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Chapter Twenty-One ~ Revenge


Later that day I find myself with Odysseus in our room. Wild thoughts plaguing my mind.

"Does Brian hate me?" I ask him as he zips up my dress for this evening.

"He can't hate you if he doesn't know you, my love," Odysseus says placing a kiss on my head. He turns me around and sits on the bed, pulling me by my hips to stand in between his legs.

"You're perfect, there's nothing to hate about you," he says before pulling me down and placing a kiss on my red painted lips.

"Thank you, Odysseus," I say giving him a sad smile.

"Say it again," he says to me. His eyes speckled with gold.

"Say what again?" I ask, my heart racing. Did I say something I shouldn't have said?

"My name, say my name," he says his eyes lighting up, awaiting my answer.

"Odysseus," I say leaning my forehead against his.

"You're so perfect," he whispers, nuzzling my head with his before placing another kiss on my lips.

"Let's go, I'm starving," I say to him. I hold my hands out to his, offering to help him off the bed. He takes my hands with a smile and lets me help him up.

He puts his hand on the small of my back as I pick up my long red dress. Praying I don't trip over.

After fifteen minutes we finally reach the ballroom. I don't remember seeing this when I first came here.

It was beautiful, the chandeliers immediately catching my attention. I was a sucker for sparkles.
Hence why I was in love with this red dress I was wearing.

I spot Brian from across the room to see him already staring at me. He makes his was over to me and smiles at both Odysseus and I.

"May I steal your lovely mate for a dance?" Brian asks Odysseus.

"Yes, but only one," Odysseus says, feeling possessive over his mate.

"Sure," Brian says grabbing my hand and leading me to the dance floor.

Wow thanks Odysseus. It would have been nice if he asked for my say on the matter, considering it was concerning me.

The music finishes and another song starts just as we enter the dance floor.

Brian puts a hand on my waist making me feel uneasy. It was a weird feeling when another man other than my mate was touching me.

We start to dance and Brian pulls me in close.

"Look, I know you came from that village that killed my mate. I swear to the moon goddess when I find the right moment... I will kill you," he says causing me to pull away from abruptly.

Odysseus senses my discomfort and rushes over. He grabs Brian by the back of his and squeezes his neck tighter as he yells and screams at Odysseus, telling him that he was going to kill me. The music comes to stop as onlookers gasp at what was happening.

I hold back my tears as Onyx and the girls rush over to me. I see the familiar faces of Asher and Dawson. Asher grabs my arm gently and leads me to the small familiar dining room.

"What happened?" Asher asks. I look up at him with tears in my eyes.

"He thought I had some part in killing his mate," I say to them as they look at me sadly.

"He also said he would kill me when he had the chance," I say causing them all to gasp.



Stupid mutt. How could he think that he could say that to my mate without there being any consequences. I look down at the sobbing man that rests at my feet. The once strong man I knew, my best friend, now was merely a boy as he crumbled beneath my punches.

"WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO THREATEN MY MATE?!" I roar at him, horrified my best friend and beta had said that to my mate—my Queen.

"She must pay!" He cries, terribly missing his mate.

"YOU IDIOT!" I roar at him.

"What?" He asks me looking up at me in shock through his bruised and bloodied face.

"She. Didn't. Know." I seethe, spit flying out of my mouth.

"How do you know?" He cries not willing to believe me.

"Because you weren't there to see her reaction when I told her!" I yell at him, kicking him in the ribs, causing him to spit out blood.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't end your pathetic life right now..." I growl at him, lifting him up by his neck, strangling him.

"I-I'm so sorry, Odysseus... I did-didn't know," he coughs. I let go of his neck, letting him fall to the ground.

"I-I don't have a good enough reason. What I did was inexcusable and for that I'm sorry Alpha," he manages to wheeze out, holding his ribs and wheezing in pain.

"You're lucky we were friends," I tell him before sending another punch to his temple, knocking him out cold.

Don't mess with me or my mate...
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