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Chapter Eighteen ~ Human


"Well That was nice," I say to Odysseus as I stretch.

"It was, what would you like to do now?" He asks me smiling, taking in my appearance. I was glad I had chose to present myself nicely today.

"Do you want to go for a swim?" I ask him smiling.

"That could be nice," he says.
"Let's go," he continues before getting up and offering me his hand. I smile before taking it as he helps me up.

Hand-in-hand we walk up to our chamber and at the end of it I'm puffed.

"I don't like... walking up... so... far... every time..." I say as I try and catch my breath.

"Sorry my love, I can install a lift for you if that's what you desire," he says causing me to sigh in relief as he opens the door.

"That would be amazing!" I practically sing as I collapse on the freshly made bed.

I will never get how the maids do everything so fast.

"Odysseus?" I ask as he goes into the closet, wanting to talk about something that had also been plaguing my mind.

"Mhmm?" He replies, preoccupied.

"I'm human," I say to him, trying to get him to figure out where this conversation was going so I didn't have to say it.

"I know baby," he says from the closet, not getting where I'm going with this.

"And you're a werewolf, you're already over a hundred years old. You're going to outlive me so easily," I say to him, laying back on the bed and staring up at the ceiling.
"You want this to work but it just doesn't sound feasible," I say to him, trying to rack my brain for a solution but it's just so easily explained and I didn't want to believe it.

"I know..." he sighs and comes out of the closet.
He sits next me on the bed.

"So, since we're on this topic... another reason that I didn't want you to come was because I was looking for a solution to our problem... look. Promise me that you'll keep an open mind please," he says and looks me dead in the eyes.

What the fuck was this bastard on about? I had no clue. But I needed to know.

"I promise," I say to him, sitting up properly and giving him all of my attention.

"You're father, since your mother had died has been working with science and he has since then found a way for human mates to become wolves," he says cautiously letting the words soak into my brain.

"What?" I ask him, flabbergasted.

"While I was there I gave your father some of my DNA to come up with a syringe for you, to turn you into a werewolf," he says making me see what he was saying more clearly.

"Wolves don't live forever... but I do. So I used my DNA for yours, your father was more than willing. He wants to give you a better chance that your mother had," he says to me, explaining my dads side as well.

"I need to think about it. I don't know if I want to do that," I say before running out of the room.

"Tatum! Tatum wait!" Odysseus calls out, nevertheless I keep running, not caring for him to explain any further.

I run to Onyx's room, and frantically bang on the door. She opens it and I practically fall in.

"What's wrong Tatum?" She asks me as she helps me stand up.

She sits me on her bed before closing the door and coming over to me and rubbing my back as my tears fall.

"I don't want to be a werewolf," I cry.

"What?" She asks me confused.

"Odysseus said my father has created a serum of some sort that can transform me into a wolf. I'm scared, I don't know if I want to go through with it," I say and lean into her.

"Have you agreed to it?" She asks me, rubbing my back soothingly.

"No, not yet," I say and hiccup.

"Then you haven't committed to anything, you have the choice Tatum, and you know you don't have to commit to it right now you can commit to it later on in life," she says to me rubbing my arm in comfort.

"You're right Onyx. Thank you," I say to her, sitting back up as I compose myself.

"Look, I can't say my experience at life is the same but growing up I was really scared that one day I'd be able to change into a wolf. That terrified me, but looking back on it I didn't know why I was so worried. Because it's a gift, Tatum. You'll never experience anything like it. And I know that if you choose this life. You will not regret it. Sisters for life," she says to me holding out her pinkie.

"Sisters for life," I say back to her locking my pinkie with hers.

"Hopefully for eternity," she smiles at me.

"Thank you Onyx, for this. It means a lot," I say to her drying my tears.

"Hey, I'm here any time you need me," she says to me with a smile, she truely was my sister.

"Thanks, I better go back to Odysseus now. He's probably looking for me," I say with a small giggle.

Suddenly a knock erupts on the door.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear," Onyx whispers before getting up and opening the door.

Hushed whispers are exchanged between the two before Onyx nudges me over with her head. I stand up as she opens the door wider revealing, Odysseus.

"I brought your swimmers," Odysseus says holding a bikini up in the air.


"This is so nice," I moan as I glide through the water.

"I know," says Marie as she lays on a deck chair.

"I have to admit, it was kind of nice Odysseus let us have you for the rest of the day," says Jocelyn as she gets out of the pool.

"Yeah, he said he'd change for me. I just hope he keeps to his word," I say swimming to the stairs, having enough of swimming.

"I'm so hungry, what time is it?" I ask Marie as she sits up.

"It's seven, so an hour until dinner," she says standing up and stretching.

"Do we wanna go and get ready?" Jocelyn asks.

"Do you guys wanna have a sleepover? It would be good to get my mind off things," I ask them, hoping they would agree.

"YES!" Onyx screams, flying out of the pool.
"We can have it in my room," she says running for her towel.

"Ok cool! Yes! Let's do it!" Jocelyn says getting excited as she wraps her towel around her.

"Alright I just have to ask Odysseus when I see him next if it's ok," I say to them as I finish drying myself.

"Girl you don't need to ask his permission, you're a queen, literally." Marie laughs.

"Yeah, I am," I laugh.
"I'll tell him when I see him next then, thank you Marie," I say to her smiling. We wrap our towel around us and go and get our stuff ready for the sleepover.


"Alright. Now that we're ready, let's head to dinner," I say to the girl as I fix my hair and fluff my pillow on Onyx's bed.

"Yes! I'm so hungry! Let's go!" Marie says practically pushing us out the door. We all laugh and run down the corridor.

We finally reach the dining room and bust open the doors. Our laughter thinning out as everybody's heads turn our way. I quickly make my way over to my seat and as per usual, Odysseus pulls out my seat for me.

"Thank you," I say as he tucks me in. He replies by placing a kiss on my head causing my heart to flutter.

I don't know what's gotten into me, it could be my new found freedom... but could I be gaining feels for Odysseus?
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