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Chapter Two ~ Rest


I awaken to the sound of steady beeps. I stir, opening my eyes but quickly shut them again, the light seeming to burn brighter than the sun.

"Where am I?" I ask nobody in particular, not even sure if anybody was here to listen. What had happened while I was out? And suddenly it was like my mind clicked.

"Rose?! Lola?!" I ask frantically, thrashing in the bed below me as I remember snippets of what happened. Where the fuck was I?!

"Luna?!" A startled female voice asks, calming me down almost instantly. So I wasn't dead, well that's a relief.

I open my eyes to be met with a pair of frightened light blue eyes instead of the bright light. I look at her face and I go completely silent... Luna? Whose Luna? I'm pretty sure my name is Tatum.

She moves away from my face and the bright light suddenly comes back. I quint before letting my eyes adjust. It takes me a moment to realise that it was the light hanging above my bed that was causing me discomfort.

"Uh, can you please turn that off?" I ask her while referring to the bright, blinding light.

"Sure!" She says before going over and flicking the light switch off. Walking over to the curtains she opens the blinds. I close my eyes, waiting for the impact of the suns beams. But it never came. I open my eyes slightly, thankfully it was dimmer than what I was expecting.

"Well Luna, it's looks like you woke up just in time," she says with a smile causing my eyes to snap to hers.

"Time for what?" I ask warily, clutching the bed sheets tightly that laid beneath me.

As if on que a very handsome man walks through the door. I scurry up further on my bed as the beeping increases significantly. I take in his appearance, he seems to stop advancing towards me upon seeing my frightened reaction. He looks from me to the machine as I greedily take in his form.

I watch as he crosses his arms making his muscles pop even more than they already were. He was definitely fit. I look up at his perfect chiseled face and into his striking dark brown eyes. My eyes flick up to his wavy brown hair.

"Ah, my lovely mate, it's good to see you awake." He smiles at me, my mouth slightly agape.
"What?" I wanted to ask, but not a sound came out of my mouth.

Suddenly all my memories come flooding back. My burning village, my slaughtered friends and family. I close my eyes and try and drown it out with other thoughts. I knew the nurse didn't look familiar but then again I had never been to the infirmary, so I didn't know what that looked like either. And Luna?

"Luna? Are you ok?" The nurse asks me, causing me to open my eyes, her expressing showing genuine concern.

"My name isn't, Luna," I say to her, looking in between both of them.

I look down at my hands and notice needles sticking into my arm. Ew. I quickly pull them out of me as well as the sensors attached to my chest causing the machine to flatline.

"Woah, calm down there, princess," the handsome man says as he advances towards me.

"Don't you dare touch me!" I yell at him, moving away from his grasp as he reaches for me.

He stills upon hearing the fear in my voice.
"Leave," he says in a deep growl causing me to jump. Was he talking to me? Or her? The nurse immediately leaves and closes the door behind her.

"Don't leave me with this monster!" I wanted to yell at her, but the look on the handsome strangers face makes me close my mouth instantly.

"Where am I?" I ask him as soon as the door clicks shut.

"Easkerton Castle," he says, gazing thoughtfully into my eyes.

"What?" I ask him, my eyes wide. THE Easkerton Castle?! The castle of werewolves?

"My love," he says causing my heart to flutter, my eyes snap back up to meet his.
"I sad we're at Easkerton Castle," he says, an amused smirk played on his plump lips.

"Am," I start to say before swallowing shallowly.
"Am I your, mate?" I ask him confused. My eyebrows furrow in anticipation as I await his answer.

"Yes," he says confirming my suspicions. Well I mean, he also did say it a lot.

"Rose?" I ask him, he furrows his eyebrows and crosses his arms, trying to figure me out.
"Lola?!" I ask him more frantically. Why wasn't this idiot giving me answers?

"What are you talking about?" He asks.
"What? Are you talking about the horse?" He asks me, eyebrows raised slightly.

"Wait. How did you know?" I ask him. His eyes flick to the black storm I once saw before.

Suddenly everything clicks. The wolf. The king. The king of werewolves is my mate.

This made to be some soft of sick joke. He just massacred my whole village.

"Where is she?" I ask him, standing up out of the bed.

"If you hurt her I'm going to kill you," I growl, surprising myself as walk up to him, holding my fist in the air. He doesn't respond but narrows his eyes at me, studying my actions. I go to throw a punch at his handsome face.

He grabs my hand mid punch and I look up at him in shock. Really I shouldn't be surprised he was an Alpha after all. Not to mention the Alpha king.

I'm honestly surprised he hasn't rejected me, I'm not sure how it's done, I've only ever been told of it.

"I haven't hurt her, in fact. She's at the stable with my horse," he says, letting go of my fist gently before pushing it back to my side.

I let out a sigh of relief I didn't know I was holding in, pulling my hand away from his as I try and ignore the sparks running through my veins.

"Can you take me to her?" I ask him, hopeful. Looking Into his dark eyes as I slowly take a step towards him. Not realising how my body was already reacting to its mate.

"Later, but for now you need to rest," he says pushing me back towards the bed causing small tingles to spread through my shoulders. I gasp in surprise, bouncing on the small bed as I land.

I look up at him, scared as he walks to me, suddenly I blink and he's hovering over me. My breath gets caught in my throat as he looks at me with a smirk before pulling the blanket up on my body.

"Get some rest, my mate," he whispers to me before walking out the door and closing it behind him.
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