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Chapter Seventeen ~ I’m Sorry


I should have brought her with me. Those were my thoughts the entire trip and now today is the day I have to face the wraith of my feisty mate. Something I was dreading. I let my possessive nature get in the way and that was immature of me.

I should have taken her with me.

I hit the car door in frustration. I was going to her father's pack, it would have made sense to take her.

Another reason I didn't is because I took her father to see the village. I didn't want her getting any ideas. I didn't want her to see her father break down like he did. He was a strong man, but family was his weakness.

I remember the look on his face as he prayed to the moon goddess about his mate. I hoped that I would never be in the same position as him. I couldn't imagine my life without Tatum. It hasn't even been that long but she is my world... I messed up.

I should have taken her with me.

Even though I try and come up with excuses, I can't help it that my wolf had made me realise we should have taken her. I was an idiot.

"Yes you were," says my wolf.

"You were too you idiot! You're the one that was filling my brain with stuff about the male wolves trying to claim what belongs to me," I tell him angrily. He couldn't act like he wasn't a part of this.

"Are you alright Alpha?" My driver asks from the front seat.

"Just peachy," I sigh. He takes that as a sign and stops talking. Smart choice.

"How long now, Marcus?" I ask, not wanting to keep conversation.

"An hour till we reach the plane sir," he replies.

Great, only four hours, hopefully I can muster up some kind of sorry speech to give her.

"Marcus, make time for a quick stop before we get home," I tell him, my brain finally working.

"Yes Alpha, will do," he replies.

I grab my phone from my pocket and dial a number.

"Hey Cleo, yeah it's me. I know it's so sudden but I need a favour..." I start to say to her.

I know I'm not the best mate, but all I can do is my best from now on and I intend to do so.



I sit on the bed, awaiting his arrival. He better have a better explanation than he did when he left.

That was pathetic, I know my worth and I am not pathetic.

I hear the door jiggle and my heart races.

"Hello, Luna Tatum?" A maid asks as she sticks her head through the door. I let out a breath of relief I didn't know I was holding in.

Why am I so nervous? I stayed up all night preparing a speech, why is this becoming so hard. My heart tells me to forgive him but my mind says the opposite.

I'm so conflicted.

"Luna Tatum? Are you alright?" She asks me, snapping me out of my daze.

"Yeah I'm ok, what seems to be the matter?" I ask, trying not to sound rude but also want to know why she was talking to me.

"The Alpha will be arriving shortly. He has requested your presence out the back of the castle. Would you like me to escort you?" She asks politely offering me a small smile.

"Yes, that would be great thank you," I say trying to keep my cool, now was my chance to say everything that has been plaguing my mind.

I can't wait to give him a piece of my mind. My brain is currently scrambled so I have yet to learn what piece to serve him.

Whatever he's planning it better be amazing, he better be begging for my forgiveness, because I'm not giving up so easily.

We finally reach the back doors and memories of our wedding day flood through my mind, mingling my thoughts further.

"This is where I leave you, Luna," the maid says with a smile before opening the back door for me. I step out and cover my eyes because of the light. I walk down the stairs as my eyes adjust. I hear the door close behind me.

I look up to see Odysseus surrounded by roses and a nice picnic behind him. I'm at a loss for words.

"What is all this?" I manage to get out, forgetting all my prior thoughts and feelings.

"It's a sorry gift, for being a shitty mate, for being possessive and for trying to push you when you're not ready. I know I haven't been the best mate, I see that now but I'm willing to change. For you. Because I love you, Tatum. So much and the whole time I was away from you, all I could think about was how much of an idiot I was for not bringing you with me, for not treating you as my equal. Keeping you locked up, that was disgusting and I can own up to that but I don't want to loose you, Tatum. We're going to be together for a long time and I want that time to be special. Not with me being an asshole. So Tatum I was wondering," he says and kneels down in front of me chasing butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

"Will you give me a second chance to give you the love and life that you deserve?" He asks me, looking up at me with his gold, glowing eyes, his wolf was coming through, showing me that he is sincere.

"Forgive him," a feminine voice whispers in my head.

"Who's talking?" I ask back, startled.

"Don't be silly, you know who I am. You can feel it, my sweet angel," says the voice. It was my mum. Ava. I feel silent tears run down my face as I connect with my mum. I bring my attention back to Odysseus not wanting him to wait any longer. He was starting to sweat in anticipation.

"Yes," I say to him, taking in the hopefully wise advice from my mother.

"Really?" He asks me, tears forming in his eyes.

"Yes," I say, more sure of myself the second time.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," he says to me before jumping up and wrapping me in his arms, pulling me flush against his body. He holds my head to his chest and sniffles as he cries.

I hear him mumble some words to the moon goddess as the fabric of his suit creates friction on my cheek. I pull away.

"I got someone to set this up for us since I couldn't be here to do it myself," he says, eyes wide hoping that I'd like it.

"It's ok, I love it," I say with a small smile.

"Come, sit," he says, taking a seat on the picnic rug. He offers his hand and I take it.

"Thank you," I say.

"What for?" He asks looking into my eyes.

"Everything. This. Apologising. I honestly didn't think you had it in you," I say teasingly.

"Uh, I'm offended now. Thanks a lot Tatum," he grumbles.

"You know I'm kidding!" I say loudly laughing, he was so stupid.

"I do," he says before stealing a small peck.

"You, swanky rat," I say and smack him playfully.
"Now gimme all of your food peasant!" I say in a posh accent causing him to laugh.

"Whatever you say milady," he says smiling.

And finally... we were on the same page.
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