'm gonna make things right. I just hope I haven't ruined anything we had," he says to me, his eyes flickering with unreadable emotions.

"That's great," I say giving him a smile and rubbing his hands.

"Family is everything. You're lucky to have a whole pack that you can call a family. Not many people have that," I tell him, keeping him humble.

"Thank you, my love, I understand that now," he says to me with a smile, I could tell he was telling the truth, I smile at his change of heart.

"Good, thank you for hearing me out, I hope I didn't overstep," I say to him offering him an awkward smile.

"You didn't baby, what's my life is your life, you just helped me see things clearer, I can't be mad at you for that," he says wisely, giving me a kiss on my knuckles.

He leans in and gives me a kiss, surprisingly I don't pull back. He pushes his luck for a few more seconds before breaking the peck.

"I love you," he says smiling at me. I smile back knowing that if I were to say it I would be lying.

"You don't have to say it, and we can wait until you are ready," he says. I smile knowing the double meaning behind that, this man was making me fall for him unknowingly.

"Thank you," I smile at him, giving him a peck on the cheek.

My mum gave my dad a chance and she ended up loving life, even though her time here on earth was short... it was a sign.

"Don't waste your time," I can hear her say to me, almost as if she was here. I wish I could see her face. Even just once. It would bring me peace.

"I like you," I blurt out, closing my eyes.

"You what?" He asks me from the closet.

I stand up stiffly and open my eyes as I walk up to the walk-in-wardrobe.

"I said... I like you," I tell him looking into his golden eyes.

He struts towards me before capturing me in a kiss.

Maybe it's the wedding jitters, maybe it's the mark or the mate bond, maybe it's finding my dad. I'm not sure what it could be but suddenly I find myself kissing back.


"Look I'm sorry. It's for your own good. I'll be back in three days," Odysseus says to me as he packs his suitcase.

"It's the day after our wedding day and you are just going on a business trip and leaving me LOCKED UP?!" I ask, completely outraged, what a joke!

"I even kissed you last night! How do you think it's gonna be when you get back?! You think I'm just gonna be here like a good little doggy while you're flying out somewhere probably vacationing and I'm stuck in our room the entire time you're gone!" I yell at him as he closes his suitcase, was he listening to my words?! Can he not see how unfair he was being?

"Tatum! I swear if I could take you I would but I can't trust other males around what's mine when I haven't even mated with you yet! You. Have. To. Stay. In. This. Room. While I'm gone! End of discussion!" He snaps, his eyes gold.

"Fuck you!" I yell at him as he grabs his suitcase and closes the door behind him, locking it before descending down the stairs.

"You're a bastard!" I cry out before throwing a random slipper I found on the ground at the door.

To think I even started to like him and then locks me in the tower like fucking rapunzel. I was no damsel in distress. Mark my words Odysseus fucking Viotto, you have it coming to you.
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