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Chapter Sixteen ~ Bat Shit Crazy


It's been two days. Two days since that bastard left me. No one has come to visit me. Although it's not like I have asked for anyone.

I've been given three meals a day. Usually when I'm sleeping. I'm like a prisoner in my own home, if I could even call it that.

I've been awaiting for Odysseus' return home. Spending all my time thinking about what I'm going to say to him. Constantly worrying about my dad's state and well-being. Being in here has given me nothing but anxiety, constantly worrying and worrying because I have nothing better to do.

Well I can thank Odysseus for that.

The maids enters the room not noticing I'm awake.

"I'd like to request that Onyx is sent to my room, effective immediately," I say without hesitation, frightening the shit out of the maid.

"Oh yes, very well Luna," she says putting the plate down as far away from me as she can. Probably scared I was going to knock her out and escape.

I'm not going to lie. I have thought about it. Was I going to go through with it? One hundred percent at one point. But then I realised...

Odysseus won't expect me to be behave. So I'm going to save all my bat shit crazy for him. It's been building up for two days already so it's pretty strong, he's unlucky that I'm a strong willed person and I can't help but hold onto grudges.

After another ten minutes of torturous thinking Onyx appears through the door with a maid in tow. She locks the door behind us and Onyx gives me a look of what-the-fuck as she gestures towards the door.

"Why am I just now hearing about you being locked up in your room this entire time? I thought you went with him that's why I haven't been up here! I was upset you didn't say goodbye!" She yells at no one in particular.

"I don't know! I didn't know I was allowed to see anybody," I say with a sad sigh.

I pat the spot next to me on the bed. And tell her everything.


"What the fuck?" She says after she hears it all, she was fuming.

"So you're telling me that, my brother is holding you hostage here? Even after you said you liked him? All because he was too insecure to take you with him in fear that other males will try and mate with you when you already bear the Kings mark?!" She asks me, taking a recap.

"Yeah, that's exactly what I'm saying," I say to her, not sugarcoating it. I wasn't going to if I needed her on my side.

"Hold up, we need the reinforcements," she says before her eyes fog over.


"So long story short my brother is keeping her hostage in here because he doesn't want other males around her even when she said she liked him," Onyx says.

"Wait what?" Jocelyn asks again, taking a what-the-fuck moment.

"Damn, I knew he was stupid but this is a whole other level of coo-coo crazy possessive," Marie says holding her hands up in the air, dumbstruck.

"I know and I've been trying to mind link him even though it hurts me," I say to the girls knowing they get me.

"Do you think you love him? Is this why you're so almighty crazy up in here?" Marie asks me.

"No I don't love him," I sigh and lay back on the bed.

"Do you think you could love him?" She asks me, hopeful.

"If he was made for me don't you think he would be better to me, treat me like an equal? Don't you think that he would be nicer, simply just appreciate that I'm here? That he would try and make a better effort? He doesn't care. All he does is keep me locked up. He massacred my village for crying out loud. So no, I don't think I could love a monster." I say out loud for the first time.

He was a possessive, lying, sneaky bastard. And at least I knew it, I'm just glad the girls are on my side.

I'd think I'd be going crazy and being irrational if they weren't on my side.

"Thank you girls," I say breaking the deafening silence.

"Anytime," Jocelyn says to me with a bright smile.

"I better go to sleep and prepare myself for tomorrow's altercation," I say with an eye roll as I think of all the things I wanted to say.

I bid everyone good night as the maid brings me dinner and takes my old, untouched food away. It's been like this for the past two days I could barely sleep or eat I would be stressing about what I was going to say to Odysseus.

I eat my first plate of food I've eaten in two days, finishing it I leave it where it is before hopping into bed.

I didn't know what I was going to say Odysseus.
And too be honest. I didn't know where to start.
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