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Chapter Twenty-Three ~ Rest In Peace

Suicide mention.


"What?" I ask.

"My father is dead," Onyx cries turning around to hug me, I hug her back giving her the comfort she needed.

"Here. Come here, Onyx," Jocelyn says to her, holding her arms out, knowing I needed to comfort my mate.

"What happened?" I ask him softly as I walk up to him, putting my hands on his hips.

"I don't want to discuss it in front of everyone," he says, sadness evident in his eyes.

"Ok then let's go inside," I say grabbing his hand.

I softly drag him through the kitchen into the dining room.

"What happened?" I ask again sitting him down in a chair.

Tears fill Odysseus' eyes and my heart shatters. I grab his hands and rub them, trying to bring him some comfort.

"Suicide, he killed himself," Odysseus says rubbing his hands down his face.

"Oh my god Odysseus, what can I do? Is there anything I can do?" I ask feeling useless, I wanted to comfort him, I felt useless.

"Hug me," he says, I look up into his eyes. He looked lost. I waste no time and embrace him in a hug. I say nothing but rub his back as the tears fall.

"I-I shouldn't have been a coward," he cries into my shoulder, wrapping his tightly around me.

"You're not a coward. You are brave and you did everything you could have done, I'm proud of you. And you what it might have been a little late but at least you did it. At least you wanted to make things right. Your father is up there with the moon goddess, smiling down at the man you have become. He is so proud of you, I know that. I. Know. That." I say to him, trying my best to make him better.

"Thank you," he whispers pulling back from my embrace as he composes himself.

"I'm sorry you have to see me like this, I'm pathetic," Odysseus says, wiping away his tears.

"Don't be sorry. And don't you ever call yourself pathetic because you can't see what I see. And what I see is a king. You're a king Odysseus, kings aren't pathetic," I say to him, looking at him sincerely.

"Thank you Tatum," he says wiping away his tears as he clutches my hand.
"Come here," he beckons me.

I get out of my chair and sit on his lap. He grabs the back of my head and plants his lips firmly on mine. His lips move against mine, it takes me a second to respond but eventually I kiss back. Tingles spread throughout my body, it was unexplainable really. He slips his tongue into my mouth and I pull away.

That was enough for now, it wasn't the time or place.
I rest my head against his and close my eyes.

"We should go and get ready, the back is preparing for a funeral," he says rubbing my back gently.

"Ok," I say getting off his lap. I grab his hand and he leads us to our room.

We finally reach our room after a good fifteen minute walk.

We walk into the wardrobe together and I pick out a simple black dress. Odysseus picks out a suit. I watch as Odysseus starts getting changed. He looks at me before going back to his clothes I sit the dress on the bed and start getting changed.

Odysseus looks at me, shocked that I hadn't run to the bathroom. He quickly wiped the look off his face as he puts on his jacket and fastens his tie while watching me slip into my dress.

He comes up behind me and zips it up for me.

"Thank you," I say turning around and giving him a smile. He moves my hair to one side and places a kiss on my mark.

"You're perfect," he tells me, smiling down at me softly.
"Let's go," he continues before grabbing my hand and leading me to where the ceremony was being held.


"My father was good man," Odysseus starts off his speech, wringing his hands together nervously.

"He was a good king. A great Alpha. Always looked out for his pack, his mate and his family. My father, he'd always look for the best in everyone and every situation, pack member or rogue. He was always the man with a smile, well that was until my mother passed away. And because of that I was handed the role of King so young. He was strong for so many years and I got angry and upset when he crumbled. And I held that against him for the rest of his short lived life. But it wasn't his fault, being Alpha King... it's a tough job and not everybody is made for it... I guess what I'm trying to say is... my father, no matter how hard he fell of the wagon... I forgive him, and as much as it pains me, I know that he's happy to be with my mother again," Odysseus says causing tears to flow freely out of my eyes, it was beautiful. I was so proud of him for speaking let alone saying those beautiful words.

He looks up to the sky before closing his eyes.
"Please moon goddess, I beg of you to take care of my father, help him find my mother, please let him know that I love him, and I forgive him, and tell him that I don't blame him for anything. And most of all tell him I'm sorry, tell him I'm sorry I failed him," Odysseus says, praying to his goddess.

I cry for Odysseus, in the short time I knew Hiram I could tell he was an amazing person, he may have given me a hard time but it wasn't intentional. I knew that every word that Odysseus uttered about him were true. I could see how much Odysseus was hurting. How much he actually cared for his father. I could feel Odysseus' heavy heart. He blamed himself for his fathers death and that broke mine.

I put my arm around him and rub soothing circles into his back. Silently letting him know that it'll all be ok.

Odysseus holds the microphone out to Onyx and all she does is cry and shake her head viciously. I feel my lip quiver as I look at her broken state, I watch as Marie and Jocelyn comfort her, it hit her the hardest.

I look down next to Odysseus and look at his fathers grave. I try not to cry as I fiddle with the white rose in my hand.

"Ok, we can all place our roses now," Odysseus' says, composing himself quite nicely.

Odysseus grabs my hand and places down the first rose. I gently kiss my rose before sitting it down on his grave.

Odysseus pulls me away and back into the castle, taking us up to our room.

"I'm sorry," Odysseus sighs and we sit on the bed.
"I didn't mean for us to leave that abruptly," he finishes before loosening his tie and throwing it onto the floor.

"It's ok... are you alright?" I ask him, looking at him sincerely. He looks at me before pulling me into chest.

"I'll be ok," he says with a sigh, planting a kiss on my forehead.

His one tear falling onto my face telling me otherwise. I embrace my mate tightly, knowing how much it hurts loosing someone you love...
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