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Chapter Twenty ~ Big Surprise


I open my eyes to the sound of a knock at the door.

"Yes?" Onyx asks groggily, just woken up by the sudden noise as well.

"Breakfast is ready if you are ready to join," one of the maids say through the door.

"Holy moon goddess, what time is it?" Marie asks, flying up into a sitting position.

"It's already nine?!" Onyx shrieks clearly worried about something.

"We have to get up! Training starts back today!" Jocelyn yells as she gets up, frantically searching through her duffle bag.

"Training?" I ask, getting out of bed.

"Yeah, you can borrow some of my clothes," Onyx says running into her closet. She comes back out in a matter of seconds and passes me a matching dark blue set consisting of a sports bra and short shorts.

"Thank you," I say before running into the bathroom. I quickly strip off what I need to and put on the working out, outfit. I looked nice.

I brush my hair and put it into a low tight bun, and quickly brush my teeth and wash my face before heading out of the bathroom.

The girl look at me in amazement when I walk out.

"You are so sexy," Marie says, eyeing me off.

"Odysseus is one lucky wolf," Jocelyn chuckles to herself.

"She's right," Onyx says ogling my body.

"Thank you," I say to them with a smile.

"Oh, here are your joggers, I mind liked the maid, she was already in your room," Onyx says before handing me a pair of fully white joggers and a pair of short white socks.

"Thank you," I say before putting them all on, finally, some comfy shoes.

Everyone finally finished getting ready.

"Wait!" Onyx says pointing at me.

"We need to give you a big reveal," she smirks at me before going into her cupboard and pulling out one of her oversized hoodies.

I put it on.

"Yes!" Marie says before pushing everyone out the door.
"I'm starving let's move," Marie says in a mock angry tone.

"We can warm up by jogging," Jocelyn suggests with a shrug.

"Perfect, but a slow jog... for Tatum, she's only human," Onyx suggests making my heart pound... One of these days I won't be.

"Ok let's go," I say before taking off into a jog as the girls jog with me, I fall behind purposely, still not having a clue where I was heading.

We jog all the way to the dining room and at the end I was proud of myself - I was puffing - but proud.

Then I remembered that was only the warm up. What the fuck.

We enter and Odysseus' eyes find their was straight to mine. I finally reach my chair as the girls find theirs.

"Are you wearing any pants?" Odysseus growls lowly at me, causing a shiver to run down my spine.

"Yes," I squeak as he tucks me in, how rude of him to assume I wasn't.

"I assume the girls told you training was starting back. I was going to tell you, but I forgot to last night. Forgive me but I was distracted by your plans for the night," Odysseus says lowly as he piles food onto both of our plates.

"It's alright," I say feeling slightly guilty.

"If at any point you decide you don't want to continue training any longer or it gets too much, just let me know," he says to me giving me a small gentle smile. At least he was getting better at expressing his concern for me and going easier on me.

"Ok thank you," I say as he brings the fork to my lips. I bite the egg and everyone digs in.

I finish my food in record time, leaving a piece of bacon that was a little too burnt.

"What's wrong with that?" Odysseus asks me, looking at me with a frown.

"Nothing I-I just don't feel like it," I say to him with a shrug.

"You're lying to me," he says, his voice remaining calm.

"Uh," I say, unsure of what else to say.
"Well it's a little burnt," I say causing Odysseus to clench his jaw, his eyes turning gold.

"It seems as though I may have to have a little friendly chat with the cooks later," he says before going back to his food.

I sigh knowing there's no point in arguing with him.
I patiently wait for him to finish his food.

"Alright everyone. Meet at the training field in five minutes sharp." Odysseus voice booms across the dining hall as he stands up. He helps me up from my chair.

"Are you ready, my love?" He asks putting his hand on the small of my back, guiding me to the field.

"Yeah, a bit nervous," I say to him, that was a lie. I was a lot nervous.

"There's nothing for you to be nervous about, I'll only partner you with your friends," he says and gives me a smile.

Speaking of the girls, they catch up to us as we finally make it outside.

"I've gotta go and rally everyone so we can begin. I'll see you later," Odysseus says, placing a kiss on my head.

We all gather on the large field and I look around for the first time. There was a huge stage and what looked like to be large spray painted circles scattered around the field. As well as a huge boxing ring in the middle. There were huge racks of weapon, they looked like they were made of silver. This looked hectic and I wasn't sure I wanted any part of it.

"Alright everyone gather in!" Odysseus says from the stage. We all come in closer, there weren't many women here, only the ones that didn't sport pups I was guessing.

"Choose a partner around your weight and height. They will be your partner for the day," Odysseus says, Onyx wraps her arms around me, claiming me as a partner.

"Once you choose your partner spread out and find a spot," Odysseus says looking at me.

Onyx and I spread out to our own spot as well as everyone else.

"First off we will start with a warm up and stretches. But first I have an exciting announcement," Odysseus states looking over at all of his people.

"Beta Brian is making his return today, in celebration of his return we will have a party in his mates honour," he continues causing cheers and hoots to erupt within the giant crowd.
"She will be missed," he says confirming my suspicions that she had in fact passed away.

"We have mourned her loss but now it is time to celebrate her life," he says causing cheers to erupt.
"The humans that have caused him this pain have suffered and tonight we will bring that closure for Brian," he says, no wonder he has these wolves respect. He was truely a king.

"But for now, we have some training to do!" Odysseus yells, hyping everybody up.


After we warm up and stretch I start to feel hot, taking off Onyx's jumper I hear a wolf whistle come from Marie.

"Shush," I tell her giggling.

"Alright now get together with your partner, we are going to start with some takedowns in human form, then we will move onto wolf form," Odysseus says causing me to get butterflies. What was I meant to do?

"Gavin," Odysseus says, a tall male comes over and stands in front of him on the stage. He was tall but Odysseus was still bigger. He was the biggest male I had ever laid eyes on.

Suddenly in a second he had Gavin on the ground. It happened so fast I couldn't even remember if I had blinked or not.

"Wow," I said.

"Yep, that's your mate," Onyx says with wide eyes.

"It amazes me every time," Jocelyn says not taking her eyes off the scene before us.

"Always expect the unexpected," Odysseus says, looking at me with a clenched jaw, I smile awkwardly knowing there was a double meaning to that as he looks me up and down.

I notice it wasn't me he was ticked off at, it was my outfit, ahhh. That was the double meaning.

"Now try it on your partner," Odysseus says not taking his eyes off of me as he staunches down the stage and through everybody, making a beeline to me.

People notice and start to turn around, no one daring to say a word.

He's suddenly he's right in front of me. He looks down at me disapprovingly.

"Who said you can wear that?" Odysseus growls at me, his eyes fully gold, just the sight causing me to gasp. His wolf was out. He grabs my wrist and pulls me into him.

Onyx goes to defend me when all of a sudden a loud wolf whistle is heard throughout the field.

Odysseus roars at the source causing the whole ground to shake, including me... in fear.

"So the rumours are true?" An unfamiliar voice asks while clapping slowly, coming to a stop.
"The beast has found his beauty," the voice finishes.

Suddenly Odysseus' possessive, dominant behaviour differs slightly causing Onyx to roll her eyes.

"Brian?" Odysseus asks causing me to try and look past him.

"Long time no see," Brian says walking over and taking Odysseus in a hug. They break away and Brian looks me up and down.

"I've heard a lot about you," he says causing my heart to race.
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