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Chapter Nineteen ~ Scary Movies and Sleepovers


"I can't believe you just told him, and I can't believe he didn't go all crazy, psycho, possessive on your ass and be all like," Marie pauses.
"You're mine Tatum, you aren't staying over blah blah blah," she imitates him grabbing onto me for emphasis.

We all laugh at her joke, and to be fair it was quite accurate.

"That's a pretty accurate representation of my brother," Onyx laughs, put my hand on her shoulder, wanting to her I thought that as well but I was wheezing.

"Who wants to watch a movie?" Marie asks, cutting conversation.

"Yes! Let's watch a scary movie!" Jocelyn yells. Before getting up and grabbing the TV remote.


We get half way into the movie and I'm hiding behind Jocelyn. I clutch my popcorn for dear life. This is my first time seeing a movie and frankly I wasn't a fan of movies if they were all like this.

Suddenly the murder ends up behind the chick on the screen but she fails to notice.

"HE'S BEHIND YOU!" I scream at the TV.

Suddenly Odysseus bursts through the door looking for any signs of danger.

"WHO'S BEHIND WHO?!" He yells, scaring the shit out of us all.

"It's just the movie," I say as Onyx pauses it and turns on the light.

"Look we're safe, you're mate is safe, don't worry," Onyx says to her brother as she spins in her desk chair, throwing some popcorn into her mouth.

"Can I borrow my mate for second," he says, eyeing off my hands that were rested around Jocelyn.

"Sure, just make sure you return her," Onyx jokes earning a growl from Odysseus as I make my way over to him. I walk out and close the door behind me.

As soon as I turn around Odysseus cages me in with his arms, pushing me against the door as he nuzzles his head down into my neck, taking in a big whiff of my scent.

"Are you alright?" I ask him, a little freaked out myself at his intimate actions.

"I'm ok now," he practically whispers. After a moment he pulls his head back and looks into my eyes.

"I thought you were in danger," he says causing me to giggle.

"I could tell," I tease with a slight smirk.

"I don't know what I'd do without you," he admits causing my heart to flutter.

"It's ok, I'm here, see... nothing to worry about," I say, giving him a reassuring smile as I tangle my hands in his soft curls.

"Have you talked to your father yet?" I ask him, changing the conversation.

"Not yet, I was going to head over tomorrow. I was hoping you would accompany me," he says with a smile.

"It would be my pleasure," I tell him returning his smile.

"Also I've made up my mind," I say biting my lip, his eyes instantly drawing to it. I release it causing his brown eyes to meet mine, flickering gold evident in them. His wolf was surfacing.

"M-Made up your mind about what?" He asks me, seeming nervous.

"The syringe," I say, he looks at me expectantly causing my heart to race.

"I think that... I would like to take it," I say causing him to lift me off the ground and spin me around before pushing me against the wall and pushing his lips to mine.

His happiness is cut short when I push him away.

"But..." I say, looking him in the eyes causing him to look at me worriedly.

"I will only take it when I think the time is right, it could be tomorrow, or in a year, or in twenty but as of right now I'm not ready," I say to him. He nods his head in understanding.

"That's ok my love, I don't expect you to take it today, I'm just glad you're open to it," he says smiling at me, kissing me passionately before kissing down my neck and pulling my body flush against his.

I push him away again.

"Baby steps," I blush, referring to our relationship.

"Right. Sorry. Sometimes I just lose control," he says, his bright gold eyes flicking to mine, knowing his wolf was fighting for control.

For an Alpha he was pretty good at maintaining it.

"I should get back in there... they're waiting for me," I chuckle and point towards the door.

"Of course," he says pulling away from me, giving me room.

"Goodnight, Tatum," He says to me, giving me a smirk.

"Goodnight, Odysseus," I reply with a shy smile before opening the door causing a loud thud. I peak my head around the corner to see the three girls sprawled out next to the door groaning. I laugh at their antics, knowing they were eavesdropping in on our conversation.

I feel Odysseus slap my arse making me gasp before he takes off in a fast walk down the hallway. That sneaky bastard.

I close the door behind me.

"That's what you guys get for eavesdropping," I laugh at them, walking over them and plopping myself on the bed.

Jocelyn is the first to sit up.

"What syringe are you talking about?" She asks looking at me with a smile.

"A doggy syringe," I say with a smile.

"Wait," Marie says, slowly sitting up, figuring things out in her head.

"So you mean to tell me you're taking the syringe?!" Onyx squeals.

"Wait are you talking about what you told us?" Marie whispers not so quietly.

"Yes!" Onyx yells at her.
"What didn't you get?" Onyx asks swinging a pillow into Marie's face, knocking her back over.

"I get it now!" Marie says grabbing a pillow and swinging it back at Onyx, hitting her in the head causing feathers to fly.

"PILLOW FIGHT!" Jocelyn screams as Onyx lets out a war cry. They beat each other with pillows as I laugh.

"Gang up on the Queen!" Marie yells causing me to scream as they start beating me with pillows, I grab a pillow to defend myself and everyone turns on each other, squealing and having fun.

I couldn't remember the last time I felt this alive.
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