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Chapter Twenty-Two ~ A Fever


Later that night I lay in bed. I look over at Odysseus to see him fast asleep. I look down at his bruised hands, I was too scared to ask what had happened when he had left with Brian.love

All I know is that it wasn't good.

Brian's words kept replaying in my mind.
"I will kill you," his voice rings.

I get up and walk into the bathroom. I needed to clear my mind. I

Walking over to the bath I put the plug in and fill the bath with hot water. I look though the draw and ending finding candles, a lighter, rose petals, bubbles and some bath salts. This would do perfectly.

I put the bubble bath in as well as the salts and mix them around with hand. I set up the candles and light them around the bathroom. Lastly I scatter the rose petals in the bath. This was the dream. I make sure the door is locked before getting undressed.

I turn the light off before getting in, I can already start to feel my thoughts slipping away. The hot water tingles my skin, it takes everything in me to stop myself from jumping out. I wasn't used to hot water, but this felt nice.

I close my eyes and let the water calm my mind and before I know it I'm drifting to sleep.


"Tatum? Tatum?!" I hear Odysseus panic through the door, jiggling the door knob. I quickly get up realising I'm in a freezing cold bath, the bubbles had long dissipated. I pick up the towel with my pruny fingers. Looking at the now empty candles I couldn't help but wonder...

How long was I in here for?

"Odysseus I'm fine," I yell through the door, I hear a sigh of relief come from the opposite side.

"Tell me next time you leave baby, I was so worried when I realised you weren't next to me," I hear him pout, causing me to laugh to myself.

"Ok I will, I promise," I say putting on my towel. I unlock the door and Odysseus grabs my face before kissing me on the lips, my towel falls to the ground and Odysseus' hand finds its way to my waist.

"Oh holly moon goddess, you're freezing Tatum," Odysseus says, he picks me up and lays me on the bed putting the blankets over me.

He sits next to me and puts his hand on my forehead. I look up at him to see his eyes glazed over.

"The doctor is on her way," he says to me, Odysseus sees my mouth open in protest.

"Do. Not." He says to me sternly.
"You need some clothes on," he says more to himself than me, before walking into the walk-in-wardrobe.

He comes out a minute later with one of his hoodies and trackies. He helps me slip them on, not even looking at my body, he really was acting like a gentleman.

He gets me comfy in the blankets when theres a knock at the door.

"Come in," he says, the doctor peaks her head through the door.

"Hello Alpha," she says addressing his presence.
"So Luna I have heard that your skin is freezing, may I take a look?" The doctors asks me. Sitting her stuff down on the ground.

I hesitate before nodding.

She comes over and puts the back of her hand on my head, she rests it for a second.

"Can you please get me my thermometer Alpha? It's in the first pocket," she says before lifting up my hoodie and placing her hand on my hip.

Odysseus hands her the thermometer and she holds it up in the air.

"Can you put this under your armpit for a minute?" She asks me. I nod my head as a reply.

She give it to me and I sit it in my armpit while she puts her stethoscope on my heart and listens.

The thermometer beeps and I take it out of my armpit and hand it to her.

Her eyebrows furrow as she reads it.

"What? What is it?" Odysseus asks, getting frustrated.

"Its looking like she could have hypothermia, it's more common for humans to get it over wolves. It means her body is at low levels of functioning because of how cold she is," the doctor says to him.

"Well how do I manage it for her?" He asks the doctor. It made me smile seeing how much he cared for me.

"Just keep her in bed. Maybe a hot cup of tea, it'll do her some good with warming her up from the inside. If you can't watch her I strongly suggest having someone in here with her to keep an eye on her. You can take her temperature every few hours to see how she's doing, if she doesn't get any better by tonight be sure to let me know and we'll set her up a bed at the hospital, although I think she'll be doing better by tonight," she says as Odysseus nods his head.

"Ok thank you doctor," he says as she grabs her things.

"No problem Alpha, wishing you an easy recovery Luna," she says giving me a smile before exiting the door. I smile at her in return.

Odysseus closes the door behind her and walk over to me, sitting on the bed next to me as I raise an eyebrow at him. He wasn't telling me something.

"I've been procrastinating seeing my father," Odysseus admits to me.
"I was going to see him today but since this has occurred," he starts to say before I interrupt him.

"It's ok, go and see your father. He needs you more than I do," I say with a smile.

"I should be taking care of my mate," he says before I cut him off again.

"I can spend the day with my friends, I'm sure they'll understand, they're not going to think you're a bad mate if thats what you're worried about," I say to him before giggling.

He growls at me playfully.

"I don't care what they think," he growls defensively.

"Go!" I tell him.
"Go and make amends with your father!" I tell him laughing.

"Fine, fine, I will," he says smiling at me.
"You're amazing, you know that?" He asks me, his smile not wavering.

"Yes I know, you tell me like everyday," I laugh.

"It's because it's the truth," he says before pecking me on the lips.


"Ew. I can't believe you guys want me to watch the vampire diaries," Asher says, causing all of us to laugh.

"It's amazing, they're so hot, much more hotter than any of the boys here," Jocelyn says causing Dawson to give her a look.

I laugh at his expression.

"It's not as bad as it seems and plus! Tatum hasn't seen it and she needs this show in her life," Onyx says, seething the word 'needs'.

"Wow ok woman. Calm down doggy," Asher says pressing play on the show.

We watch the first few episodes.

"Am I the only one that thinks Damon is overrated?" Marie asks looking at me.

"No, I don't see it. Stefan all the way," I say to her with a little laugh.

"I don't like either of them, I think Matt's the better option." Jocelyn says.

"Oh my god, stop sleeping on Damon," Onyx yawns.

"No I agree with the girls, Damon isn't it," Asher says with a disgusted face.

"Oh my god!" Onyx yells out of no where.

"What's wrong?" I ask her, flying out of my bed and following her. We all follow her as she cries, running to the front door of the castle. The guards open the door and we all come running out.

"Where is he?!" Onyx yells running up to Odysseus. He says nothing but points to the right where a body is being carried.

What the fuck is going on?

Odysseus grabs his sister by the shoulders as she goes to run to her father.

"Onyx, he's dead." He says, his eye void of any emotion.
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